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While juggling along with online webpages, you’ll find out that RecordCast is one of the best free online screen recorder & video editor platforms. Not to mention, sometime back, screen recording was something that many people termed useless and rudimentary.

But, today in these modern times, things have dramatically changed. Simply, because people are now hoping to record the screen of their device for some reason. Whether you’re turning the screen to do a video tutorial or just want to capture something you can share with your friends later. The screen recording process has never been easier.

That’s why a tool like RecordCast comes in handy. This, and the fact that we now have amazing solutions of tools like RecordCast screen recorder and video editor – makes everything better and more efficient.

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With that in mind, I suggest you start considering this software right away. This tool is one of the best for all the right reasons. It’s simple, straightforward, and even smooth at the screen recording job.

So, to experience a better way of why you should use it, and how it’s used, I will talk briefly about it below. Not forgetting, PearlMountain – the company behind RecordCast has focused on the research and development of Graphics & Multimedia software since 2006.

With an aim to make professional graphic design and video production capability accessible to everyone. And overall, their products have millions of users spreading over 100 countries and areas.

What Is RecordCast?

RecordCast is an online web platform that offers users a pretty easy way to capture full-screen video to the window. With the option to include sound or not (depending on user settings). The strongest advantage is that it’s used as an online application (done on a web browser).

Thus, without having to install the device, it still has full features like other specialized software. And if at all, they’ve been thinking about offering the easiest-to-use screen recording tool right from your preferred browser. A tool that enables users to capture any screen activity with audio in one click.

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Eventually, it’s common that RecordCast was launched as a web-based screen recorder that helps improve your workflow and study. All in all, without downloading any software or extension.

And in the near future, I believe that this particular screen recorder will be one of the most useful tools. Just like the image colorizer tool, we mentioned earlier. This is similarly a tool that makes life easier. Now that it can be successfully employed for a broad range of uses.

Its common uses include: –
  • Numerous options to create step-by-step tutorials to enhance training effectiveness,
  • A way to record a presentation as you improve business communication with collaborators,
  • Tools to produce video lessons in the aid of teachers and students alike,
  • Without this platform, it won’t be easy to create high-quality recordings.

In general, RecordCast is one of the completely optimal alternatives to software installation. That’s if it is not powerful enough or just needs to return a few times. It’s one of the completely free applications online.

Why Choose RecordCast Screen Recorder?

First of all, it is 100% Free. Whereby, you can get a high-quality recorded video without a watermark, no need to pay anything. And then again, unlike other free online apps, there are no tedious download methods required.

Meaning, as soon as you Sign Up – Free, you’ll start recording your screen online right away. What’s more freaking interesting than being able to start recording your screen online with one click. And in that case, no software and extension downloads are required.

It also has a flexible recording where you can make a screen capture of the whole screen, application windows, or browser tab as you need.

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Secondly, in addition to the basic features, RecordCast also has utilities to help color the video better. All thanks to its interesting and attractive applications. Its ease of use with just one touch makes sure that everyone can use it immediately.

Without going through the learning and learning process like other known and unknown software. Audio can also be recorded simultaneously if you prefer. And with a built-in video editor, you’ve got an option to seamlessly polish your screencast. By adding eye-catching titles, annotations, effects, and more in the built-in video editor.

Other benefits of using RecordCast are: –
  1. Boost Student Learning: RecordCast supports distance and remote study. While helping students record online courses and lectures for later study.
  2. Create Great Tutorials: Its screen recorder allows you to record quality videos. To help teach your audiences how to complete a task step by step.
  3. Improve Business Communication: From presentations to product demos, RecordCast makes it easy to share your ideas with other collaborators and clients.
  4. Level Up Video Creation: The video editor will help you easily make a pro-looking video with text, music, effects, and more.

Having said that, you too can start recording right away! But, it’s important to realize, when you register and create an account on (Site), there are Terms of Use that you need to know first. For instance, you may require to submit your name.

You’ll also at some point be required to provide your contact number or email address. As well as other details of your personal, professional, or business profile. Fortunately, all personal information that you provide or they receive from third-party service providers will be handled by their Privacy Policy.

If at all, their Privacy Policy is being incorporated into this Agreement by reference. That said, please follow this link to understand how they protect your personal information on the Site and other Services.

How Does RecordCast Work?

As I mentioned above, RecordCast is an application on a web browser. So, it’s quite simple to use and easy to manipulate to record video and audio on the device without installation.

All you need to do is click on the homepage link of RecordCast and choose from the three recording modes. Including screen and webcam, the screen only, or webcam recording. And then you can select one of the following audio recording methods during the screenshot.

How Does RecordCast Work?

Once you press the RecordCast ” start recording” button, it starts the capture process, and a new window automatically appears. A window asking you to select the entire screen, app screen, or a Chrome Browser tab, for example.

But, there is one point that everyone should pay attention to when using this tool. And that’s to say, RecordCast only allows you to use a maximum of 30 minutes.

Just Start Recording!

You see! The whole process is as simple as that. You’ll just click the Start Recording button to start capturing your screen with even added features to Adjust Settings. As you choose your audio device source and other recording options.

The whole process is quick and easy, ideal if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on video recording. After which you can Stop Recording, and then download or edit your screencast. And after you’ve finished the video recording, you can choose to download it in a WebM file format – learn more in this article.

If you prefer to edit it as you like, it is also available to upload the recording to its built-in screen video editor. Anyway, this application’s feature is that there is no need for external supporting software such as Java or Flash. And as such, everyone can use it on any device.

Final Thoughts:

The RecordCast screen recorder enables video recordings directly from the screen. Including voice recordings via the microphone, perfectly in Chrome. And thus, it’s the best tool for your business product demos.

Furthermore, it also allows you to easily highlight errors for error replication and troubleshoot a website on different platforms. And as a result, it is possibly the best online screen recorder. An easy-to-use online screen recorder that you can try for free at any time.

What’s more is that there is no need to download, or install it on your computing devices. Making it possible for everyone to use it anytime, anywhere with just the internet and Chrome browser.

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Bearing in mind, it also has one of the best and most flexible device screen recordings. And of course, Yes! There are many options from browser video recording to full screen and applications for the user to choose from easily. With other added editing tools available too.

So, if you have not used it before, you can try it for free and then give us your feedback. But, if in any way you’ll get stuck, you can Contact Us and let us know how we can help.

Other tools they offer include: –
  1. FotoJet Photo Editor
  2. DesignEvo Logo Maker
  3. FlexClip Video Maker
  4. DesignCap Designer
  5. Picture Collage Maker
  6. CollageIt For Mac
  7. Publisher Plus
  8. VideoGIF for Mac

Everyone can experience and give their own opinion about whether to use these tools or not. Especially in our comments section below this review article. Or even directly on their account @recordcastapp and that of @jmexclusives on Twitter. Also, learn more about Free Screen Recorder Windows 10 On Your Home PC in detail.

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