Reassurance Beyond Our Understanding

Reassurance Beyond Understanding is the beginning of Christ’s story.

Especially, through an everlasting experience that occurred to Joseph and Mary (the parents).

What they didn’t understand and what the had no part in creating, became the groundbreaking journey of their own faithful and generous heart.

For one thing, Joseph (father to Jesus) and Mary (the mother) became the Parents to the Savior of the world Jesus Christ.

And also, they lived the rest of their lives knowing that a miracle happened. Especially, to them without their input or involvement apart from parenting.

As can be seen, their ultimate Faith and God’s use of them in this story should awaken each of us.

In fact, to the incredible possibilities that God may have in store for us.

Why not use this Week or Month to re-awaken your heart. Particularly, to none other than the Holy One, born Jesus of Nazareth.

Reassurance Beyond Understanding - Joseph & Mary
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Meaning of Reassurance Beyond Our Understanding

Before we look into today’s topic, let’s consider some of the following questions. Such as,

  • If you knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that God was asking you to something, would you do it?
  • What if He asked you to do something that might cost you your friendships, or your good reputation?
  • Or even, What if He asked you to do something that seemed, well, completely out of places?
  • Would you do it, no matter what the consequences were?

Biblical Reassurance Beyond Faith Understanding

If you go to Matthew 1:18-25, you can read about how Mary was pledged to marry Joseph. But, before this, Mary became pregnant by the power of the Holy Spirit.

It then tells about the angel who appears to Joseph in a dream, to reassure him about God’s plan for their lives.

Below is the Matthew 1:20 Bible Verse:

But after he had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, “Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit.

Now, that sounds neat and tidy, right?

Surprisingly, it’s sometimes so easy to read scripture and forget how hard it must have been. Especially, for Mary and Joseph to do according to God’s will.

With this in mind, put yourself in their shoes for just a minute.

What About Mary — A Charismatic Virgin

Since you are right inside their shoes, What about Mary? Whom by the time of the Holy Spirit Inception was still a virgin.

In that case, having to convince her Parents, the Community, her Church, and Joseph that she’s pregnant was out of cloud nine.

Of course, not because she was unfaithful to Joseph, but rather by the Power of Holy Spirit she was pregnant. And also, because God chose her to give birth to the Messiah?

As a parent, that might have been a hard tale to swallow. Think about your daughter coming to you with such a story!

Equally, we know that Joseph was even contemplating quietly breaking the marriage agreement at this point!

What About Joseph — A Respected & Faithful Husband 

Then again, on the other hand, we have Joseph. After all, he was not only a faithful husband but also a righteous man within the community.

There are only two possibilities here.

In the first place, either Joseph got Mary pregnant. Meaning he will lose the perception of being a righteous man in their society.

Or secondly, Mary became pregnant by another man. Also, meaning she was guilty of adultery!

Reassurance Beyond Understanding - Jesus
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The Societal Reassurance Beyond Understanding

For instance, if the couple existed in our digital online & social media elevated world, what do you think could have happened?

Notably, if the couple were on social media today, perhaps, the internet would have broken into pieces.

With each and every media stream trying their uttermost best in delivering the most recent & updated news feed.

Important to realize, Nazareth wasn’t a metropolis.

And for sure, Mary had to deal with those dirty “looks” from neighbors, even as Jesus was growing as a young boy.

Even today there are well-meaning people in the communities we live, who count months between the wedding and the first baby!

So, come to think about it. Would you be able to follow through with God’s plan, if you lived during these times?

God’s Reassurance Beyond Our Understanding

It goes without saying that what Joseph and Mary went through was a huge part of God’s plan of redemption!

They are more than just a “vessel” and “a nice man who taught Jesus a craft”.

Not forgetting, they put their lives on the line, even while Jesus was growing inside Mary’s womb, to protect the Messiah.

Therefore, we can take away a lot from their lesson of obedience to God’s calling.

Whereby, they saw that serving God and doing His will was far greater than being socially accepted.

Understanding Children Faith Teachings

What an important message for our kids!

Especially, now when they live in a world that’s much more conscious. For example, about being socially accepted and politically correct then we ever did.

Are we raising children who will one day be prepared to stand apart from the crowd? And choose to obey God, even if it means being laughed at, or ostracized by society?

Mary and Joseph are wonderful examples to use to teach our kids what it means to be obedient to God’s calling.

Ask yourself the following simple questions: 

  1. Has God placed something on your heart?
  2. Has God called you to do something that might cause others to look at you differently or judge you, unfairly?
  3. Are you ready to do according to God’s commanding will?
  4. What have you in-store to shape and sharpen the ways of your children obedience?
  5. Do you try pleasing your community, your family, your partner or are called to serve the Lord?
  6. Is your faith and trust in God sufficient?

By all means, God has called us all for all His ultimate, sufficient and unwavering grace and glory.

All in all, it is important we understand that God’s plan is never a mistake.

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And also, that your general reassurance beyond understanding has been revamped.

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