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For your customers and employees to tell you how they really feel you’ll need Qualtrics XM. With the world’s most advanced conversational analytics, now there’s a smarter way to listen. Utilize Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence technologies to mine structured and unstructured data. Automatically, their drag-and-drop integrations trigger actions in your CRM

As well as your ticketing systems, messaging apps, and more. Whilst, allowing you to create a single System of Action that puts the customer at the heart of the organization. It’s one platform that’s very safe, secure, and trusted. Empower the right person to take action in real-time. Make it easy for any part of your organization to close product experience gaps.

Collect and prioritize product feedback and route actions to the right teams. Have complete peace of mind with an enterprise-grade platform that offers best-in-class security, compliance, and manageability. With robust management tools, you can control team and department access too, ensuring the right data flows to the right people.

It also comes with ready-made projects — to cater to every stage of your product lifecycle. Allowing you to give everyone the tools they need to deliver superior products — with pre-built solutions for everything from concept testing to pricing studies. So, what is it really, how does it work and what are its key service solutions and main benefits? Well, let’s learn more!

What Is Qualtrics XM? 

Qualtrics XM is a web-based software that allows the user to create surveys and generate reports without previous programming knowledge. Ultimately, it enables you to do surveys, feedback, and polls using a variety of distribution means. Results can be viewed in reports and can be downloaded. It offers you research tools that work harder just for you.

In reality, great experiences start with great research while also using the great Qualtrics toolkit. Go from measuring to acting — where everything is automatically done by Qualtrics XM. Take action to close experience gaps, wherever you find them.

Qualtrics XM Technology

With Qualtrics Research Services and its leading network of partners, you’ll uncover deeper and more targeted data. Their trained research experts help unlock cost and time savings. While their flexible service options let you choose how much — or how little — support you need. But, wait a moment! What is a Product Experience all about for your overall business?

Developing products that people use, love, and talk about is the culmination of product experience. That’s why companies have to nail their product development and lifecycle management—whether you’re building a product from scratch or improving an existing product, listening to customers can mean the difference between success and failure.

Why Qualtrics Software Toolkits?
  • 85%+ of the Fortune 100 use Qualtrics
  • Rate a leader in Voice of the Customer by Gartner
  • 2M+ users consider Qualtrics Software in 100+ countries
  • 450M+ actions automatically triggered for companies in 2021
  • Voted leader in Enterprise Feedback Management Experience by G2 in Winter 2021
  • The topmost rated software in Employee Experience Management by Forrester

Build no-code workflows to trigger everything. Especially, all those actions in your CRM, ticketing software, messaging apps, and much more. Perse, with industry-leading security & governance toolkits.

Keep your information safe and secure with enterprise-grade security, privacy, and monitoring. Manage your program at scale with data access controls. Additionally, you’ll get custom policies around user access, sensitive data handling, and cost allocation. With that in mind, below are the other key features that you’ll enjoy from the Qualtrics XM platform:

  • XM Scientists
  • Customer Success
  • Tech Consultants
  • Tech Consultants
  • Solution architects
  • Program Architects
  • Training & Certification
  • Community Support
  • Customer Success
  • Tech Acct Mgr
  • Engineering Services
  • AI Machine Learning Engine
  • Industry-Leading Security & Governance

At all costs, train your teams on the skills they’ll need to drive your program forward. And check in regularly to optimize your program once it’s live. Get intelligent analytics for the entire organization to be ahead of potential problems.

Perse, with a powerful AI Machine Learning Engine (iQ) in that case. It automatically runs complex text and statistical analysis, getting you straight to the root cause and alerting the right people on what actions to take — all in real-time, with no legwork required. The Qualtrics XM Technology is a big deal— backed by the world’s largest XM professional network.

Technically, Qualtrics XM is a trusted partner of choice when it comes to your CX journey. In particular, as you plan to start building a world-class program using some if not all of its key service solutions. Eventually, more than 16K+ of the world’s best brands have already turned to Qualtrics XM — for reasons like Business Operating System features.

The Business Operating System Features For Qualtrics XM:
  • Listen + Remember: Capture and store all your experience data from customers and employees in a single system of record for every interaction across the organization.
  • Process + Understand: Powerful, predictive analytics make sense of your entire dataset and proactively recommend the actions to take next.
  • Build + Culture Action: Intelligent, customizable workflows automatically alert the right people and trigger actions in every part of the organization.

Eventually, as you can see from the above list, by using Qualtrics, you’ll get all the expert guidance you’ll ever need. Particularly, from the fastest-growing XM ecosystem like its BrandXM toolkit. Whereby, it comes fully packed with various advertising optimization and brand tracking features to help in your business growth and success.

In addition, the BrandXM feature helps your business to easily acquire new customers. As well as increase your overall market share and even improve your brand awareness and perception. You can watch the on-demand BrandXM demo for more.

What Qualtrics XM Services Are All About

Given its unique XM Services, you can now harness the full power of experience management in your business. Deliver breakthroughs in every corner of your organization with our world-class services and consulting. From designing your XM program to expanding it, training your teams, and providing ongoing support, it’s all designed to help you maximize ROI.

Even the most successful companies weave XM into the fabric of the organization. Online, on the phone, or through the Qualtrics community, you have hotline access support to XM experts night or day. The Qualtrics XM team helps innovate together. From an inflexible system platform with a high cost of ownership to a true experience management program.

Get To Breakthroughs Faster!

On one hand, align your stakeholders and expand your program faster with access to their experts. On the other hand, they’ll work with you to develop roadmaps, ROI models, business cases, and workshops. More so, in order to help you bring the entire company on board.

Master XM At Every Level!

In the same fashion, upskill your teams with on-demand and live in-person training for every aspect of XM. From mastering the basics of the Experience Management Platform to developing advanced skills. Especially, in each of the four core experiences — follow your path to XM Certification.

Your Success Is Their Success!

On the same note, your customer success team is by your side as your XM program grows. Whilst, helping to identify new ways to grow. As well as unique ways to deliver ROI, and get the most from the Experience Management Platform™.

By all means, the XM Institute is the world’s largest resource and professional community for ongoing research. As well as best practices, benchmarking, and thought leadership on Experience Management. From upstart consumer insights teams to large-scale multinational enterprise customer experience programs, discover the best partners for your business.

Get Started: Scale Your XM Expertise Across The Organization

Of course, you can now easily put the voice of your customer at the center of your business. As well as drive results within each XM-based improvement initiative. Their service team’s implementation approach is a proven framework. It consists of distinct phases driven by a visioning assessment of their customers’ XM processes.

And, at the same time, with a commitment to arrive at optimized business and product experiences for your customers. From vision to value, they’ll help you drive results with XM Discover. That said, below are other key business operating systems for Qualtrics XM that you’ll need to evaluate and consider.

1. CoreXM

Get started with the CoreXM tool— the world’s most trusted research software. Drag-and-drop simplicity. Automated analytics. It’s sophisticated research made simple. Empower everyone to gather experience insights and take action. Start your Experience Management with the right foundations.

Hunt down and fix broken business experiences with a single System of Action — for everything from customer insights to market segmentation. Gain a deeper user understanding for more targeted research and highly personalized experiences.

Qualtrics CoreXM ToolHear everyone, everywhere they are. Listen to everyone where they are providing feedback, whether it is directly in surveys and chatbots or indirectly in online reviews, on your website, or across social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

With Qualtrics you can gather experience data across 125+ sources. Break down data silos with all your feedback from 125+ data sources on one platform. Manage all your interactions with customer panels, targeted research, and much more today.

2. DesignXM 

Seamlessly, DesignXM is an advanced market research solution that combines experience feedback, sophisticated research methodologies, and analytics in a single platform. It comes with features for real-time insights.

As well as automated actions embedded into every business workflow. Thus, it gives everyone the tools to design experiences that power breakthrough products and services. Uncover the products, services, and experiences that customers and employees want next. Also, uncover market trends, changing behaviors, and unmet needs.

Learn More About DesignXM Powerful Tools With Proven ROI

And then, take the right actions to design the experiences people want next. Understand changing market dynamics and consumer behavior. Have control of your data and market research tools in a single system to execute research projects.

Bring more research in-house and leverage technology to complete research initiatives. Identify promising product concepts early and optimize R&D spending. Target an engaged and intelligently segmented pool of respondents for accurate insights.

3. CustomerXM

Decrease churn. Increase customer lifetime value. Reduce cost to serve. Hear every customer’s voice, fix every broken experience, and increase customer loyalty and spending. With Qualtrics CustomerXM, you get the power of the ultimate listening engine, predictive intelligence, and analytics. As well as full closed-loop actioning capabilities.

So that you can gain a holistic understanding of your customers’ experiences and take the right actions that drive meaningful impact. Take actions that make an impact. Go beyond measurement and take the actions that will generate real business value. Designed to be scalable and sustainable, CustomerXM helps you drive action throughout the organization.

Learn How To Turn Customers Into Fanatics With CustomerXM

Hear every single customer. Meet your customers where they are and capture real-time feedback in the moments that matter. With 27 channels and 128 data sources all feeding into one platform, you’ll get a complete view of everything.

Such as what your customers are thinking and feeling. Know exactly how to retain customers. Uncover trends, patterns, and key drivers of customer loyalty with iQ, One of their predictive intelligence engines. Access prescriptive insights, instantly — so you can focus on the areas that will maximize impact.

Deliver recommended actions to the people in the best position to respond. Automatically, it sends recommended actions to the right teams, in the tools they use. To take the steps that will improve customer satisfaction, spending, and loyalty.

4. EmployeeXM

Turn your employees into ambassadors. Well, EmployeeXM gathers continuous feedback from every employee experience to take the right actions to impact engagement, talent planning, productivity, and innovation.

It empowers your organization to take actions that put your people first. Continuously listen and improve experiences for your every business employee. Whether in the office, on job sites, or remote, hear every voice in your organization with a listening engine that makes sure you can take action when and where it matters most.

From relational census and pulse to multi-rater and always-on feedback, you’ll have all the listening tools. More so, in order to understand and design the unique employee experiences, as well as everything your diverse workforce requires.

5. ProductXM

With ProductXM you are able to turn your products into obsessions. Bring your customers into product development. Seek out and solve broken product experiences with a single platform for everything from market assessment and concept testing, to pricing and packaging. Develop products your customers will love.

And, accelerate your product development cycle with all your experience data on one platform. Spot gaps in the market and launch new products quickly with the power of ProductXM. Turn customer feedback into actionable data. Gather feedback from 27 channels and 125+ data sources to make every comment an opportunity to deliver a better product experience.

Analyze data at every step to launch products with certainty. Take user feedback at every stage of the product lifecycle and make your next product launch a breakthrough success. Through Concept Testing, validate your best product ideas with concept testing. Test every aspect of your product concept — from features to branding to messaging to product setup.

Whilst, with their Conjoint Analysis, you’ll have tools for the optimization of your products — powered by conjoint analysis. Automatically, it configures the product, package, and price that will have the biggest impact on your business.

Summary Thoughts:

Generally, Qualtrics XM is a Leading Experience Management Software that is loved by analysts — and equally, it’s a tool that is adored by many of its target customers. The best thing about this software toolkit is that you can get started with your own personalized demo quite easily. It’s helping the world’s biggest brands experience breakthroughs, and so should you.

Some of those brands include Belkin, the jmexclusives, Spotify, Mayo Clinic, Ferrari, The Leading Hotels Of The World, BMW, Coca-Cola, etc. The XM adoption strategy allows you to bring the whole company with you. Just give them a try today for free, and then let them help you spread the word, upskill your people, and advance your XM program.

Other Qualtrics XM Quick Facts:
  • First, in terms of their Customer Support, they’ve got a 96% satisfaction rate
  • Secondly, when it comes to their service delivery, they’ve got a 95% satisfaction rate
  • Thirdly, on their Partner Network, they’ve got over 700+ delivery partners

Always remember, that great experiences start with great research. What are you waiting for? Just get started with the world’s most trusted research software —  based on a drag-and-drop simplicity as well as automated analytics. Meaning, that it’s sophisticated research made all simple! Equally important, you can also start with your personalized demo.

All you’ll need to do is complete this form to get in touch with their sales team to see the XM platform in action. Whereby, they’ll show you how you can use Qualtrics to design and improve the experiences you deliver across your organization. Get answers from a community of Qualtrics users, watch video training sessions, and access step-by-step XM guides.

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