Public Vs Private Network | Which Is One Is Much Safer?

Public Vs Private Network, which one is the best fit for you? If you want to find out more about which network is better, what are the differences between public and private networks, and how to add security, this article will help you to figure it out.

Making A Safer Choice Between Public Vs Private Network

A network, security, software, application, cyber risks … there are so many non-obvious but still very important issues for any user. It is important to draw attention to them while using the Internet or any other network.

There are many myths and unclarities in this case. So, let’s cover all the most important issues, including basic cyber security measures that have to be in place in each and every case. And let’s also draw special attention to what is a network at all and what a safer network is.

What Is the Network?

To make a long story short, any network is represented by the number of connections between different devices. Most often, we speak about an Internet network where various devices, like PCs, smartphones, tablets, and others are interrelated with each other by a common router. And each of these devices has an IP address given in this network.

This is a unique identifier for each device that accesses the network. Depending on the access type, there can be a private or public network. Let’s have a deeper look at both types.

Public And Private: Where The Difference Is?

Let’s speak about a private network first. The most important characteristic that distinguishes it is that access within this network is provided based on the password. It is shared with a defined number of users within this network. Yes, only a certain number of users have devices that access a concrete network and know how to do that.

They are aware of the network type, name, and password needed to join and use a network. Consequently, a public network is one that any device can detect and join without any extra authorization. This is most often the quickest and cheap solution to access the Internet.

Still, public network use is not safe in most cases too. Among all of its users easily can appear as cyber criminals or simply hackers who want to have a good time at the expense of other users. Here is how it is done.

Public Network Using: A Bit More About Major Risks

Using a public network may only appear to be a cheap and attractive option at first glance. In fact, it may turn out to be a greater risk if a device is insecure. What are the major risks that are not on the surface?  The most common type of hacker attack is called man-in-the-middle.

In this case, a hacker places oneself between a user and a router getting instant access to all the info that a user shares or even has on one’s device (depending on the hacker’s qualifications). In public networks, these hackers have high success rates. Let’s give more details about how this attack is arranged. 

When cybercriminals join a public network, this person disables the original network in the first turn, clones it, and later shows the cloned version for all other users to connect. But, this is only one part of the plan. Any hacker also needs access to your details. This is made through the Trojans – special malware that is used to get access to the user’s details.

This risk is totally real when users access any public network. So, for obvious reasons, it is better to avoid using such. Many users who neglect this advice face the risks of losing some of their important personal details or even breaking their devices – everything depends here on the type of malware installed by a hacker. 

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The issue can be more than about personal details only. It is also better to forget about using your bank card for making payments while accessing a public network. It is a totally risky thing. Of course, all of these risks are in place.

You may be surprised but they are possible to be avoided, especially when you really need to access the Internet and have no other options than a public network. There is a workable solution – VPN apps or VPN for Chrome extension. This type of security tool changes the real IP address that your device has to another that you choose independently.

The tool provides a list of secure servers located worldwide. So, any customer can choose the most convenient option. The best tools are payable. But, there is also the option of getting a free VPN online by installing it as a Chrome extension. This takes a few minutes but opens lots of extra security options available worldwide.

Use the VeePN tool anywhere and with any network, you may only have to access. It is easy and 100% secure.

Final Words

It is impossible to give one and only recipe on how to make the experience of an Internet user totally safe and convenient. You may access a public network seriously anytime and without any restrictions. But, this experience is far from the safe one as anyone can access a public network, including hackers.

Using a private network is a safer choice as it needs compulsory authorization from any user who wants to join this network. This point is among the TOP private network advantages. Any authorization can substantially reduce the risk of hacker attack but can’t eliminate it at all. Different people may assess even a private network, with different goals in mind. 

Only changing an IP address that a device has may cure the situation. Use VPN for browsers to make your Internet surfing experience entirely secure. And by the way, VeePN can make even the experience of using a public network totally secure too. Value your security – explore more websites by using easy-to-use but effective tools.

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