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Podium | No #1 Customer Interaction & Messaging Platform

A review software such as Podium — through the help of Capterra — supports localized SMS and email campaigns at any scale. As well as regular online reputation monitoring, and social media reputation management across multiple locations. So, does your current online reputation monitoring system take too much of your time and effort?

By using online reputation management software and investing in the right online reputation management service, you can improve your average ratings across review sites. In reality, social media networking sites and Google search results are the two main battlegrounds for online brand protection campaigns.

What Is Podium Platform?

As you would expect the larger the company the more powerful the negative publicity against it is likely to be. But, companies of all sizes are vulnerable to this too aspect too. Since many search engines — like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex — are now the default portal for anyone looking for your company online. That’s where a web platform such as Podium comes in handy.

What Is Podium?

Podium is a customer interaction platform that utilizes text messaging to help businesses manage customer relationships and build an online reputation on a variety of websites. The built-in web software consolidates all customer interactions and online reviews into a single dashboard. In order to help users manage online review management.

From the dashboard, users can send review invitations and even respond to online reviews in real-time. As well as send and receive text messages with customers and potential customers. Additionally, the platform provides businesses with reports on the business’s day-to-day operations.

Including sentiment analysis and competitive benchmarking, that can help businesses identify potential areas for improvement. You can learn more about it in this video:

Using the web-based application platform, you can very easily manage your online reputation. It allows you to improve your ratings, build your reputation, and get found online by sending review requests through text to recent customers. As well as responding to and interacting with reviewers, and managing it all from a single inbox.

You’ll also be able to communicate efficiently with customers and leads. Reach your customers wherever they are with text messaging. Request reviews, connect with website visitors, collect payments, and market to customers and leads all from your Podium app. In that case, feel free to watch the demo and gather more details.

Why Use Podium?

First of all, Podium is money well spent. It gives your staff an easy way to ask for reviews and for customers to engage with you. And by so doing, you’ll get an excellent return on your investment. Secondly, its pricing is based on your number of locations. No hidden upcharges!

On the other hand, with its immediate access, you’ll get Podium set up and running in minutes. While, at the same time, with the number included, you’ll be able to text from your current number or get a new local number if you prefer.

With this software, you’ll get more reviews, collect payments, send SMS campaigns, and centralize your communications — all from one easy-to-use platform. See! It’s everything any local business needs to win. Not forgetting, it’s pricing plan is based on the number of locations.

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In addition, it also follows industry standards and best practices for protecting your data. This includes encryption of data in transit and at rest, security monitoring, and logging. As well as enterprise-class endpoint detection and response solutions.

It allows for continuous integration and deployment, application security testing and scans, incident response, security awareness training, and secure development lifecycle, just to name a few. Likewise, its support is provided through mobile phone, online chat, and email.

Notably, as privacy legislation and regulations continue to evolve, Podium remains dedicated to protecting the privacy of your data. By staying up-to-date on the latest privacy requirements of all regions in which their customers operate. More information is available in Podium’s Privacy Policy.

Which are its Key Products?

Its key products include Reviews Tool, Teamchat Tool, Inbox Tool, Feedback Tool, Videochat Tool, Campaigns Tool, Payments Tool, and Webchat Tool.

To enumerate on its products listed above, with its Reviews tool, you’ll stop losing sleep over one-star reviews. Outnumber them instead. Give the other 99% a voice by making it easier for them to leave great reviews (watch demo). It’s a very unique platform — for both your customers and your team.

In reality, Podium makes it easy to collaborate with your team members so easily through its Teamchat tool too. Whilst, giving you important context for every customer conversation. What’s more, through its Inbox tool, you’ll have every conversation in one place.

Additionally, its inbox puts your important customer conversations in one easy place. So that you can stop checking tons of different platforms and start providing great service. Uniquely, its Feedback tool allows for customer surveys that actually work.

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Whereby, just like everything else in Podium, it’s easy to get quick responses from your customers when you text them. Feedback makes the process easy — you’ll just ask a question and they’ll take it from there. That’s why it’s even trusted by over 100,000 businesses and 50 million happy customers.

Technically, with its Videochat tool, you’ll be able to have in-person visits alike — from a distance. Meaning, you’ll be able to get face-to-face customer interactions — with secure video and answer any question instantly. They also got a campaigns tool with powerful for conversational SMS marketing that gets a response.

Take advantage of text’s 98% open rate with SMS marketing campaigns that get a real response, and measurable results. Plus, building a prior consent opt-in list has never been easier (watch demo). Equally, with their Payments tool, you’re able to make payments part of the conversation.

And, as such, you’ll get paid fast and keep the conversation alive. Whether you’re at home, in-store, or in the field. Podium text-to-pay and card readers have you covered. Last but not least, you can easily convert better with their Webchat tool as well.

The Webchat feature lets you easily capture leads while they’re on your turf — straight from your website to a text conversation. And now, with that in mind, below are some of its key solutions that you can consider (for small businesses).

Messaging tools that get business done

From reviews to messaging customers about appointments and collecting payment, Podium empowers you and your team to save time. As well as get more customers and showcase your success with reviews on the sites that matter most.

Easily integrating with the systems you use already, Podium powers over 90,000 businesses to make business better for you, your employees, and your customers. You can watch a 2-minute demo to see how Podium can work for you. It has everything you do well, done faster through text.

Move your business forward with confidence

Podium integrates with the leading systems currently powering your locally focused business making it easy to get more from what you are doing already. No matter the business, driving more convenient conversations with customers makes you the obvious choice and helps to grow your business

.In addition, it allows you to move your business forward with confidence. It has thousands of integrations and unlimited user tools. and high-end efficiency solutions like full-time support, security, and alignment. Let’s elaborate more about these features below.


Podium’s messaging tools have been built for ease of use and they’re constantly improving them. If you ever run into unique challenges, their US-based support team has an expert that can give you personalized support.


Podium’s security policies align with the ISO risk framework, and all customer data is hosted in data centers that are SOC2, ISO 27001, and HITRUST compliant, and support the storage of PHI in compliance with HIPAA (learn more).


Take conversations off of your employees’ personal devices and move them instead to a shared company inbox. Whilst, empowering your team to collaborate with more efficiency, convenience, and security.

In nutshell, by using this platform, you’ll get paid faster than ever before. Bearing in mind, collecting payments isn’t anyone’s favorite job. Make paying as quick and convenient as possible for your customers. With a secure payment link delivered right to their phone (watch demo).

Bring every conversation into one easy-to-use inbox

Whether it’s from a message on Google, Facebook, or a text, Podium empowers your team to collaborate more efficiently, resolving customer concerns and closing deals in a fraction of the time. Assigning conversations to specific employees, creating focused channels, and defining permissions are all at your fingertips.

All this makes it the most trusted messaging tool for local businesses. Podium’s suite of messaging tools has been recognized by G2 on its lists for Highest Satisfaction. As well as Top Marketing Products, Fastest Growing Solutions, and Best Solutions for Small Businesses. Below are some of its key solutions that you can consider (for big businesses).

Big business happens locally

Their suite of online tools drives offline revenue for enterprise and franchise businesses everywhere. Whether it’s interacting with leads and customers, collecting reviews and actionable feedback, or collaborating in context with your team, Podium powers every step of the customer journey.

One for all

The platform is built to manage every interaction, whether you have a dozen locations or thousands. Not only is their Interaction Management™ platform an omnichannel and multi-source solution for every interaction, but it also gives organizations a high-level view of operations. More so, within each location across their business.

A Gartner Cool Vendor

Even Gartner named Podium an industry leader in conversational marketing for a reason. Simply, because its suite of Interaction Management tools has been leading the charge to solve customer and lead interaction problems. Especially, for businesses of all sizes in dynamic, innovative ways (learn why).


In this case, it integrates very well with the software you’re already using. Seamlessly, it works even with popular applications like Salesforce and Yext. As well as more industry-specific solutions like Dentrix Enterprise, ServiceTitan, Tire Guru, CDK, and hundreds more.

The reviews are in

“Podium plays a critical role in helping us to achieve our mission because we can easily manage key interactions with patients. With Podium we’ve been able to dramatically increase the online reputation of our facilities, making it easier for people to find and choose Steward Health Care locations.” Says Lindsey Smelser (Head of Marketing at Steward Health Care).

Final Words,

In terms of scalability, through its design, Podium meets all unique business needs. As you scale and evolve, regardless of what industry you’re in or how many locations you have. When you sign up for Podium you’ll have a dedicated support representative.

Particularly, whose job is solely focused on delivering top-tier, white-glove service and support. Security at Podium isn’t just an afterthought — it’s part of who they are and everything they build. Bearing in mind, creating unique and unmatched customer experiences includes providing the peace of mind that data is being protected.

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Podium is committed to complying with all applicable country laws and regulations in which they operate too. Their security policies and practices align with the ISO risk framework. Meaning, all customer data is hosted in data centers that are SOC2, ISO 27001, and HITRUST compliant.

These data centers also support the storage of PHI in compliance with HIPAA. That said, you can learn more through their articles and eBooks as well as all testimonials from their customers for free. You can also check out more Podium resources below.

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As I mentioned, their work in modernizing local business hasn’t gone unnoticed. Everyone says they’re the best option out there. Of course, they’d rather let other people do that for them.

So, don’t just sleep on it — give your business the boost it needs with Podium. That said, you can just go ahead and get started even now. See their quick ballpark pricing in detail. With options to suit every business budget (large or small). Finally, have you tried this platform yet? What is your experience?

Well, feel free to share your opinion thoughts, suggestions, reconditions, or even questions in our comments section below. But, if you’ll need more support, you can Contact Us and let us know how we can help you.

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