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Of course, you’d like to learn more about Pinterest Advertising Campaign basics. Especially, utilizing the basic Google Tag Manager platform to convert leads in your Promotional Campaigns. So, follow my leads to the end of this post.

Be that as it may, through Pinterest Advertising Campaign, you have the opportunity to tell the story of your business.

For one thing, people come to Pinterest in search of inspiration, crafted goods and a community of like-minded creatives. In short, making it an ideal place for you to showcase the ideas and products that define your business.

Whether you’re a one-person team or a corporate entity, creating visually compelling Pins, categorizing them into ad groups. In particular, that targets your business goals, and running a successful Pinterest Advertising Campaign can help you. Especially, in gaining a loyal following of Pinners.

With this in mind, spark inspiration amongst millions who are in search of your creativity by becoming an advertiser on Pinterest.

Pinterest Advertising Campaign
Increase your ROI with Pinterest Advertising Campaign leads conversion Tags.

 Why Use Pinterest Advertising Campaign?

Pinterest is bringing in huge results for businesses that know how to use it well, with average increases of 20-30% in traffic and coverage.

It’s no joke when you read headlines such as “$41,254.34 in sales made from $775 investment” on Pinterest blog posts.

As a business user, you also have the option of running a competition, collaborating with other bloggers or popular Pinterest accounts though, so it’s important to be clear on your reasons for wanting to advertise specifically.

To understand whether your business can benefit read more about Pinterest demographics. Some key details are explained below to help.

  • Pinterest brings in BIG results, the average increase of 20-30% in traffic and coverage
  • Pins last forever, and 80% of Pinterest content is repinned
  • Ideal to sell a product by featuring visually
  • Works when you know your target demographic
  • Pinterest users spend on average $80 per purchase, more than twice that of some other platforms

Pins last forever and are repinned frequently (80% of the content is repinned content) so promoted pins are a great way of drawing attention to an individual product, special article or event.

Once you understand the main objective of your business or team, and the main features of Pinterest discussed here, you’ll know if there’s serious ROI to gain from Pinterest advertising for your business.

Think about how Pinterest users measure up with your target demographics before doing any bigger strategy work.

Pinterest Advertising Campaign & Conversion Tags
Pinterest Ads: A Guide to Everything You Need To Know to Get Started.

The Structure of Pinterest Advertising Campaign

To advertise on Pinterest, you start by running a campaign: your business has a story to tell and your campaign is where it all begins.

Think of it as an umbrella that shapes your advertisement, and under which all other tenants of advertising at Pinterest fall.

Within any campaign lie multiple ad groups – you can think of these as chapters. This is where the action happens: set a bid and budget, and target specific audiences.

Create multiple ad groups to achieve a variety of goals and tell different parts of your business’ story.

Once your ad group has been created, you can play around with promoting Pins within it to best fit your campaign objective. You may find that changing your targeted audience or promoting a video Pin changes your campaign results in an exciting way.

Everyone gathers information differently – through words, images or video – so enjoy the freedom you have to promote a number of Pins that represent your business in different ways.

Pinterest Advertising Campaign Goals

When you create a campaign, you’ll give it a title and an objective. Perhaps you’re looking to establish a loyal following, so increasing traffic is the perfect objective.

Alternatively, you may want users to discover your merchandise, in which case opting to ‘build brand awareness’ would be a great fit.

Whatever objective you choose for your campaign, let it reflect your overall business goals. The objective will determine bidding and ad formats available to you and has the potential to set you up for great success.

Ad groups are where the action happens. You set your budget, timeline, targeting audience and bids for the Promoted Pins within the group.

Creating multiple ad groups is a great way to explore how different Pinners engage with your content.

You have flexibility in targeting certain ad groups towards a specific audience, which will allow you to gain an understanding of and observe trends for how your products and Pins appeal best to Pinners.

All About Lead Campaigns Promoted Pins

With six million advertisers on Facebook alone, it’s easy to think of it as the go-to advertising platform. But with all the competition to contend with, there needs to be another option to consider. Pinterest ads are the answer.

They’re underutilized — compared to a behemoth platform like Facebook, Pinterest only has 1.5 million brands connecting with users every month — but offer tremendous opportunity to get in front of more people.

Pick a Pin for a project, idea or product you want to showcase. Creating an image for your Pin that sparks interest is key!

Bearing in mind, you can create multiple Pins that promote the same product. So, have fun exploring which Pins capture different audiences, and which seem to meet your main objectives.

When your Pin has been curated and posted, you’ll pay to promote it. The Pin will then appear in your audience’s home feed and in relevant searches. You’ll be on your way to attracting fans, followers, and customers.

Here: Pinterest Ads: A Guide to Everything You Need To Know to Get Started

The Fundamental of Ads Placement & Targeting

A great way to learn about how people engage with your content is to play with our placement and targeting tools.

When you first set up an ad group, the Pins within it will appear everywhere – as people browse their home feed or search for relevant keywords.

In time, you can change the placement so that some ad groups only display their Pins as people browse, and others only appear as Pinners search for related content. It’s a great tool to observe which behavior increases the impressions of your Pins.

Targeting is another way to understand the different ways in which people interact with your Pin.

Let’s say you’re promoting a portrait photography guidebook: target people interested in “headshots” or “cameras.” And perhaps play with different targeted audiences to compare and learn who engages with your content the most.

Step by Step: Google Tags Manager and Pinterest Tag Codes Implementation

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