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Phoenix Browser | Its New, Fast & Lightweight Data Saver

Definitely, the new Phoenix Browser is a break away from the norm. Whereby, it enables you to do so much with so little. In that case, with little space and less data usage capacity. You have access to very powerful functionalities.

Against the old folks, Phoenix Browser has shown itself to be the fastest, safest and most reliable web browser. Its small size means you can carry it around wherever you go. Without feeling any weight around you. It can also fit into any pocket of space. Indeed, it’s a friendly browser and no doubts about that. For one thing, and one thing only, it cares for its friends (you) and your data life.

In fact, the Phoenix Browser is receiving overwhelming growing popularity. Especially in Africa, as it makes a name for itself as Africa’s leading mobile browser for Android.

What Is Phoenix Browser?

Phoenix Browser is a free mobile web browser for android phones and tablets. With over 70+ million downloads on Google Play Store and other mobile application stores.

Phoenix Browser is best known for its smart video detect and download function which helps you spot a video on a website. And shows you a button to download the video. Besides Youtube, you can download videos from virtually every website including Instagram.

Phoenix Browser

Another standout feature of the mobile browser compared to other mobile browsers is its size.

Not to mention, which was specially designed by the developers to be small enough to accommodate other mobile applications. Without losing its powerful and exciting features which makes it stand out.

Simply put, it’s the best free web browser for Android devices with quick Video Downloading. As well as, Private Browsing, and Data Saving.

Which Are The Features of Phoenix Browser?

With the help of its video detect function, it makes various online videos downloadable.

Moreover, the Private Mode helps you to go incognito anywhere on the Internet without leaving any trace. The lightweight mobile web browser provides you with a faster downloading speed.

It supports cross-device browsing, i.e. from mobile to PC browser mode. Allowing you to import and sync your history and bookmarks via a Google account.

It is best known for;
  • Video Download: Download online videos easily from lots of websites.
  • Ad blocker: Block annoying pop-ups and ads, enjoy a clear and clean browsing experience.
  • Quick Download: Small size and rapid loading provide a smooth surfing experience.

Of course, Yes! I know some of you are already saying these are features found on many other browsers. And you are right to some extent. But Phoenix does things differently.

Its main features include;

Smart Download and Privacy Mode

It can automatically detect downloadable videos with the smart detection function while you browse the web. Allowing you to download and save online videos from almost every website.

With a download icon in the address bar, Phoenix Browser will inform the user whether there are online videos that the user can download or not. You do not have to worry about where to download the online videos.

It’s very simple to download videos by using the smart download function. Download on YouTube is not available due to the policy of Google.

What’s more is that with its privacy mode features, you can erase all your history easily. Allow incognito mode for you to leave no trace. Private space for video download keeps your privacy protected.

Bookmarks/History and Data Saving

Bookmarks help save your favorite blog website (like jmexclusives) and provide quick navigation for revisiting later on. The history list helps with recollection.

Both will save you time looking for your favorite websites as you browse.

Phoenix Browser could compress data, speed up navigation and help you save a lot of cellular data traffic. The more you browse, the more data you can save with Phoenix Browser.

In addition, No Image Mode disables image and video loading to save data on a poor network connection. While at the same time, Night Mode protects your eyes when browsing in darkness. Bright mode prevents the screen from going dark.

What’s More!
  • Add To Shortcut: Add your favorite websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia, etc., for quick access.
  • Speed Dial: Recommended popular websites for quick access. You can customize the list to your liking.
  • Built-in Video Player: The built-in video player provides a one-stop service from video downloading to video playing. You can watch videos directly without exiting the app.
  • Search Engines: Switch search engines according to your preference. It supports Google, Yahoo, Ask, Yandex, AOL, Baidu, DuckDuckGo and Bing.
  • Multi-Tab Manager: Easy switching of pages from multiple websites. Using a multi-tab manager will make your browsing experience smoother.
  • Incognito Mode: Incognito Mode makes your browsing experience perfectly private without leaving any history, cookies, cache, etc.
  • Ad Block: Ad Block blocks various forms of annoying ads, pop-ups, and banners to make your browsing comfortable. It not only speeds up the page loading speed but also reduces Internet data usage.
  • Screenshot: Crop any content you want in webpages. Graffiti and editing are allowed on the screenshots you cropped as well.
  • Find In Page/Translate: Search to find whatever you need in website pages, and the translation function is supported.

Why you should try it

For many different users, a web browser happens to be a key app on the phone. Especially with storage limitations, and performance issues, many people opt to use the browsers to access social media instead of installing the demanding apps.

I guess that’s why these lightweight browsers are extremely popular. Simply, because from the one small app, one gets a bunch of features and a fast experience. Anyway, one of the major annoyances with such browsers, is that they struggle to do and be everything.

For example, when you install Opera Mini, you’ll immediately be bombarded with numerous ads and notifications of stuff that’ll really annoy you. And that was one of the reasons I held back from using Phoenix on my phone. In fear of such intrusions.

By all means, if the company offers a similar experience like I’ve had in the past one week to everyone, and keeps at it – nothing intrusive, and nothing annoying – then it is an easy recommendation for me. More so, for people looking for a lightweight and fast browser.

In nutshell, it’s perfect for people with Android Go Edition devices.

Connect with the team

It seems quite a number of people really like the browser. The browser is an outfit of Transsion Company.

And that’s why you may have noticed it comes pre-installed on all TECNO Mobile, and Infinix Phones. But, anyone can install from Play Store right away. It is only 7MB.

Finally, I hope the above-revised profile guide on Phoenix Browser was resourceful enough. But, for more additional contributions, suggestions or even questions, please Contact Us.

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