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Pass The CompTIA DA0-001 Exam | Be A Valuable Asset

In this guide, you’ll learn how you can become a valuable asset to your company by passing the CompTIA DA0-001 Exam in detail. So, are you working with data but need more in-depth skills? Are you dreaming of a career as a data analyst, business data analyst, or marketing analyst? Are you thinking of working in a worldly recognized company such as PayPal or

Then, taking the Certbolt that will earn you the Data+ certification is the best decision to reach these goals! After passing this test, it will be easier for you to analyze and interpret data to get the required results and be a valuable team player to produce reports that will provide valuable insights. In addition, it will enable you to make data-driven decisions.

To add more, the certbolt will also make you more marketable in the career world. Your data literacy levels will be higher than for non-certified candidates. So, what is this test about? Which heights you can reach after passing it? Read on!

CompTIA DA0-001 Exam Details

The CompTIA DA0-001 Exam is designed to assess your skills to work with data in such a way, that business requirements can be transformed to support data-driven decisions. The exam includes 90 questions of performance-based and multiple choice which you are to complete within 90 minutes. To pass the test, you need to score 675 out of 900.

And note, that the exam is priced at $239. Regarding the exam content, you will need to cover 5 topics to ace it. These include data mining, data analysis, data concepts & environments, virtualization, and data quality, control, and governance. So, by you passing the certbolt, you’ll obtain the Data+ certification that is valid for 3 years.

How To Increase One’s Value In The Company

If your passion lies in the sphere of data analysis, then taking the DA0-001 exam is what you need to do. For that, you need to have 2 years of experience in the report or business analyst job role. In addition, you need to have exposure to databases, analytical tools, statistics knowledge, and data visualization.

After that, opt for the CertMaster Learn platform to cover the exam objectives, train with interactive questions, gain immediate feedback from IT experts, and do the final DA0-001 practice test. Also, enroll in the official instructor-led course, and check the Amazon website to get the study guides and optional books.

After that, surf the Internet to find valid and updated practice tests from third-party websites. And of course, visit the YouTube website to find tips & tricks on how to pass the actual exam. Being a certified Cloud Essentials+ certified professional, you can easily solve the given task quickly and effectively, thus gaining respect from your colleagues.

Career Heights Available After Taking the DA0-001 Exam

Over time, there has been an increase in the need for certbolt. This has led to the emergence of more job roles to make it easier to communicate the data. Data collection, analysis, reporting, and evaluation have helped to provide better insights to facilitate data-driven decisions in different businesses.

After passing the DA0-001 exam you can apply for the following job roles and get lucrative earnings, as stated on the Ziprecruiter website:

  • Data analyst specialist –$24,500 – $134,500
  • Reporting analyst specialist – $19,000 – $68,500
  • Clinical analyst specialist – $52, 000 – $94,000
  • Marketing analyst specialist – $42,000 – $80,000
  • Operation analyst specialist – $44,000 – $81,000
  • Business data analyst specialist – $32,000 – $131,000
  • Business intelligence analyst specialist – $48,000 – $103,000


The demand for data analysts who are able to collect, analyze, and report data has increased. Taking the certbolt is a sure way to develop solid skills in this domain. Knowing the exam details, topics covered, ways to pass it, and job positions you can apply for will ease this way. Fill in the gaps in the skills that you have now and secure your current position or build a successful career in data analysis. But, if you’ll need more help, you can always Consult Us and let us know how we can sort you out. Wish you luck!

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