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I can confidently say that online editing with has made my life very simple and easy. Edit is the #1 online graphics editing tool used by thousands of businesses like yours. It provides online editable designs, adapted to the design needs of your organization.

In the end, its professional results are as if you had a designer on your team! And since I have tested how online editing with works, I am going to give you a full review as to why I recommend it.

But, before that, looking back at some of the post-production companies, you may find it very confusing — that there are online and offline editors working there.

Unfortunately, I had no idea as to why they do it in two different roles myself. That’s why I researched the definition of both online and offline editing through several websites — such as Wikipedia and

Keeping in mind, online and offline editing are very common in TV and other media projects. But, they hardly mention that in films. Simply because of the blurred boundaries.

During my research, I noticed that all of the offline editors working for various film industries are freelance.

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Simply put, offline editing is actually a rough or draft cut of the project by editing low-quality footage together. So, the main editor and possibly the director could get ideas for the final cut.

Another role for an offline editor is to create an edit decision list (EDL) — which is similar to log sheets (a list of shots). It is very important because once the offline editors do a list of the shots they put in a rough cut.

The online editor would then follow up and make changes in order to edit a final cut. Offline editors can also make other creative decisions. Such as shots, cuts, dissolves, fades, etc.

You can read and learn more about What is Offline Editing? in addition to that.

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On the other hand, online editing is a final cut of the project by editing high-quality footage together. Herewith, an online editor would reconstruct the final cut — based on the EDL, created by the offline editors.

They will add visual effects, lower third titles, and apply color correction. With time, I’ve noticed that the main reason offline editing has to be done first is that it is cheaper to use. Especially in a long period of time in contrast to online editing.

So, that in mind, you can read and learn more about What Does an Online Editor Do? for more details.

How does Online Editing with Work?

First of all, with tools, you can design from any device. So, there are no limits as to whether you’re using your personal laptop, office computer, a tablet, or even a smartphone.

In short, the online editor fits any device and you’ll be able to create or download your designs wherever you are. Secondly, when it comes to online editing with, it provides you with all the designs your business needs to edit in one click.

This improves your product sales and the image of your business, brand, or even organization at a top-notch scale.

How Online Editing with Works

Having said that, do you have a business, a restaurant, a shop, or even a sports club? Worry Not!

For one thing, the creators and developers of have designed thousands of promotions for you. While at the same time, offering you limitless visual resources that you can edit online and in a few minutes.

The end results are easy to obtain and beautiful as if you had a designer on your business team!

What do you want to design today?

You’ll realize that as you use Edit, there are millions of free royalty-free images. Meaning, you’ll have access to millions of free copyright images.

Not only that, through its search engine platform, you’ll also have access to millions of free and non-copyrighted images. In reality, it’s the only online editing tool that allows you to select the design you want to work on with category.

By all means, with, you can customize your designs with spectacular images in one click. It’s the only editor of the world with all the images completely for free.

Examples of design categories include;

  1. Logos and Restaurant Menus,
  2. Business Flyers and Business Cards,
  3. Ad Banners, YouTube Channel Art and Thumbnails,
  4. Facebook Covers, Instagram Stories, and Twitter Post Graphics,
  5. Headers, Invoices, Resumes, Covers, Diplomas and Digital Signage TV, etc.
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As you can see, with thousands of templates and resources to design online, you already have it all! What’s more, is that you can download your image in different formats.

Like in JPG, PNG, or PDF and even change the quality of downloads according to your needs. Whether it is for sharing on social media or even for printing.

Is there a Free plan subscription?

Of course, Yes! There’s both a free plan and a premium subscription (solo) pricing plans as defined here. But, before you subscribe to the premium package, you can start for free on their basic solo plan.

Then thereafter, if the platform best suits your graphics editorial needs, you can go ahead and upgrade. And so to speak, you can start a free trial right away.

The best thing about the premium package is that;

  • You’ll design without limits and organize your content,
  • Has thousands of free templates with free access to the entire editor,
  • You’re provided with unlimited folders to organize your designs,
  • It has access to 21,000 Premium templates with thousands of free resources,
  • Allows you to save +1000 designs and images (5GB) with automatic resizing,
  • You’re able to download all your designs in high resolution, best quality, etc.
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Since all Edit designs are completely free, their team has selected for you the best royalty-free photo resource site. All that’s remaining is for you to go to the editor.

Finally, I hope the above-revised guide on how online editing with was useful. But, if you’ll need more help, you can Contact Us or even share your thoughts in the comments section.

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