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Also referred to as BJ, Mr. BelovedJohn Apewajoye is an International Contemporary Gospel music minister, Songwriter, and Worship Leader. Whereby, his real name is Beloved John Apewajoye.

The born again songwriter returned back to Nigeria has been in South Africa for almost 3 years. Especially touring South Africa, recording and hosting his worship Events.

During his stay in South Africa, he ministered alongside great artists, and in several churches as well.

His Song “I Believe” above won the third-place award on the Angels of Melody Radio Show in Detroit Michigan USA.

Up to date, the song is still changing lives all over the world. Especially through the message it carries and the inspirations and motivational anecdotes.

Where was Mr. BelovedJohn Apewajoye born?

Important to realize, Mr. BelovedJohn Apewajoye was born in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. Earning his birthrights from the family of Samuel Oludaisi Apewajoye. Mr. BelovedJohn Apewajoye Gospel’s life started when he gave his life to Jesus Christ in 1999.

Having been a student of mass communication at the University of Jos, he started music from Living Faith Church Choir in Abuja in 1999. Whereby, he served in the choir for almost a decade. Becoming exposed to International music when he moved to the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. And also joined the House at the Rock Church.

Later on, he joined an Acapella group called Brian and the Glad Singers, in 2003 up until 2004. In the light of serving God, Mr. BelovedJohn Apewajoye served in the choir for another five years. Especially while working as a law enforcement officer for seven years with the federal government of Nigeria.

Finally, he took a step of faith by resigning his job in 2013 to follow his calling and relocated to South Africa with one of his new project titled Expression.

He also decided to go solo and to face his own music ministry. Releasing his first music album titled the “Kingdom is the Lord’s.” But the album made a little impact because of a lack of funds to market, promote and push it forward.

Is Mr. BelovedJohn Apewajoye Married?

Of course, the man who has stolen the heart of yet another fellow Gospel Musician and Minister is non-other than Mr. BelovedJohn Apewajoye. Surprisingly, Ruth Matete, if you’ll recall clearly, was one of the famed Tusker Project Fame nominated winners.

In addition, Ruth Matete is also a contemporary gospel music minister and worship leader. As the SDE Online Article puts it; Nigerian man steals Ruth Matete’s heart, set to wed this year.

Apparently, Mr. BelovedJohn Apewajoye is currently involved with another Gospel Music and one-time Tusker Project Fame winning Artist Ruth Matete.

Mr. BelovedJohn & Ruth Matete
Whereas the two are planning to wed any time soon.

Notably, Mr. BelovedJohn Apewajoye also put together his crew of worshipers called JC ENVOY in SA. Whereas, together they have been successfully hosting their own worship conference titled ONE VOICE WORSHIP ENCOUNTER and traveling all over South Africa for programs.

Mr. BelovedJohn Apewajoye Kenya Tour

In addition, Mr. BelovedJohn returned to Nigeria in late 2015 to host his worship event One Voice Worship Encounter. 

And which was successfully done in Abuja in 2015 and also in 2016 in Port Harcourt Nigeria. Mr. BelovedJohn released a single song in Lagos Nigeria, Titled “Ekele” alter on which is featured below.

Notably, the Ekele song made him decide to travel on tour to Kenya. During his Tour, he was privileged to meet the CEO Bwenieve Record label.

Who not only saw the potential in him but immediately decided to sign and record his new Worship Song in Kenya. The new song was titled “Hallowed Be Your Name” and has been featured for your watch below.

How he Manages the two sides of Music

Generally speaking, (BJ) or rather Mr. BelovedJohn Apewajoye is one of the Nigerian born and Kenyan based leading gospel artists. Not to mention, his musical journey started almost two decades ago as a choir member Living Faith Church AKA Winners Chapel.

As he puts it, life was really tough growing up because they had nothing but God saw them through it all. The Word of God and the Spirit of God inspires Mr. BelovedJohn to write and to sing. Sometimes as he puts it, he does receive song inspirations and meditation in his dreams.

And also at times, he just hears a song from his spirit flowing. However, as a child, he loved music but wasn’t sure it was what he was going to end up doing.

What are the Future Plans of Mr. BelovedJohn Apewajoye?

When he gave his life to Christ in 1998, he was led to join the Church Choir paving a new light to his Music and Ministry career. Well, he sees himself as a music Minister so he doesn’t see it in the light of industry but Kingdom service.

Mr. BelovedJohn Apewajoye Biography
But then again, he discovered music ministry as his calling and it became his passion.

All the same, every challenge he has faced has really made him a better person. For instance, lack of funds or support from, even Church folks but he still believes that all things work together for good.

And also believing that God who called him will make a way for He has been faithful to him since the start. On the other hand, as he puts it, the Music Ministry has two sides. Including the Ministerial aspect and the Business aspect and everyone is responsible for creating a balance between the two.

Who are the Career Mentors of Mr. BelovedJohn Apewajoye?

In Spiritual Nourishment Music, Mr. BelovedJohn listens to quite a number of renowned Musicians. Such as; Dietrick Haddon, Fred Hammond, out music Word Pastor Paul Adefarasin, Bishop David Oyedepo, and Pastor Chris.

To say nothing of, Mr. BelovedJohn sees himself all over the world in the next five years. Although he solemnly leaves that Faith to His crafter and sole creator. He also intends to do more Gospel Music Tours and Music Collaborations with worldly known Gospel Music Celebrities.

How do you connect with him?

Mr. BelovedJohn Apewajoye is currently living in Kenya doing his Ministerial works and Producing more of his Written works.

Please Support His Ministry and Music using the Contacts Details Below.

  1. Instagram – @mrbelovedjohn
  2. Twitter. – @mrbelovedjohn
  3. Facebook – MR Belovedjohn
  4. Email: [email protected]

From the jmexclusives News desk, we would like to wish Mr. BelovedJohn Apewajoye all the Best in his Music and Ministry career.

Particularly, now that you too would like to see more of his new music and events update sooner than later.

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