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Most Stylish Cities To Travel Around The World | Tripadvisor

In the past, editors and global fashionistas have narrowed their focus to the big four (New YorkLondonMilan, and Paris) as the Most Stylish Cities. However, with technological advances and global connectivity, people are looking beyond the big four, especially for luxury shopping places and fashion-inspiration destinations.

And also opening themselves up to experience international inspiration from all over the world. With that in mind, that’s why jmexclusives has culled reports from local experts, as well as global trends, to assemble more detailed information on the most fashionable cities in the world. Surprisingly, some fashion meccas rise to the very top of every ‘Top 10’ list year after year.

New York, Paris, and London are a few, and they often take turns holding that coveted number-one position. While fashion is a more global, cosmopolitan industry than ever, some areas still hold colossal sway over the broader landscape. They say that style is an international language, but that doesn’t mean all places are equal regarding fashion importance.

Even though, the internet has knocked down so many of the world’s cultural barriers. Maybe in 2050, we’ll see fashion scenes thriving everywhere, from Utah to Outer Mongolia. But for now, some cities still rule the roost when it comes to influencing our beloved industry. Read also: Ranked Fashionable Cities In The World By Professional Industry Leaders to gather more details.

What Defines The Most Stylish Cities For Travelers

Notably, plenty of cities across the globe are vibrant and extravagant in their unique ways. But, what’s more, every Stylish City has its unique personality. Whilst, the primary influencers of the character of a city are the people living in them, their tastes, and their interests.

Fashionable Cities

The great cultural diversity in every part of the world has a significant influence on the concept of style in every city. Although the Internet can help you learn about every trending style, actually visiting these exotic locations would be a mind-opening experience.

On one side, such an experience would certainly stir a change in your style sense and fashion concepts. You can often witness street fashion making an impact on the styles that the big brands eventually adopt.

On the other side, some cities have a very distinctive sense of fashion and have a plethora of followers around the globe. And a majority of them try to resonate and emulate the style. Thus making such cities a go places or even visit for both travelers & trip lovers.

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Likewise, in today’s world of easy global connectivity of the Internet, the inspiration for the fashion world extends beyond the traditional fashion capitals of the world. For preserving all your travels and adventure memories, all you need is a carte du monde à gratter.

For one thing, it lets you scratch off the places you visit. The map allows you to explore your future travels in a visual presentation. Nowadays there are plenty of new cities far and wide which deserve a place among the most stylish cities in the world.

Also, the style concepts travel faster and are more influential due to the connectivity provided by the Internet and social media. Eventually, another great starting point is Tripadvisor as well. Whereby, you can easily read Reviews, Compare Prices & even make some Bookings.

Topics for Travelers include:
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That said, to learn more about the listed Topics for Travelers you can visit their FAQs & Answers for more details and information.

In addition, you can visit their blog for guides on Review Submission Frequency and how to Edit or Remove Review too. As well as how to Remove My Rating to a Listing and Owner Asking Traveler for Review Removal alike.

The Most Stylish Cities For Travelers & Trip Lovers

To celebrate the diversity and unique cultures that make fashion design so exciting, we’re breaking down the most stylish cities in the Highsnobiety universe. But, before the comments blow up, I’ll make this clear.

That these spots are included based on their relevance to us and our readers. As well as the rank report by Fashion capitals around the world are rising, and the fashion industry is penetrating the whole world.

There are a lot of new talented designers that have appeared on the Fashion platform. Since the entire world is now thinking and breathing fashion, and that is great, let us look at the most stylish cities that top on our list this and coming year.

Austin, USA is one of the Most Stylish Cities

1. Austin, USA

The best city in the world for millennials in 2020 is Austin, Texas. Austin is a melting pot of all of the perfect conditions that millennials look for in a city – trendy cafes and bars, great job opportunities, awesome people, and a high interest in entrepreneurship. Bars and restaurants cater to millennial trends, and the city’s been able to maintain its hometown vibes, which sets it way above other cities in the States.

Perth, Australia

2. Perth, Australia

Perth is not only the friendliest city in Australia, but it’s also the best city in the world for ex-pats. It’s hard not to feel tempted to pack up your bags and move to Perth when you think about the endless amount of sunshine you’ll find here. Millennials also noted that, for the wages they earn, housing here is affordable. No wonder the quality of life is so high.

Montreal, Canada

3. Montreal, Canada

Funky festivals, a raging nightlife, and lots of tolerance for immigrants make Montreal one of the most stylish cities in Canada for millennials. A great healthcare system and generally welcoming people are both attractive to millennials, who thought this was the third-best city in the world for them.

Dallas, USA

4. Dallas, USA

Whatever they put in the water down in Texas sure is working on millennials. This southern state is hot, hot, hot when it comes to attracting young 20-somethings. When ranked for job growth, total employment, cost of living, quality of life, fun index, and affordability, Dallas beat out nearly every other city in America.

Berlin, Germany

5. Berlin, Germany

Berlin’s topped the list of the most stylish cities for millennials for years. Fluctuating between the first and second spots for the last year or two. An unbeatable nightlife paired with pretty liberal views makes Berlin extremely attractive for millennials, with a factor hurting its ranking being the cold winters.

Barcelona, Spain

6. FC Barcelona, Spain

As a millennial, it seems that FC Barcelona offers it all. From stunning beaches and a rich party culture to excellent cuisine. And one of the best startup scenes in Europe, Barcelona is a millennial paradise.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

7. Amsterdam, Netherlands

There’s little that Amsterdam doesn’t offer millennials, aside from cheap housing. Here, you can expect to enjoy a quality social life, lots of personal freedoms, and great job opportunities. It’s also hard to beat the fact that the Dutch are amongst some of the happiest people on the planet.

Toronto, Canada is one of the Most Stylish Cities

8. Toronto, Canada

Oh, Canada. Perhaps one of the most socially open and progressive countries in the world. Whereby, Canada’s famous amongst millennials in part due to Justin Trudeau’s flashy smile and eagerness to legalize weed. However, the City of Toronto is home to an excellent startup scene. The quality of life in general here made the city extra popular.

Cologne, Germany

9. Cologne, Germany

Cologne scored highest for its nightlife, followed closely by the fact that it’s incredibly LGBT-friendly. Millennials both native and foreign consistently ranked the city pretty high. Although, in terms of networking opportunities and quality of life.

Phoenix, USA

10. Phoenix, USA

Let’s face it, being a millennial is tough on the pockets. With mounting student debt and lower wages, the best cities for millennials are often ones that they can afford. We guess that’s why Phoenix was so popular. A booming real estate market, great weather, and affordability were all other reasons millennials listed as to what makes Phoenix so great.

Adelaide, Australia

11. Adelaide, Australia

When it comes to the best country for ex-pats in the world, Australia won by a long shot. Adelaide also made waves, serving up ample amounts of sunny days, lots of smiles, and pretty high quality of life. Generally, due to the excellent house price to income ratio.

London, United Kingdom is one of the Most Stylish Cities

12. London, United Kingdom

Not even the outrageous housing prices could stop London from sneaking into the top twelve. Millennials are crazy about London, which offers them exquisite dining choices. In addition, there is a superb education system, and a pretty great startup scene to join.

Auckland, New Zealand

13. Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand is extremely expat-friendly, making it a great place for millennials looking to relocate their life. It’s currently the second most peaceful city in the world. As well as one of the most LGBT-friendly travel destinations. Then again, the Job Opportunities here aren’t bad, either. You can read more about what makes Auckland in New Zealand great in detail.

Hamburg, Germany is one of the Most Stylish Cities

14. Hamburg, Germany

There are a surprising amount of job opportunities in Hamburg for hungry millennials looking to advance in their career. Despite receiving moderate scores pretty much across the board, statistics show upward millennial trends there. And also, local millennials love where they live.

Madrid, Spain is one of the Most Stylish Cities

15. Madrid, Spain

The metro in Madrid is one of the most well-connected metros in Europe. Eventually, making the city ideal for those who care a lot about their morning commute. You’ll also find that housing here is pretty cheap compared to other capital cities in Europe. Of course, which is great considering you’re going to want to spend your savings on cheap beer and great food while you’re here.

Lisbon, Portugal

16. Lisbon, Portugal

The progressive politics you’ll find in Portugal, combined with the outstanding nightlife and cheap drinks, makes Lisbon quite popular amongst millennials. Rent here is cheaper than in other parts of Europe, and Portugal. Meaning, it is a great home base for those who travel a lot to other European cities.

Manchester, United Kingdom

17. Manchester, United Kingdom

If it weren’t for London’s nightlife, Manchester would have taken the top spot for the most millennial-friendly city in England. However, it still scored high, especially in terms of acceptance and foodie scene.

Nashville, USA is one of the Most Stylish Cities

18. Nashville, USA

Fun, affordable, and trendy are all three very attractive traits that Nashville has. The economy here is booming, with a 30% increase in median wages in recent years and a 48% decrease in the unemployment rate. That, along with the local nightlife makes this one of the best cities for millennials who want it all.

Birmingham, United Kingdom

19. Birmingham, United Kingdom

As one of the friendliest cities in Europe, Birmingham scored high amongst millennials. Particularly, those who wanted to enjoy a fairly liberal society in a town didn’t feel too touristy. Housing prices are moderate and the unemployment rate is pretty low.

New York City, USA is one of the Most Stylish Cities

20. New York City, USA

There’s no place quite like New York City – if you can afford it that is. New York City is home to the best startup scene in the world, top-notch festivals, and quality nightlife. While there are ample career opportunities for millennials here, the cost of living and low peacefulness score pushed the city all the way down to No. 20.


Since today the whole world thinks and breathes fashion design, as can be seen, designers seek to produce distinct designs for decorating and vibrating cities with attraction charms. Therefore, the fashion capitals, often in the central most stylish cities, have emerged from the world fashion links (fashion weeks).

For instance, in these capitals and most stylish cities, you can find the largest fashion houses in the world. And they are often cultural commercial and economic centers for the people of the country as well as foreigners.

NB: Since Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world, this 3 Day Perth Itinerary allows you to fully experience the capital city of Western Australia.

These specifications are often the most significant aspects of transforming the city into the capital of fashion from a normal one. Not to mention, Fashion is an international language, but not all countries are equal regarding their importance to the fashion industry. We used to know that Paris is the leading fashion capital, but recently, other cities have emerged to rival Paris in its position.

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Finally, I hope the above-revised guide on the most stylish cities in the world for travelers & trip lovers was of great help. Also, learn more about how a fashion designer can make a living using the best methods of fashion design sketching.

But, all in all, you can Contact Us if you have more contributions, suggestions, recommendations, or even questions. More so, in regards to the above guide or other research-related blog posts. You can also Donate to support what we do and even motivate our team.

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