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What is Mobius Motors?

Mobius Motors Kenya Limited is an automobile OEM startup founded in 2010 to manufacture vehicles for the African market.

Uniquely, Mobius Motors Kenya Limited offers various automobiles and motor vehicles pre and after-sale service solutions. Such as framework designs, manufacturing, and selling of vehicles built specifically for the African mass market.

As an example, the Mobius II vehicle was conceived by reimagining it around the needs of the African consumer. In that case, putting into consideration the common road terrain, typical vehicle loading, and average income levels.

And luckily, the results were outstanding, an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) with the durability required to handle rural roads, sold at the price of a used Sedan.

Mobius Motors Kenya Ltd.
All you need to know about Mobius Motors and their new Mobius II design.

Who Owns Mobius Motors?

For your information, Mobius Motors was founded in 2009 by British entrepreneur Joel Jackson. Not forgetting, while he was working in Kenya rural by then.

And also, where he found people with vehicles not up to the task. In particular, with negotiation difficulties considering the country’s rough terrain and long distances.

In reality, the range of businesses is vast. Comparatively, may it be from public transport to mobile medical care or even, goods and service delivery. After all, transforming Africa’s transport network.

Generally, Mobius Motors Vision is to become the mass-market car of Africa, and also, connect millions of people across the continent.

What is Mobius Motors famous for?

In general, Africa imports most of its vehicles and this makes them unsuitable for the local usage. Equally important, high import duties compound the problem, typically doubling the price of a car.

In addition, considering the poor roads network often cracked and riddled with potholes. To say nothing of, this, in the end, makes transportation difficult and ultimately restricting mobility.

Across Africa, degraded roads, disparate communities, low-income levels, and inadequate vehicles undermine the continent’s transportation system. Ultimately, constraining the general economic growth.

Ideally, the main impediment to Africa’s transport network is the vehicles themselves which are too expensive and too unreliable for the consumer. Remarkably, according to Mobius Motors, from product concept to aftercare, delightful customer experience is central.

For one thing, Mobius Motors has developed vehicles uniquely suited to the demands of the Kenyan and African consumers at large. In other words, why it’s famous, it because Mobius Motors is a design-driven company and its values underpin all of its products.

Mobius II
Mobius II: Designed for Africa – Built-in Africa.

A Futuristic Mobius II Automobile Design

In the first place, Mobius II is Built for Africa. Particularly, with a robust space-frame, rugged suspension and proven engine enable the durability to handle rough roads reliably.

We can simply say, Mobius has reimagined the vehicle, designed for the unique demands of the African consumer. Mobius II is designed, manufactured and sold in Kenya.

The iconic design combined with modern styling and rugged performance engineering delivers an unrivaled driving experience and a truly unforgettable journey.

Below are its Additional Features:

1. Space-frame

The core structural element of Mobius II is a robust steel space-frame mounted onto a longitudinal ladder chassis.

Combined with a sealed solid rear axle, which lowers the center of gravity, the construction underpins excellent vehicle handling while still maintaining high ground clearance.

Also, space-frame architecture provides added passenger protection and supports optimal weight balancing across the vehicle.

2. Mobius II Engine

Notably, the Mobius II Engine has a record-breaking engine and transmission system. Engineered towards withstanding any solid traction or even grip. Especially, useful for driving on rough roads with heavy loads.

Additionally, the powertrain is specially tested and calibrated around the road and climate conditions in Kenya.

This high-efficiency engine combines 16 valves and VVT (Variable Valve Timing) to drive increased torque at lower engine speeds while also delivering top-end power and fuel economy.

3. Grade Suspension By Mobius Motors 

Solid suspension is key to reliable driving in the variable road terrain of Africa.

Mobius II utilizes a custom-developed double wishbone coil spring suspension in the front and live-axle leaf spring suspension in the rear.

This configuration enables responsive vehicle performance. Including, improved drive handling and steering stability. Of course, without compromising load capacity for transporting heavier goods in the boot.

4. Mobius Motors Infotainment Design

The new Mobius infotainment system incorporates the following;

  1. GPS navigation,
  2. WiFi connectivity,
  3. First Grade Multimedia,
  4. The USB connection,
  5. NFC (Near Field Communication), and
  6. Bluetooth® 4.0 for hands-free calling.

In fact, the high definition 8” touch screen display also offers seamless mirroring of any smartphone via Mirror-Link technology. Maximising access to phone data and functionality.

For sure, this WiFi-enabled system brings the car into the connected world.

5. Interior & Exterior Design Work By Mobius Motors

On one hand, the new Mobius II is ruggedly-modern and iconic.

Simplified and unified feature lines, strong proportions and stance on the road and an elevated ride height all deliver the unique Mobius aesthetic.

The new Mobius II fits perfectly into both the urban metropolitan environment for a comfortable city cruise and more rugged rural environments. Whereas, durability and reliability are essential.

On the other hand, simplicity is the core design value at Mobius.

Mobius believes the best products bring order to complexity and deliver a frictionless user experience in a beautiful form.

The interior design of the new Mobius II reflects this ambition. The simplified dashboard design and interior features focus mind space on the driving experience.

While at the same time, an optional extra 8″ tablet with WiFi connects seamlessly to the integrated audio system.

For more Specifications, please visit through this link: The new Mobius II starting from KES 1.3 M

Mobius Motors
Mobius II: Simply beautiful, functional design.

Automobile Manufacturing and Distribution

In reality, the highly-trained Mobius Motors production team builds each vehicle with the same level of care and attention.

Not to mention, Mobius utilizes internationally recognized quality controls throughout the production line to build each vehicle to world-class lean manufacturing standards.

By the same token, the Mobius Automobile supports customers from point of sale through the full journey of owning a vehicle. Surprisingly also, the Nairobi warehouse stocks all the required spare parts.

And also, distributing them to their Sales & Service centers as needed, service requests are resolved responsively.

Build your own Mobius Today!


Transportation is the fundamental driver of logistics, trade, social services, access to education, healthcare and employment.

The transport grid to physical economies is akin to the internet to virtual economies and in much of our day-to-day life, it keeps us connected.

By all means, the vision of Mobius is to weave built-for-purpose vehicles into the fabric of the growing African economy and become the mass-market car of Africa.

Comprehensive warranty coverage and a dedicated Mobius service team deliver seamless customer experience.

Ultimately, Mobius Motors believes in a more connected, more prosperous Africa.

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