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Mercy Masika is a worship leader at Jubilee Christian Church (JCC), a music composer, songwriter, and a performing Kenyan Gospel artist. Above all, she is a loving mother and a wife.

Her music is the word of God with inspiration from the Holy Spirit. And truthfully, it’s very rare to hear a Mercy Masika song speaking of anything else other than God. And the things he has done in her life.

Mercy Masika

At 12 years old she had the assistance of writing the songs from her mother Agnes Masika and Hellen Mtawale. Popularly known by the song “Amukomete{wake-up}” which hit the airwaves in 2003 and Mwema in 2014, her devotion is unraveling too.

Furthermore, Mercy Masika released her first album titled nobody Like Jesus while in class six in 1994.

Who is Mercy Masika?

“My music is the word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit. In truth, it is very rare to hear my songs speaking of anything else other than God and the things He has done in my life.”

Speaking to SDE’s Caroline Nyanga, and jmexclusives ‘Gospel music has been a big part of me ever since I was six years. I often sang along with my elder sister Edith besides submitting to Christ.’ She is currently a worship leader at the Nairobi Jubilee Christian Church and is involved in a variety of mentorship programs.

Mercy Masika Muguro

But, What fuels her devotion? “God is not a respecter of persons. I have had my mistakes, and I always rise to God who gives all of us second chances.

This time around, I am totally sold out and focused on my assignment of praising and giving thanks to God. That is the core of my music career, and I think that makes the whole difference.”

Here are the 8 attention-grabbing facts about her songs;
  • has five albums and is currently working on the sixth
  • had quit music for good from 2011-2014
  • her husband is also her manager
  • recorded her first album aged 11 years
  • sang on popular TV shows as a kid
  • signed to Still Alive Records
  • once gave up on music to open up a bakery
  • all her songs are God’s word inspired by the Holy Spirit

Here: See more of the revealing gospel music career facts by Mercy on her website!

When did Mercy Masika begin Music?

In the first place, Mercy Masika released her first album titled nobody Like Jesus while in class six in 1994. At 12 years old she had the assistance of writing the songs from her mother Agnes Masika and Hellen Mtawale. Her mother still sings in church and can also play a variety of instruments including the guitar.

According to Mercy, having someone else write your music is better if you don’t have a gift of composition skills. Her song Mwema was recorded with the aid of her friend and fellow Kenyan gospel artist Mr. Vee who works with her at Still Alive Records.

Hellen Muthoni & Mercy Masika’s most recent Gospel Music Video Collabo – (Ndi~Mugure).

After her first album, Mercy Masika joined forces with a few of her peers and formed a music group. She later joined Machakos high school where she met Reuben Kigame.

Who helped her record her second album dubbed roses will always bloom, during her holidays. Another song, Nisamehe, was also among the best songs in the album.

Where did Mercy Masika go to School?

Mercy Masika had a top change school in primary because her parents were always on the move due to job demands. However, they finally settled in Machakos, and the singer got her education.

She started out at Kamuthatha Girls Primary School in Embu before joining Machakos Primary. She later swapped the latter for Masii Township in Machakos and got her O levels at Machakos High School.

Mercy Masika Biography

After her high school education, Mercy Masika joined Daystar University where she pursued a degree in education. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in community development in the same university while working on her sixth studio album.

Surprisingly, Mercy Masika might have made her name after completing her university education, but she already had two albums before the campus. Mercy Masika tribe, Kamba, has been instrumental in her success seeing some of her best songs to date are a mixture of Kamba, English, and Swahili.

Where does Mercy Masika get Her inspirations?

She might be famous. But Mercy Masika still suffers from hitters when performing. In one of the parents’ interview, she said, ‘There’s something about being an introvert and crowds.

I have never been able to outgrow the nerves. With every performance, my heart pounds and stomach rumbles.’‘But then I remember, courage is not the absence of fear, and once I start performing, they disappear,’ she adds.

shem + Gathoni - Gabriel's House of Photography
“Unity commands a blessing and if you don’t have the depth and content to write a song to let someone else do it” – Shem Photography

Notably, Mercy Masika’s fourth and fifth albums were also a huge success despite the disparity in their time of release. A while ago, her songs were playing from a compact disc. However, now people can download her music straight to their mobile phones.

Most artists are not ready to work with songwriters because they think the public will consider them not good enough. However, Mercy Masika has a different opinion, ‘You can’t do it all; you need variety in your music.

What’s More!

Even great writers like Kirk Franklin end up sounding the same when they write entire albums on their own,’ she says. Mercy continues, ‘my mum wrote my songs when I was young, so I was learning at an early age the power of working with a good songwriter.

I’ve been writing my own music for a while now, but I must say having someone else do it is great.’ She might be famous. But, Mercy Masika still suffers from hitters when performing.

In the parent interview above she said, ‘There’s something about being an introvert and crowds. I have never been able to outgrow the nerves.

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Her Husband & Manager – David Muguro

Important to realize, David Tim Muguro is her husband. Whereby, the gospel artist Mercy Masika has revealed the miraculous way she met her husband, David Tim Muguro. According to the “He Never Lie” singer, she prayed fasted in Machakos County and a week later, met her hubby.

“I went to Katoloni Prayer Mountain and asked God for exactly what I wanted and the next week I met him,” said the singer, whose alternative career could have been an English and Literature teacher. Masika and Muguro are blessed with two children, daughter Ranise and son Tevita Mugo.

David Muguro
Mercy Masika married David Muguro in a low-key wedding in 2008 and are now blessed with two lovely kids.

Additionally, Mercy Masika has a song with Reuben Kigame, who is well known in the Kenyan music industry and has been helping grow a lot of careers. Furthermore, all songs by Mercy Masika have reached their full potential.

Equally important, learn more about; How Mercy met her Husband David Tim Muguro. And also, why she says; ” My hubby is the secret to my successful career.

After the singer joining Daystar University and meeting Robert Kimanzi, popularly known as R Kay. Her music clearly took off for the best. From the first hit song, “Amukokete” produced by R Kay, which means in Kamba “wake up.” The song is in her third studio album called “Wendo Waku”, “for your love.”

Why is Mercy Masika so Successful in Music?

The Kenyan gospel music industry was welcoming a new age after 2010. Hence, some artists were receiving salvation and switching allegiances. Mercy Masika was already popping by then.

However, in 2011 she went mute to take care of her family leading fans to believe she had given up on music. Then, she had to return in 2014 with a hit single “Mwema” and follow it up with another to keep her name relevant.

Not to mention, the untimely death of fellow gospel artist Peter Kaberere played a part in her decision to return to singing. Mercy took that as a reality check seeing one day you can be here and the next gone.

She had this to say regarding her break,  ‘It became a journey of faith for me. Not that money was the end game but just like any other profession, artists also deserve pay for their talent.”

Mercy Masika – Book Club

While most artists of her stature demand VIP treatment and walk around with bodyguards, the Mwema hitmaker is known to live a simple life and even shies away from the limelight.

Above all, Mercy Masika said during the book club launch that; “Knowledge gives you the power to earn, innovate, influence and inspire that is why I want people to read. I was looking for a way to use my influence to empower society to live a balanced life and I thank God he gave me this idea,”

Mercy Masika Book Club
Kenyan gospel artiste Mercy Masika (right) with NTV news anchor Dan Mwangi during the launch of her book club in Nairobi. PHOTO | COURTESY

During the launch, more than 40 members signed up for the book club, which will be picking a book of the month for members to read and discussing at the next meeting.

Mercy Masika – UNHCR

When it comes to reputation, Mercy Masika has been supporting UNHCR since 2017 and was appointed a Goodwill Ambassador in June 2019. For close to two years Mercy has supported UNHCR’s LuQuLuQu campaign that challenges negative perceptions of refugees in the region.

She first helped launch the LuQuLuQu campaign across Kenya in late 2017. And then, she actively championed LuQuLuQu’s pan-African charity walk, Step for Safety that kicked off in Nairobi in September 2018.

Mercy Masika - UNHCR

In the winter of 2018, she called upon her supporters to help provide emergency relief to families fleeing conflict in Africa with LuQuLuQu’s Christmas campaign. Mercy spoke and performed at the first-ever TEDx event held in a refugee camp – TEDxKakumaCamp in June 2018.

Where she shared with the audience how her faith affirms her commitment to advocating and supporting people forced to flee. She also performed at Kenya’s World Refugee Day celebrations both in Nairobi in June 2018 and in Kakuma Camp in June 2019.

And in early 2019, Mercy represented UNHCR and performed at the US National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. You can learn more about her engagement activities with UNHCR.

Other Additions – Career Achievements

Mercy Masika married David Muguro in a low-key wedding in 2008 and are now blessed with two lovely kids. After finishing the campus, she was having a hard time getting her music to pay, so she decided to open a bakery.

Watch some of her most recent Gospel Music Videos now Playing on YouTube below;

Though, her love for music from an early age does not diminish because her music is playing on the radio and online streaming platforms such as boomplay, mdundo.

Also, performing at major corporate events. Since her successful comeback to the music, she has won numerous awards in Kenya and Africa.

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Popular Songs By Mercy Masika Includes;
  1. Emmanuel,
  2. Ngao Yakwa,
  3. Nakuabudu,
  4. Hakika,
  5. Uinuliwe,
  6. What God Can Do,
  7. My Everything,
  8. Only He,
  9. Jesus Is Real
  10. Nikupendeze,
  11. Milele,
  12. Mwema,
  13. Ni Wewe.
  14. And More!

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