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The Lasting Influence Of TV Fashion To Digital Content Marketers

Fashion trends change frequently through the web. In a matter of months, it is commonplace to see everyone participating in these fashions. But, have you ever thought about the origins of these trends or perhaps recognized them from the TV screen that, two months ago, was showing a television show? Indeed fashion and beauty were heavily affected by the content of television.


Beginning strong, in 1984, the crime-drama program Miami Vice popularized informal clothes in male fashion. A stylish blazer paired with a casual t-shirt beneath quickly became the norm for those who want to wear the “cool guy” look. The color palette of lighter shades of blue and pink was ingrained as a part of the style even after a brand-new collection of neon shades was introduced in the fall.

A lot of companies jumped on the bandwagon of the trend, and the brands after Six as well as Kenneth Cole created Miami Vice-inspired clothing and shoes. Macy’s department store created a section for men of all ages focused on this show as well as its style.

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 Alongside the fashions, Vice created the latest trends in the facial hair for men. The little hairstyle sported by the character “Sonny” Crocket was imitated by men across America.

This trend resulted in the creation of a razor specifically for men dubbed”the “Miami Device.”


The TV show Friends was believed to have helped shape the 90s into the decade it is now. Numerous fashion references and references are derived from the show. But one fashion trend totally was able to take over women’s appearances for many years. It was the Rachel Green haircut.

The haircut is adored for its short, layered hairstyle, women flocked into salons to have their hair styled to look like Rachel. Green’s. And, even after all these years, hairstyles that resemble this one remain well-known.

In actual fact, following the premiere of the first trailer of “Friends: The Reunion Episode,” the demand for the haircut jumped by 179 percent. A lot of famous faces such as Millie Bobby Brown, Christina Aguilera as well as Hailey Bieber have also been wearing their own versions that resemble the messy bob style and proving how long this style has taken. In addition to the hairstyles, the sleekly thin eyebrows as well as the lighter smoky eyeshadows were initially seen on the show Friends.


The first time it aired was in 2007 on TV, the audience did not have the fashions of high society that Gossip Girls would later make famous. One particular accessory that saw its sales skyrocket is the headband. The hair accessory was previously considered to be a child’s accessory but after watching Upper East Side princess Blair Waldorf wearing chic headbands, everyone seemed to want the same style.

In addition, each character in the show has their own distinct style. Both of the main characters, Blair and Serena have two totally distinct styles, yet both styles have influenced the fashion industry tremendously. Blair’s preppy look, financed by Barney’s, Bergdorf’s, and Bendel’s, gave her the elegant, chic, Audrey Hepburn look which has been copied by many by wearing plaid skirts and button-down shirts. In contrast, Serena van der Woodsen’s “It Girl” style was characterized by beachy waves as well as flowing dresses and tops which inspired many imitations.


The latest show to influence fashions in beauty is HBO’s Max’s Euphoria. The generation the show is targeted, Generation Z has been shown to be adventurous and more creative than previous generations.

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That’s why Euphoria’s bold makeup and fashion-forward looks reflect Generation Z’s desire to venture out of the comfort zone of their own.

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