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The Kenyan Music of late has been hit by the storm from their neighboring Counterparts. In particular, from the Wasafi Media Records with the likes of Diamond Platnumz and his team taking all the glory.

However, the jmexclusives Team have been doing research on what has been eating the Kenyan Music industry. And also, the main culprits who should be on the limelight. Not to mention, embarking on the new trends on #playkenyanmusic by the KOT Team.

Masauti on Kenyan Music Platform
Fast-rising Kenyan singer Mohammed Ali Said, popularly known as Masauti, is back with another banger barely two months after he dropped Kiboko (Remix) featuring Khaligraph.

Surprisingly, Secular or Gospel Kenyan Music, no stone was left unturned. From the research, we gathered the following 10 items which need to be addressed urgently.

In reality, and above all, making our music scenes glimmer on the international scenes is the jmexclusives top priority.

Why Kenyan Music Been Failing 

1. Government is failing Kenyan Music

Seems like the name is there for another purpose rather than the Music and Entertainment industry.

I should bring to the attention of all that; Kenyan Music and entertainment industry are one of the most Promising in Africa and World at Large.

Especially, with many talents and Skills from each corner of the Nation.

Love Kenyan Music
But, we feel it is like the government has worn wooden specks on this issue.

2. From the registry bodies to the Copyright societies

These bodies have been so privatized such that, only a few know where they are, what they do and how to reach them.

From MCSK and KEMP and others. If we could regulate a Ministry on this sector to handle, educate, enlighten and encourage our million performers, we will see less of a few benefiting from these protocols and procedures.

If each county can adopt a measure in which talents, skills, and abilities are discovered, incubated and nurtured, we could go a mile ahead.

I am so glad for the Nakuru County having recognized Avril for her outstanding music journey.

But, what are the other counties doing in the same call? I ask, Governors, MCAs and other stakeholders in every county to take this issue seriously.

And stop pulling eyes on the central government and start working towards developing the means and ways that our many youths with talents can benefit from.

Kenyan Music Masters
Khaligraph Jones loves Kenyan Music, do you?

3. Peers influence on Kenyan Music

Those who have been in the industry, few are doing a little bit to support and enrich talents. But, this is not enough.

We need more from you. Stop being selfish and opinionated and focus your efforts, inputs, and domains towards seeing our music rise to the platforms.

Start campaigns, in church, bars, joints, companies and partners you work with to support the upcoming tunes and talents in music and entertainment bodies.

You have made it already, but, what is the use of being on the playlist for more than 10 times with your every new single on local stations.

Whereas there are other gifted than and talented comedians and entertainers out there who have no clue where to start and or run to.

Lead the way and others will follow. I must thank a few like ( Sauti Sol, Bahati Music, Gloria Muliro, Akothee, Nyashinsky, Naiboi, Victoria Kimani, RedSan).

And others for their continued support and appearance on the bigger global market.

4. Business and Stake Holders

You are all failing us. Your option to contact someone, I mean an individual with millions of loyalties is enough to support 10 folds records.

In addition, showcase, exploit and engage through your various platforms.

Be creative and include those new to our entertainment game and music career to have a taste of their God-given abilities and talents.

Brand the up comers, sponsor their skills and make them explore their fields on the platforms others get paid millions for.

Contract those with foundations, groups and or bands they manage and they will do the same expanding the reach.

Otherwise, we will move money, wealth, skills, abilities, talents move from one person to the same for decades losing people into what they were not destined to.

I appreciate Safaricom for its incubation and supportive programs to the youths.

But, many others on the list should also shine out and make our countries entertainment and music sector where it belongs.

5. Media and Stations

I adore what you always do to reach out to individuals for interviews and promotions. But, why that one individual can have a show interview even five times in a month.

I agree it is business, but what is the fate for those who have no support, no funds or capital to start and draw lines that will move their careers in the entertainment and music industry?

Someone, please enlighten me with the various shows that support talents at no fee and I will follow up.

6. Middlemen and Promoters

For me to get played, interviewed and or listened to I must be very popular and or willing to give something small. Yes! I get that, but, for how long?

I understand there have been some people with a calling to that “Nitakupelekea Ngoma yako ichezwe but nataka kama 10K hive.”

And then the innocent souls’ wails and sobs thereafter on being conned, extorted and taken advantage of.

They wait to hear themselves or see themselves on airplay but it takes more than forever.

Of what use is that money you take from your hard labored brother and or sister in the name of building her media appearance which never happens.

Why not be transparent and offer excuses if you can’t manage.

7. Kenyan Music Mainstreams

I appreciate the likes of Ngomma Vas, Mdundo, Mkito, and BoomPlay for your countless efforts for coming up with platforms that pay performers.

In addition to entertainers and musicians for the loyalties from their content without interference from those that are out there to leap where they never sow.

And or making life a living hell to publishers who have their unprotected published content.

8. Kenyan Music Producers and Mentors

From audio producers to Video producers. What has come over you recently? You get paid but disappear into the thin air for several years. You are failing us as an industry.

If you cannot handle a task, give a clear and good explanation as to why it can never happen.

Instead, do not be tempted to take that money from an innocent client trusting you will produce them just because they were told so or were redirected to.

We have had so many cases generally in this item. Producers should be the eyes of their clients and should try to give the best no matter what.

It improves both your reputation and trust with the clients. Remember just because you have had a chance to get a clean 100k does not make you richer.

9. Rich Music Content

Also in our case study, do not try to produce content you are not familiar and or general in.

If you feel that you cannot deliver certain effects, mixing and or mastery, it is good you either give a referral and or offer someone else a chance.

But, under your supervision just to the client’s satisfaction.

I would want our producers to be our cheerleaders, don’t just produce and that is it. Guide them on the next steps, what they can do to improve themselves and also be there to make things trend and become hit songs and viral contents.

I look up to international Video Directors who have made a name for themselves;
  1. J Blessings
  2. Enos Olik


I need more from your side. Don’t be too choosy and discriminating. Be there to serve all and do the work like you are doing It for your family or somebody you love. Building a name is easy, keep it is trick and losing it is easy.

10. Church Leaders and Guardians

Being gifted does not mean one is mad or crazy. It means that they are in stages in life where they need support, care, mentorship and encouragement towards their other career dreams.

Supporting talents and being responsible for them not only increases their morale but, it also increases their self-acceptance and acknowledgment of their abilities.

11. Influencers and following

How well do you know your followers and fans? Just because you have a million goodwill of fans and followers doesn’t mean you are successful.

It means you have a million fans and subscribers to reach out to. Have you ever asked yourself why they always follow you and or are supporting you?

Commenting on your posts, photos on Instagram and or YouTube videos? No! Some of you don’t even know.

You assume you are lovable and impressing but that is different from being approachable.

As a matter of fact, You’ll want to associate with your fans. Of course, with a similar calling, skills, and talents like you.

You will be more helpful and useful if you motivate them. And also, guiding them and or mentoring them to become better than you in the future.

12. Kenyan Music Fans and Society

Having touched on the other few, I can conclude on the fans. How supportive are you to your homegrown talents and skills? You are the reason they move all the way up.

But, when you become deceptive, discriminating, alienated, misinformed, swayed, irresponsible, irregular, you fail. Not only those you follow but also yourselves.

Resourceful References;

So, the first thing before we support others, we need to support our own talents and skills.

Therefore, if you have more research work and content please add below the comment box.

Or equally too, send us an email to for additions to this article.

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