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Kelvin Bahati | Quick Facts about the Singer & Songwriter

Who is Kelvin Bahati?

Kelvin Bahati popularly known as Bahati is an award-winning Kenyan Gospel singer. In addition, he was born Kelvin Kioko Bahati in 1993.

Surprisingly, his life story proofs that all dreams are valid no matter where one comes from. Not to mention, he became an orphan at a young age. When his mother died while he was in nursery school.

On one hand, Kevin Bahati was a former street boy who thereafter became a fast-rising music star. With various major hits affiliated to him. Such as;

  • Mama,
  • Barua,
  • Machozi
  • Story Yangu (with Denno)
  • Mapenzi

Ndogo Ndogo and currently on an adventurous reality TV Series – Being Bahati. Below is Kelvin Bahati’s latest gospel music videos.

Where did Kelvin Bahati school?

As a matter of fact, his parents died at a tender age leading to Kelvin Bahati being left with no one to look after him.

However, being a bright child from a tender age, Kelvin Bahati decided to go to the ABC orphanage in Mathare slums in order for him to have shelter and education.

Now having a semblance of a normal life, Kelvin Bahati went ahead to have an education until his highschool years first at Nakeel school in Ongata Rongai – Kajiado.

And then at St Theresa’s Boys in Eastleigh where he attained a C+ in KCSE in 2011. It is in 2012 that Bahati decided to make something of himself and thus ventured into the music industry.

When did Kelvin Bahati start Music?

Kelvin Bahati’s musical journey started during his high school years. His talent was discovered when he made a solo performance in 2010 playing the guitar at the Music Festival National Level held in Nakuru.

The next year Kelvin Bahati went ahead and represented his school St. Theresa Boys High School in Eastleigh where he sang and played the guitar at the National Music Festival in 2011 that amazed the crowd.

Kelvin Bahati

Having his confidence in music grow, Kelvin Bahati decided to pursue music as a full-time career for his passion and as a means of him getting out of a hard life.

Straight from high school, Kelvin Bahati coupled up with J. Blessing and L.B films who did his first song ‘Siku ya Kanza’. This song went ahead to be a great hit song that propelled him to immediate celebrityhood in the gospel industry with people increasingly requesting his song.

Kelvin Bahati Marriage & Relationships

Uniquely, having grown up an orphan who lost his mother at the age of 7. Remarkably, his maternal love saw him adopt two daughters and one son.

Namely, Purity Bahati, Rose Bahati, and Morgan Bahati by the age of 20. However, like any man seeking for lasting and selfless love, he entangled two public affairs with the likes of;

1. Elizabeth Lulu Michael

Important to realize, Kelvin Bahati openly tendered his interest in dating Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Lulu Michael.

In an update on his social media, the singer openly asked a Tanzania based radio presenter Millard Ayo to help him get the message to his dream woman.

Moreover, Kelvin Bahati told his fans that his heart would be settled if he got into a date with the beautiful Tanzanian actress.

2. Diana Marua

However, things did not turn his way so to say, as the celebrity gospel hits maker is currently settled with Diana Marua. And whom they are blessed with a daughter by the name Heaven Bahati.

However, Diana Marua’s biography isn’t complete without acknowledging she is from a well-known family.

Kelvin Bahati Family

Kelvin Bahati enjoying a wee moment with his wife and daughter in Cape Town courtesy of Bonfire Adventures.

As her father Joseph Omach is a leading cancer advocate fighting against stigma for cancer patients.

Diana’s father is the founder of the childhood cancer initiative which is a non-governmental organization since 2009.

Learn more about Diana Marua’s well-known Facts.

The Being Bahati Reality TV Show

Being Bahati is a Reality Television Show affiliate to Kelvin Bahati and His Family Life. Especially now that the baby mama, Diana Marua is also a renowned social media influencer from Kenya.

However, with the current media tides and waves engraving the whole show, it seems to have hit a snug. Whereby, the reality show might have come to a sudden end sooner than expected.

Below is Being Bahati Season 3 Episode 4 Preview.

For instance, after the last inaugural episode of Being Bahati on Sunday. Hence, Kenyans had tongues wagging.

Whereby, the Netizens took to their social media declaring an exchange of words. For that matter, to the Bahati’s and the whole team of representatives.

However, as can be seen, the show is still alive and available through the Being Bahati various social media accounts. Including,

  1. Bahati’s Official YouTube Channel.
  2. Bahati’s Facebook Page.
  3. @BahatiKenya Twitter Profile.
  4. Instagram Page – @BahatiKenya.

Being Bahati Reality TV Premier Cancellation

Even though we are not quite sure as to whether the social media viewership will continue being active. However, we are yet to see what unravels by staying updated and positive too.

Barely three months after premiering, gospel singer Bahati’s reality show “Being Bahati” has already bagged its first nomination.

The new reality show starring gospel singer Kelvin Bahati and his wife Diana Marua has received heavy criticism. Equally too, poor reception from Kenyans.

Whereas the show dubbed Being Bahati aired its inaugural episode on Sunday but Kenyans were not amused by the show.

Apparently, netizens took to social media hitting hard against Bahati and Marua’s show. Important to realize, for not meeting their expectations for the show.

Here is more of what we know about Bahati’s New Reality Show ‘Being Bahati’ Landing in Trouble!

1. Groove Award Winner

Kelvin Bahati had the privilege of winning one of Kenya’s coveted awards on Groove. Especially, for best male gospel singer 2014.

Not forgetting, he also received various nominations for the best video of the year and the best collaboration.

On top of this Kelvin, Bahati has been named the best gospel artiste in Africa. Not to mention, in the Afrimma awards 2014 hosted at the Eisemann Center in Texas, USA.

2. Bahati Quits Gospel Music

Eventually, Bahati has been away from the limelight for a while now. In particular, after he revealed that he had quit the gospel industry.

And which came as sad news and shock to his fans. The ‘Lover’ singer went to the extent of deleting all his photos from his social media pages.

Bahati alleged that his fellow musicians finish him musically. Including Willy Paul and L Jay Maasai. And also, taint his image so that his fans would dislike him and stop supporting him musically. Learn more as to why he had gone off the music lines.

3. Being Bahati Reality TV Nominations on Kalasha

Further, gospel singer Bahati was not left behind either. So to say, as his new reality TV show dubbed Being Bahati also landed a major media nomination. Barely three months after its debut on NTV.

As a matter of fact, Being Bahati was nominated as the Best TV show in Kenya. Of course, this was good news to the controversial crooner who could not help but share with fans online.

The popular TV show has been nominated as the Best TV Show in Kenya. Above all, in the Kalasha Awards alongside Pambio Live which is hosted by Size 8 and DJ Ruff.

Equally important, there are other major and popular TV shows in the same category. Including,

  1. Churchill Raw,
  2. Get in the Kitchen on KTN,
  3. and Sanaa Talks on KU TV.

Here is additional information on ( Bahati’s new reality show Being Bahati lands nomination for the prestigious Kalasha Award).

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