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How Jumia Food Mart And One-Time Groceries Delivery App Works

Of course, now Africa’s leading ecommerce and logistics company, Jumia (first invented in Nigeria), through its food and grocery delivery outfit, has introduced its new concept known as Jumia Food Mart, just to begin with so that you get on this loop.  And, it’s the third such app in Nigeria, following the introduction of the quick commerce platform in Kenya and Uganda.

As a matter of fact, Jumia along with other web retailers has witnessed a great shift in everyday products since the COVID-19 outbreak. Specifically, as a result of consumers’ shifting preference toward eCommerce and online kitchen stores. Thus, its new “dark store” concept represents an important step forward in making online shopping more convenient than ever.

It’s important to realize, that Jumia is the leading Internet Group in Africa. Founded in 2012, it is currently operating in over 15+ countries and is empowered by more than 5,000 employees. In terms of its marketplace operations presence, Jumia is supported by global investors; namely MTN, Millicom, Rocket Internet, Axa, Orange, Goldman Sachs, and CDC.

Jumia Food is Africa’s largest on-demand Services Company operating in 11 countries across East, West, and North Africa. In Africa, Jumia Prime is currently fully operational in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Ghana. Not to mention, the company ensures that customers can order Food, Alcohol, Groceries, Pharmacy, and shopping needs and be delivered in less time.

What The Jumia Food Mart Is All About

Basically, according to an article by foodbusinessafrica, the main aim to kickstart Jumia Food Mart is to meet the ever-increasing high consumer demands for rapid home food delivery. Whereby, the move is to enable consumers to receive their online grocery orders in a record time of under 20 minutes (not hours) while, at the same time, offering convenience at its best.

The platform will be fashioning orders of basic essentials like rice, milk, sugar, bread, vegetables, snacks, and personal care products. Something that we bet most consumers have, or will receive quite well. Especially, for the company which has introduced other several innovations recently — aimed at delivery efficiency, reach, and easy user app interface.

Technically, the digital online web and internet-based eCommerce operator is set to leverage micro fulfillment centers set in neighborhoods to their full advantage. Particularly, in order to undertake last-mile delivery while, at the same time, revolutionizing delivery times. That said, below is a sneak peek of what usually goes around the Jumia Food Mart.

Moving on, we made some inquiries and this is what the Chief Executive Officer of Jumia in Nigeria, Mr. Massimiliano said:

We are excited to bring quick commerce to Nigeria and continue to deliver an amazing experience to our consumers. Not only in Nigeria, but as well as all other parts of Africa where we engage our business in. Consumer behaviour and lifestyles are changing with speed and convenience becoming more important than ever. It’s a great achievement for our logistics team who resolved many challenges to make it happen.”

That aside, the new feature according to Jumia Food is the first of its kind in Africa and is intended to fasten the whole delivery process. Whilst, increasing convenience and adding more transparency to the food ordering process.

In fact, what’s more, the company says it has mastered the art of food delivery — by breaking down the whole process into a science. Eventually, so as to satisfy the customers’ demand for food-on-the-go and shorter delivery times.

How The Jumia Food Mart And One-Time Groceries App Works

Chiefly, a while ago, Jumia Food also launched an on-time delivery application platform that offers a guarantee to all Jumia Food App users. The new platform is expected to further boost customer experience for the company which has introduced several innovations in recent years aimed at delivery efficiency, reach and easy user interface for their applications.

The new feature according to Jumia Food is the first of its kind in Africa and is intended to fasten the delivery process, increase convenience and add more transparency to the food ordering process. The company says it has mastered the art of food delivery by breaking down the whole process into a science.

Particularly, in order to satisfy the customers’ demand for food on the go and shorter delivery times. That said, to speed up the delivery process, it uses a unique, and specialized tracking software called Urban Ninja. Ultimately, it allows the Customer Service team to track down each food order from the moment the order is placed to the arrival time at the customer’s location.

This new feature works giving by customers an estimated delivery time it will take for their order to reach them. When asked about it, Joe Falter, the Founder, and CEO of Jumia Food Africa had the following to say:

We know that customer experience is our top priority and our customers obviously use our service for the convenience and easy-to-use application and website. Our customers expect to get their food delivered in the fastest time possible.

In addition, he stated that Jumia Food was working on more innovations like this one because it is one step closer to their goal of offering amazing variety, and frictionless/seamless meal ordering processes, with customer experience at the core. With that in mind, go ahead and test the Jumia Food App (on Google Play or Apple Store) and then share your experiences with us.

What About Its Partnership With Errand360

Markedly, still in the West African country, the new Jumia Food Mart revolution has seen yet another strategic partnership (last year) with Bicycle community delivery platform Errand360, to offer last-mile deliveries to the company’s customers. Errand360 is operational in Lagos, Abuja, and Ibadan, and has so far delivered over 55,000 orders.

It has also signed deals with Glovo, Gokada, and Bolt, and is currently delivering for those brands. The partnership will enable customers to order and pay for meal deliveries via the Jumia Food App, with seamless delivery to either their homes or offices conducted by Errand360. When its co-founder Jaiyeola Ayodeji David was asked about this partnership, he said:

This Jumia deal is a nationwide deal and for at least three years across multiple locations with at least 100 riders to start with. It’s a mega deal and a gamechanger for the company and will see it deliver thousands of orders monthly.

In nutshell, Errand360 Bicycles is quite a great idea. Aimed to serve its users with demand for quick and short errands within their communities and on-demand delivery services. The startup, which raised pre-seed funding round in November and is now working on its seed, will work with Jumia Food in Nigeria with hundreds of riders across multiple locations.

Jumia Food Rolls Out A Subscription Package For Africans 

Jumia Food Kenya has announced the launch of Jumia Prime – a subscription package that allows customers to pay a standard one, three, or six months fee. Equally, this also guarantees unlimited free deliveries on all orders placed on the Jumia Food app or website. This service is a first of its kind in Africa and was introduced to Kenyans to taste the waters.

It’s aimed at enhancing customer experience and loyalty without having to worry about paying any delivery fees. What’s more, the service is not only limited to food but it’s also open to alcohol, groceries, shopping, or pharmacy needs. The introduction of Jumia Prime is part of the company’s objective to develop innovative ways to help customers order online.

This is a great deal for Jumia Food customers, without having to pay for additional delivery services. “We work with more than 400 restaurants and partners in Kenya and enable customers to place orders via Mobile App, Web, and desktop versions. We are available in all major cities in Kenya including Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, and Kisumu,” the management says.

Final Thoughts:

Since its inception, Jumia has created over 100 companies in 10 different verticals: online retail, food ordering platform, recruitment platform, online marketplace, real estate marketplace, vehicle marketplace, B2B logistics provider for online commerce, online travel agency, and P2P lending marketplace. Jumia On Demand is its subsidiary digital services arm.

We can simply say that the Jumia Food Mart is one of the best new millennials’ online ordering toolkits for food and groceries — especially for those stuck in their homes/or working from home kind of fellows. In reality, it’s an on-time online food ordering application and home groceries delivery platform that has a huge guarantee for its technology users.

Even our partner team from techtrendske strongly suggests that the new platform is expected to further boost customer experience — by having their food and home-based grocery orders delivered straight to their doorsteps.

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That’s it! A few things if not all to learn about the Jumia Food Mart, how it works, plus how you can access it. Do you think that there’s something else worth mentioning? Well, you can let us know about it or even more of your additional thoughts, suggestions, recommendations, opinions, or even contribution questions (for FAQ Answers) in our comments section.

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