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Joseph Mucira | A Reputable Digital Online Consultant

Joseph Mucira is the founding father and the current chairperson to the jmexclusives Agency. A startup online management consultancy agency affiliated with building reputable brands, products, and businesses.

Additionally, the jmexclusives through its team leader Joseph Mucira offer all-inclusive online service solutions support. Including,

  1. AMP ready & SEO responsive – website design & development
  2. Branding – social media profiles, products, businesses & celebrities online
  3. Profiling – company details, product reviews, business missions,
  4. Affiliation – lead campaigns, conversion promotions, display ads,
  5. Monetization – music, applications, websites, blogs, content,
  6. Optimization – custom search results, search engines, schemas, and markup
  7. Publishing – research articles, revised blogs, consulting & management tips
  8. Influencing – reputation, awareness, presence, slogans, logos, and cultures
  9. Planning – marketing, campaigns, information, services, solutions, support,
  10. Support – cloud, computing, technology, artificial intelligence, algorithms, bots, etc.

Above are just a few drops in the ocean of the jmexclusives team capacity. For more results, please see their general service solutions and support. Life itself taught him what no other man can as he puts. Not forgetting, indulging in one misfortune on top of another challenge. Learn more about jmexclusives.

Who is Joseph Mucira?

Joseph Mucira is known to be a quiet and down to earth guy. In particular, his close associates say that; what they admire most are his affluent engagement and rigid business working relationship. For instance, he is known best to execute a variety of computing tasks adept to his vast knowledge and wisdom in computer applications and digital online references.

Joseph Mucira is the founder of jmexclusives

Joseph Mucira owns a conglomerate of Internet-based business management consulting agencies – (jmexclusives)

In the first place, it is important to note that he started his company in his living room back in 2015. Particularly after he had trouble trying to customize and implement various web applications and platforms without success. He had to quickly come up with a collective name of what he visualized as a collection of teams executing and implementing visionary minds together.

Hence, the birth of the jmexclusives team (josephmuciraexclusives).

Where was Joseph Mucira born?

Joseph Mucira was born in a small village of Kathata in Rwambiti, Kirinyaga County. After completing his High school education, he received a big blow after losing her mother to an unknown illness. Life became challenging and he had to follow his brother Elias Murimi who worked at Nairobi as a building contractor by then.

However, life was not a smooth ride as he had to go various shortcoming until he landed his first job. Not to mention, as a Cyber Cafe attendant at Mugzshots Cyber Cafe in Ongata Rongai. And, this is when he started showing interest in computers and the technology change it had brought to many lives.

Joseph Mucira Wife

Pictured left is Joseph Mucira and his beautiful wife Joyce Mary Mukuhi – Photo by Gshop Photography.

As a matter of fact, during his study period, he had not experienced the freedom of the use of computers as the kids of the Beverlyhill and Hollywood would. He attests this to lack of enough support by the schooling curriculum, lack of enough finances to manage a computer through his parents as well as lack of a lead motivation in the community.

Is Joseph Mucira the founder of jmexclusives?

Yes! Of course, if you are following, from the earlier definition, Joseph Mucira is the founder of the josephmuciraexclusives agency( in short, jmexclusives). Eventually, which since its inception, is a digital online & social media management consulting agency in Kenya.

Equally important, Joseph is also a Kenyan business magnate, philanthropist, internet and technology entrepreneur. In fact, he is an IT Expert and Consultant who has previously worked and or is working with the major business. May it be the platforms online and or even offline.

Including, Google, Facebook Inc, Alibaba, Amazon, Oracle, ICT Ministry-Kenya and served as a lecturer in a number of tertiary institutions in Kenya.

How did jmexclusives become Kenya’s Top Agency?

In light of changing his fate for good, he started doing online courses on creating content and developing web pages. Furthermore, for he worked in a Cyber Cafe, there were changes in technology and social media platforms almost daily. For instance, Google, YouTube, Tagged, Facebook and Yahoo Mail had just hit the market.

Therefore, being on the lead in implementing, activating and actualizing its use to his Cafe customers became a custom. A lot of clients praised his work and even requested for personal contacts in order to get limitless support whenever need be. Little did he know that this was the start of his online networking community.

jmexclusives Management Consultancy Agency Online

Pro influencer, trendsetter, certifier, publisher, branding & marketing, I.C.T. support, management & V.A.S providers.

In addition to serving clients on digital online and internet, he also sharpened his skills in computer hardware and software. As a matter of fact, whenever a computer broke in the Cafe, he would repair, maint and troubleshoot all by himself. Which pleased utterly his employers who were by then tech pros working with various lead companies in Kenya.

Above all, he highly commends his two employers. In that case, Cris Mugo (who worked as an SQL software designer and developer in the Telkom Kenya Limited). And, also, Cyrus Wachira (who equally, worked as a data technician with Kenya Data Networks).

Notwithstanding, the two effortlessly committed and dedicated their free time to work along Joseph. For instance, training him some basics in Computer Hardware and Software.

Is Joseph Mucira a Self-taught Computer Genius?

Nevertheless, we can say, Joseph Mucira is a self-taught Computer Genius having dropped from college to adapt to his chem in Computers and Technology. He has acquired wealth in computer assembly and troubleshooting from minute details to the most complex.

He is also a software developer, blogger, and technician on digital online content and intranet with Markups all over. On the contrary, he points that; some of the reasons that led to his drop-out of college early was affiliated to;

  1. losing her mother,
  2. disunity in the family,
  3. and, lack of enough support to continue pursuing his career in Computer Science.

Notably, after all, learning from some of his tutors that were either deodorant or not well versed with the course. Especially the private colleges, he thought perhaps if he could take the hard road of educating himself, he would become more complete. And prepared for the future ahead of him.

In this case, he also associated more with similar and likely minded people. Concentrating most of his time online doing research and implementing his newfound ideas.

Why is Joseph Mucira the best Online Consultant?

Apart from the above-illustrated practices, Joseph equally portrays the following key career elements. Such as,

  • Computer hardware maintenance and repair
  • Intranet, internet and network connection and troubleshooting
  • Software development, testing, and programming
  • Website coding, sync, and plugin adaptation in relation to the browser and search console specifications
  • Safe hacking and data recovery on instances of theft – Cloud theft in computing
  • Social media handling, information redistribution, making topics and titles searchable, viral and trending
  • Customized website SEO optimization, plugin customization, and linkage
  • Modern currency tracking (cryptocurrency), mining, and transfer
  • Brand management and branding even from scratch
  • Server management and rerouting
  • Has a team that supports his audiovisual production and photography department
  • High experience and knowledge in Technology privacy, security, and copyrights
  • Has links with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing, Yahoo, and others on Futuristic technology safety
  • Online teaching and engagement with test products and market research

Markedly, the above listed are just a few mentions we were able to collect from the jmexclusives Owner. For one thing, he is a busy man with so many noble and important decisions and calls to make every day.

“You have to hold the steering if you want the car to move at your imaginary speed and direction. In addition, if you could hire someone to fill up your position, they could never do what you wanted or deemed great.” – As quoted from one of his talks.

Being an ‘Achiever’ and a ‘Successor’

By all means, people expect to work and get paid and whatever happens thereafter is none of their business. The jmexclusives Agency hires people when it feels the need for their input during a workload or additional expertise.

In fact, the team is built on a long-term voluntary relationship basis. And especially, that which extends during its formation and inception. Therefore, Joseph doesn’t need a crowd of workers who are joyriders, drag backs and many reasons from failure.

You’ll need no push to deliver and prove your worthiness. Important to realize, working smart has helped build a trustworthy and super experienced team of jmexclusives online experts. Another key point, you’ll meet very sensitive and vigilant clients too.

Certainly, by building their trust, they not only become part of your business, but also part of your family. Always make sure that you build both your team’s and customer’s trust. Especially, those you’ll meet online or even get a reference to. Even if some are low, unbearable, understanding the mutual benefits is the key to your overall business success.

What are Joseph Mucira Long-term goals?

Joseph Mucira when asked who his clients are, had this to say; ” I work with them and for the world.” People from all walks of life. Some whom he knows so well and others out of reference and others whom he barely knows.

Therefore; his first step is meeting and familiarizing himself with all his clients and potential customers. Including, either face to face meetups, email conversations, video calls or other means necessary. And, especially, before engaging with them into a long contract, huge transaction or big workload.

Below are some of his long-term goals;

  • Implementing new Ideas for certain companies and individuals.
  • Winning awards for various companies via timed proposals and projects.
  • Creating a balance both in office life and Online work.
  • Improving Brands Presence sometimes from scratch!
  • Increase company sales and performance
  • Enabling social media platforms full utilization
  • Making use of what is already learned in class
  • Make the world a better place to live with ICT and the modern tools
  • Assisting in world enlightenment, support and training camps

Understanding, working with and supporting the modern software and apps is also another key influence he has. In the end, Helping in making the internet safe, fight cybercrimes, cyberbullying and online security breaches.

How much is Joseph Mucira Worth?

In reality, apart from Joseph Mucira being the Chairman to the jmexclusives, he is also an influential online affiliate marketer, content designer, web developer, blog writer, online entrepreneur, etc. As well as, digitally consulting with leading businesses and brands around the globe.

Dates of Birth:  June 22, 1990 (age 28), Kirinyaga County, Kenya
Official Names:  Joseph Mucira Muriuki
Age: 29 Years (as of June 2019)
Designation: the jmexclusives team leader
Education: JKUAT Drop out!
Residence: Nairobi Kenya
Agency Google Value: Ksh. 42,000,000.00 “↑”

Generally speaking, most of the agency’s wealth comes through Joseph’s previous, current and ongoing management, consulting or even training services and solutions. Including,

  • top brands & products endorsements,
  • web platforms monetization,
  • business programs,
  • and deals partnership,
  • profit loyalties and
  • lead campaign promotions.

Parting Shot,

Important to realize, however, how the brand or business is low rated, there is no room for comparison. Indeed, each individual is uniquely gifted, abled and talented to be whomever they want to be in life.

Also, it must be remembered, even those big companies, the likes of Amazon, had a start point and they all have a vision they are executing. Especially, if their leaders are visionaries enough and dreamers who look after huge impacts not only to their companies but to the society and the community the mushroomed from.

In conclusion, every leader has a parting shot and which motivates and builds others. Joseph Mucira makes it clear that; ” you’ve been created for a reason in this world.” Whether, you own a small company, business or even sell your products from a cart, your potential is limitless.

How do you connect with Him?

“By all means, to be successful online, you just need to focus and make references to those who have made it in the line of your business. You are never a mistake or a result of fate.

There is a space you need to fill up and by so doing you input yourself into doing what you are destined to no matter what. So take this as a chance to prove others wrong and make your way for others to learn and emulate from.” – Joseph Mucira.


We’ll dig more about Joseph Mucira and include the details on our Celebrities & Public Figures Biography Profiles with time. But, if you have more views about the jmexclusives founder or have additional suggestions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Or rather, leave them in the comments box below.

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