5 Important Things To Improve Your Mobile App Ranking Today

The main aim of any development company is to attain decent search engine page mobile app ranking.

To attain this, it must be mobile-friendly. With the advent of COVID-19, more and more work is done on smartphones. This has made enterprise apps a norm for businesses with workers on the go. Therefore, businesses need to attain higher search engine rankings.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting to you five things that must be kept under consideration to attain higher search engine rankings for mobile apps. So, what is the topmost best-guaranteed optimization of your in-app content for search engines? It is important to emphasize the quality of in-app content. Google launched app indexing in 2013.

It permits the mobile app to appear in Google searches. It takes users directly to the app in their app stores. This demonstrates that the content within your app must be optimized and of extremely superior quality. Google can find deep within your mobile app to search, and take user action to, particular content pieces.

What’s more, the significance of app indexing the only enhanced. This is because more users are incorporating search to look for the latest mobile apps.

Developing An Optimized Landing Page For Your Mobile App Ranking

App development is not the final step. You have to guarantee that you can pool in as much traffic as possible to develop a landing page that is used by the link users for the app store where they can download the app. Optimization of the landing page is important for the mobile app because it guarantees higher search engine rankings.

It is important to have old-style keywords on your mobile app and landing page. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) key adds value by assisting search engines in recognizing exactly what is your page all about. Brian Dean of Backlinko suggests three methods you can incorporate to identify LSI Keywords for your mobile apps. 

  • Enter your desired keyword on Google. The drop-down suggestions are possibly LSI keywords.
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  • Assess the keywords that Google has made prominent in bold in these search outcomes. These are pertinent to the search.
  • At the end of the page, Google will propose extra keywords. These are called LSIs. These are assessed to witness what they suggest. 

Do Proper Mobile App Testing

There are zillions of mobile app testing companies available in the market today. The mobile app development companies contact them to enhance the app quality. As a result, they deliver a flawless customer experience. People tend to download these apps more than any of the competitor apps available in the market.

As a result, these apps tend to appear at the top of all search results.

Description and Title Optimization of Your App

Optimizing your app description and title plays an important role in enhancing your small business mobile app rankings. This helps you stand out from the competitors. This guarantees that the app can attain key information in your app description and title. Sometimes, this is the only thing users go through before deciding if they should download an app or not.

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This is an opportunity for your app to take a place formerly given to a website.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

The mobile app search rankings are dependent on the amalgamation of traditional SEO and App Store Optimization. Platform keywords, device, description, and titles, everything counts. The technique to judge your success is to trace different metrics.

These metrics include: 
  • Freshness
  • Internal links inside an app store
  • Retention and engagement
  • Frequency and amount of app downloads
  • Quality and number of ratings, sentiment and content analysis of reviews, average rating score


After reading this, you can get a complete overview of the five things that must be kept under consideration to attain higher search engine rankings. These are tried and tested techniques. However, these are not the only methods. There are other methods as well. All the best mobile app testing companies are advised to view this article before the beginning of their testing process. 

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