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The Importance of Hand Cream for Preventing Premature Aging

Likely, you wouldn’t wash your face without applying a moisturizer or creams. But do you apply the same standard when it comes to the hands?  

Hands are a vital part of the human body; they are the tools that allow you to carry out your daily routine with ease. Yet, most people neglect them and leave them defenseless to poor conditions and the environment.  

The hands are the first place aging shows when it starts to kick in. When you neglect the hands, you leave them defenseless against signs of aging, such as dehydration, pigmentation, and wrinkles.  

It is worth noting that your hand’s skin differs from that of the rest of your body. The skin at the back and front of your hands are also different, with the skin on the back being much thinner. 

With your regular body cream, you will not be doing justice to your hands, which need deep protection and moisturizing. And that is why you need a hand cream. In this piece, you will learn more about hand cream and its importance in preventing premature aging.  

What Is a Hand Cream? 

Hand creams are products with a high viscosity specifically made to be utilized on the hands to moisturize and soften them. The cream’s high viscosity means that they contain a higher percentage of oil than water. Thus, hand cream is much thicker and does not have a runny texture like lotions.  

These creams are mostly recommended for people with dry skin since it helps give extra coverage. In most cases, they are used in winter, while lotions are used in summer. The creams will stay on your skin for extended periods and create a layer of protection.  

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Causes of Premature Aging of the Hand 

The skin on your hand is delicate and thin, making it more vulnerable to aging and damage. Here are some signs that might result in premature aging of the hands.  


Age Spots

These are also referred to as liver spots or sun spots. They consist of flat round blotches on the skin that range from black to brown. The hands are a common place for the development of age spots. And while they may occur as you age, they can also be caused by exposure to UV rays. So, the name is not entirely accurate.  

You can prevent premature age spots by lowering UV exposure. It would be best to protect your hands by applying sunscreen. On top of that, do not forget the hand cream.  

Scaly and Dry Skin

While dry, scaly skin is normally seen with age, it is not uncommon to develop it prematurely. One of the ways through which you can develop this kind of skin is by smoking since it removes natural moisture from the skin. Also, a lack of sleep and water can cause scaly and dry skin.  


Wrinkles appear when there is a lot of loss of collagen. These are fibers rich in proteins that are available in abundance when you are younger and decrease as you age. However, you can lose collagen early and develop wrinkles. 

Yellow Nails

As much as the skin is the main indicator of aging in your hands, you cannot fail to recognize the nails too. They can also show signs of aging since they are part of the skin. Your nails are made of keratin, a protein fiber growing naturally outward from the fingers. Your nails will turn yellow due to fungus, infection, stress, or medical conditions.  


How Do Hand Creams Prevent Premature Aging? One of the best ways of dealing with premature aging of the hands is by constantly applying hand creams. They address this issue through the following:

Moisturizing the Skin

The hands, just like the face, get exposed to external factors. And since most people neglect taking care of them, they become vulnerable in the face of aging. Hand creams enhance the moisture level in the hands and improve the skin’s elasticity. They prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation and keep your hands hydrated and smooth.

Healing Dry Skin

Your hands are more prone to dryness than your face since the skin at the back of your hands has fewer oil glands and is thinner. Applying hand cream treats dry, rough, and cracked skin and keeps it soft and smooth.  

Releasing Stress

Doing chores can make your hands feel achy and tired. This can result in stress and premature aging of the hands. Applying hand cream gives the skin a peaceful and soothing experience and releases stress.  

Healthy Nails

Your nails and cuticles can cause your hands to appear aged if they are not cared for accordingly. These areas are highly prone to fungal infections, especially rainy ones. It is best to apply hand creams to keep the nails clean and moisturized and keep dirt and microorganisms away.  

Wrapping Up 

The skin covers a large portion of your body and should be cared for accordingly if you want to stay young and healthy. Skincare does not have to entail the face and other common areas; it should encompass all areas, including the hands, which are often neglected.  

By caring for the hands, you will be caring for a part that plays a great role in your everyday life. So, do not walk around with fabulous skin on your face while your hands look aged and dry.  


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