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Technically, iAmAffiliate is the Premier Community that helps Affiliate Marketers learn new trends as well as discover endless opportunities to make money. Bearing in mind, affiliate marketing is turning out to be a great way to earn extra money from home. To enumerate, with affiliate marketing, you earn a percentage of the sales price of a product you link to.

And, as a result, when people buy that product, they get paid a part of the profit. On that note, there are several different affiliate programs, like affiliate marketing, affiliate advertising, and pay-per-click advertising. There are also different types of products that you can promote. You can promote anything from books to electronics to cosmetics.

Many people jump into affiliate marketing without doing any research first. This, however, is not advisable. Like all other professions, affiliate marketing needs skills, and for you to develop those skills, you need expert support. That’s where iAmAffiliate, a premium community of affiliate marketers, comes in. So, without any further ado, let’s learn more about it. 

What iAmAffiliate Is All About

Started in 2013 by iAmAttila, a highly regarded figure in the world of affiliate marketing, the iAmAffiliate platform has developed into a one-stop guide for all young affiliate markets. So, this is, generally, the foundation behind it, but there’s so much more! Things change on a dime in affiliate marketing, so fast that one needs a community they can rely on at all times.

More so, to get answers when things turn for the worst. This is why iAmAffiliate was created — although it took about two years before it actually happened. As I aforementioned, their story — of the #1 advanced affiliate marketing forum — is quite a crystal clear one. Whereby, it all started with iAmAttila — a blogger, and super affiliate — that one day back in 2013.

How To Join iAmAffiliate

Technically, iAmAttila decided to switch from SEO to Paid Ads. Not to mention, iAmAttila has been sharing the hottest methods, tips, and tricks and keeping it blunt, honest, and truthful. If you read his blog, he isn’t shy to share his opinions and tell things how it is. This approach of being honest to himself and to everyone around him has helped him build quite a lot.

Including a massive following of people that crave the truth in a world filled with fake gurus that sling re-worded courses to the masses dreaming about Lambos. What’s more, getting started is quite simple, clear, and very easy! All you’ll need to do to get started is just sign up first in order to create your unique account — free of any cost — unlike other similar/related webs!

How iAmAffiliate Really Works

iAmAffiliate was created to be different, to have a platform to share up-to-date tricks that can’t be posted publicly. And, obviously, because they are just so good only people that actually run campaigns should have access to it — not to ruin it for everyone. In other words, iAmAffiliate is a community where you can go when you are struggling and receive advice freely.

Including advice that helps solve your problems quite amicably. So that, as a result, you can continue making money with your paid ads campaigns. A lot is being covered from the great giants like Google Ads, and Facebook to newcomers like TikTok and Snapchat. Always evolving with information, but I Am Affiliate is not a course you buy that becomes obsolete tomorrow.

iAmAffiliate grows each and every day thanks to its diverse members that are experts in many different areas that make up the wonderful world of affiliate marketing. As well as Email, Push Notifications, Ad Pops (Display or Native), Custom Search, Social, etc. In addition to valuable/relevant content news sources that we can’t even fathom yet. Maybe VR advertising!

Join iAmAffiliate, and enjoy the roller coaster ride with various seasoned veterans. Not forgetting, marathon runners of the internet marketing industry. Get help, help others, and make more money in the process. Next, see you in the member’s area!

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Why You Should Join iAmAffiliate

In a nutshell, now that you know the story of how iAmAffiliate came to be, it’s time I offer you some key reasons — why you should join and become one of it’s key members. Join the community today for only $49.95/month. It will be the very best investment — to make in your affiliate marketing career — that will yield the highest ROI, guaranteed.

Equally important, the iAmAffiliate Forum & Community has the official support of renowned companies. Such as Clickdealer — AlgoAffiliates — ZeroPark — Supremedia — RedTrack — AdsBabe — Banners&Landers. Furthermore, each of their mentioned support partners contributes in their own unique way.

For all beginner/expert/pro affiliate marketers, in this case — looking to improve your skills and learn as you do your job — iAmAffiliate is the ideal community for you. With iAmAffiliate, you get all access to the best support available in the industry. Suffice to say, from case studies that widen your horizons to experts who are always willing to solve your problems, and:

  • Access To Experts

You can find useful advice on the internet, but nothing beats talking to people who have been where you want to be. That’s why it’s necessary to find people already doing what you want to do and get their help. iAmAffiliate makes it possible with its large network of highly successful affiliate marketers. By joining it, you can get tips and tricks from experts in the field.

When you ask a question by starting a thread on the forum, several experts will respond within a few minutes, and you can clear your doubts with their help. They will share their knowledge and experience with you, which can help you to grow your business. So, if you want to become a well-recognized affiliate marketer, you should take advantage of this opportunity.

  •  In-Depth Case Studies

Case studies are a sure-shot way to learn about affiliate marketing, and iAmAffiliate gives you access to tons of exclusive case studies on affiliate marketing. They allow you to watch others in action and see how they managed to succeed. You can also learn from the wrong decisions others have made so that you don’t repeat them yourself.

It’s always a good idea to look at different case studies and identify the main factors that contributed to the success of each one. This will help you find which areas you need to focus on in order to succeed. On the iAmAffiliate platform, you’ll be able to read case studies that describe how some of the biggest names in the industry made it to the very top.

  • Easy To Understand Tutorials

Tutorials can help young affiliate marketing professionals get their foot in the door. These simple tutorials are also a great source of inspiration for beginners. One of the best ways to get started with tutorials is to sign up for an email list. An extensive library of tutorials is available on the iAmAffiliate program, so it’s easy to find the right information and get started quickly.

Moreover, you can watch and learn at your own speed without rushing through them. These tutorials have been prepared by some of the most successful and widely-known experts in the industry and have all the information you’d need to get started as an affiliate marketer and learn the secrets of the affiliate marketing industry.

  • Business Can Benefit Too

IAmAffiliate is not just for people who are starting a career in affiliate marketing or trying to make it really big in the industry but also for businesses who have affiliate marketing platforms and need knowledgeable affiliate marketers to boost their sales.

Such businesses can join the platform and advertise their affiliate marketing platform. They can select the most talented affiliate marketers from a very large pool to work with without having to spend a fortune to hire an agency that can provide affiliate marketers.

  • Stay Updated With New Trends

As technology continues to evolve and diversify, so does the idea of affiliate marketing. New platforms and tools are being released on a regular basis, making it easier than ever for affiliate marketers to find new ways to promote their products. With iAmAffiliate, you can become a member of a large community and learn about the latest trends in the industry.

Moreover, you will also be able to discover new affiliate programs, get in touch with businesses that are looking for affiliate marketers, and take advantage of a large number of opportunities that’ll come your way. Some of the most popular tools today include affiliate software, which can be used to manage multiple campaigns from one centralized location.

  • A Modest Fee

Joining the iAmAffiliate platform can bring a windfall of gains and costs. It’s only a fraction of what you would spend on joining other premium affiliate marketing communities. For individuals, joining the platform costs only $49.95, a modest amount compared to the access this platform grants. Businesses will have to pay $99.95 to join the platform.

Of course, this cost is much smaller than the savings they can make using it. Other tools include affiliate links websites, which provide affiliates with a platform to promote their products. Whatever tools are in use, referral affiliate marketers need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends to have successful campaigns.

The Key Service Terms For Membership

So, you want to earn an extra income while living and breathing affiliate marketing, but don’t know how/where to start? Well, through iAmAffiliate (JOIN NOW FOR FREE), you’ll get access to the no. #1 advanced affiliate marketing forum that will teach you at a sharp learning curve. For instance, on various ways how to find profitable campaigns to launch.

And, in return, scale your heights/bars high to start earning up to $XXXX figures per day or even more. All this while doing whatever you love — without anyone supervising what you are doing. In addition, the engineering team takes security very seriously. Meaning, that as long as you are using the application platform, you have a full guarantee of any data breaches.

And, that no one else can access your account without your authority. They also take user information data quite seriously too. This means, that at iAmAffiliate, accessible from https://iamaffiliate.com, one of their main priorities is the privacy of their visitors. Notably, their Privacy Policy document contains all types of information that you should know.

Including all the data that is collected and recorded by iAmAffiliate and how they use it. It’s, therefore, important as a new/existing member, that you read their user-based Privacy Policy guides in detail. Moreover, their main Terms & Conditions also outline the rules and regulations for the use of HROS Limited’s Website, otherwise, located at http://iamaffiliate.com.

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By all means, for those new, iAmAffiliate is a great community to join. It offers access to a large network of highly successful affiliates at a small cost. It’s an ideal place for beginners looking to improve their skills and make the most of their business opportunities. Not forgetting, you can learn lessons from their journey and implement them in your work.


The iAmAffiliate program is user-friendly, and it doesn’t require a huge commitment of your time. You can simply sign up for the platform, watch tutorials and find success. In the end, all the small amounts you invest will be worth it! As you’ll learn a lot about affiliate marketing, making new connections, and money. So, the best thing is to join for free and then get started.

Thereafter, you can share with us your experiences (or Consult Us for more help) in our comments section. And then again, you can always ensure that you remain abreast with everything else. From the latest tools and tricks of affiliate marketing with iAmAffiliate to more useful blog posts guideline from this website. Just make sure that you subscribe to yourself below.

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