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HYPERPC | The No #1 Computer Store For Gamers And Designers!

Generally, HYPERPC is not just a company; it’s a place where we can share a limitless passion for powerful computers with bright and bold designs. In this article, you’ll learn why we recommend paying attention to the activities of companies — such as HYPERPC and, to be precise — when purchasing PC hardware. Herewith, there are no boundaries to imagination and creativity.

Furthermore, in the modern world, computing hardware and software play a vital role in the daily life of an everyday person. Be that as it may, that’s where an Operating System (OS), application tools, hardware platforms, and software packages come in handy. Realistically, all the mentioned computing elements help computer users solve various problems while improving their productivity.

That’s why HYPERPC focused not only on the high-quality production of computers but also on customer service. In other words, their all-in-one desktops are great whether you need a high-powered system for professional use or a primary desktop for your kid’s classes and homework—they take up less room than traditional towers and offer more screen space than even the largest laptops.

Technically, this allows you to easily and quickly put one on your desk, plug it in, and get to work (or play). Remember, in computing, some elements may cause PCs to freeze, lag, crash, and low frame rates in games—these are all signs of poor-quality computers assembled with severe technical errors. If you’re tired of subpar PCs, look at what the HYPERPC store has for all its clients.

Getting To Know What The HYPERPC Marketplace Storefront Offers Its Customers

HYPERPC is a leading Russian manufacturer of Premium Gaming PCs and Professional Computer Workstations with delivery and support worldwide. The HYPERPC company was founded in 2009 and has its main base in Moscow, where its headquarters, production center, and showroom are located. Currently, their team is expanding its operations across the entire Middle East.

Before inventing the HYPERPC Gaming PC Store, from the beginning of their journey, they had a dream not only to create tools for problem-solving but also to provide comfortable conditions for gaming and creativity. Realistically, the company is known for its best all-in-one computers that pack potent components into a beautiful display, eliminating the need for a separate PC case.

What The HYPERPC Marketplace Storefront Offers

They’re an excellent option for anyone who wants the power and utility of a desktop computer station, more so without the tangle of cables. Eventually, the HYPERPC company has been dealing with computers for over 13 years and has already learned their design by heart. Their specialists, with many years of experience, will perform a comprehensive computer diagnosis at the highest level.

For example, they’ll clean it, fix malfunctions in the operation of components, troubleshoot programs, and eliminate viruses and unnecessary files. After conducting special tests, they provide you with a report sheet at the end of the service. Their artists can create airbrushing of any complexity on the surface of the computer case. They assemble and customize PCs per user demands.

A Marketplace Store For Optimal And High-Performance Gaming Computers

It’s worth mentioning that the HYPERPC Computer Store offers a seamless buyer experience given research that has been carried out for more than twenty-five years—they take a closer look at its wide range. On that note, their computer products are distributed worldwide — through various online marketplace stores and their official website platform. You’ll get value for your investments!

In addition, they produce a wide range of models, which you can explore in their PC Gaming Shop, but at the launch of their operations, they will offer just three series: the most popular three series: FURY, CYBER, and CONCEPT. On the one hand, optimal gaming computers are gaming systems that perform exceptionally well for their given tasks. In most cases, they never disappoint.

Partially, this is due to a lack of ultimate computing power or money spent on unnecessary features. On the other hand, high-performance gaming PCs are systems with high-performance processors and graphics cards. They are designed for modern gaming in high-ultra graphics settings. In addition, they can also be used for education and working in intensive creative applications.

However, a professional computer is the best option. To improve design, they realize all your most exciting ideas on PC design. As such, they apply vinyl according to your sketch, use automotive painting in individual colors, and make professional airbrushing. Does your computer(s) take long to get to the office? No need to go anywhere—they’ll pick up and bring the computer to your doorstep.

Resource Reference: Learn In Elaborate Details About What The HYPERPC Upgrade Center Offers

For new gamers, the Upgrade Center is the place where they transform your PC both inside and out. Here, their expert specialists, plus leading gaming partner companies like Wargaming, UbiSoft, Electronic Arts, Bethesda, and Mail Games, will give a new “life” to your faithful steel friend. They will improve its technical characteristics and make it as stylish and eye-catching as possible!

Be that as it may, a “healthy” computer is the key to success in games, work, and creativity. The HYPERPC Upgrade Center has an experienced team that will professionally clean the system with a compressor, replace the thermal interface, service custom water cooling, and optimize the Operating System (OS) for your computer(s). They’ll also update the software application drivers freely.

In layman’s language, the cost of a new computer assembly is per individual, depending on the complexity of the process. The HYPERPC upgrade lasts for several days. As soon as the work is done, they will immediately send you an improved computer. Equally important, their prices are transparent—they don’t impose unnecessary additional services and report the cost of labor in advance.

Main Operations:
  • Performance Issues: Replace obsolete components with new ones and increase the computer’s power.
  • System Malfunctions: Carry out a complete diagnosis of the entire machine and eliminate the existing problems.
  • Appearance Outlook: From custom painting to vinylography, airbrushing, and RGB, they change the design to your taste and color.
  • Maximum Performance: Upgrade the components, update PC cards, install a new processor/motherboard, or increase the RAM.

Of course, we all know that Workstations, like any other machine, need regular maintenance. This is the key to stable, efficient, and long-term operation of the entire system. Do not neglect the state of your PC, as this can lead to irreversible consequences. Today, the HYPERPC Workstations represent innovative and robust solutions created for those who strive for maximum performance.

They are also for an elegant design that will perfectly fit any interior. To help them offer high-end computer products and service solutions, they take pride in being an official partner of well-known technological giants such as Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Intel. Remember, the HYPERPC team is always ready to help solve some notable problems that may arise from self-computer repairs.

The most common fixes are as follows:
  • Improve the overall computer performance
  • Fix overheating and component failure issues
  • Optimize the computer system operations life
  • Mitigate loss of valuable data due to virus programs
  • Manage short circuits on the hardware and peripherals
  • Repair computer drives and operating system failures

For instance, if you repair and service your computer without the appropriate experience, you risk harming both the machine and yourself. Likewise, understanding some computing devices and identifying/fixing a problem without qualified help can also be very problematic. So, there is a danger of aggravating the current situation or even losing a working computer, incurring more expenses.



Practically, the HYPERPC FURY are powerful computers that are built-in cases with a mesh front panel. They are for gaming in Full HD and Quad HD resolutions with ultra graphics settings. These computers have Intel Core i5-12400K(F) or Intel Core i5-13400(F) processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti video cards. The RAM size varies from 16 to 32 GB, depending on the configuration.



Sure, HYPERPC CYBER are high-powered PCs designed in cases with aggressive designs. They are intended for gaming at maximum graphics settings with ray tracing in Ultra HD resolution. These PCs are based on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 graphics cards and multi-core Intel processors, either Intel Core i7-13700K(F) or Intel Core i9-13900K(F). The RAM capacity ranges from 32 to 64 GB, with speeds from 5600 to 6000 MHz. Still, these computers also come with high-capacity, high-speed SSD storage, ranging from 2 to 3 TB.


To enumerate, the HYPERPC CONCEPT represents a hand-assembled lineup of high-end computers, combining individual designs, powerful internals, and a unique liquid cooling system for stability even under peak loads. These are an elite gaming series of personal computers with custom liquid cooling systems. They are designed to achieve maximum frame rates at ultra-graphics settings.


They are also coupled with ray tracing in ultra-HD resolution. The PCs are built with the most powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards and top-tier Intel 13th-generation central processors. The RAM capacity ranges from 32 to 96 GB, with speeds from 5600 to 6000 MHz. Additionally, HYPERPC CONCEPT systems feature high-capacity NVMe SSD storage, ranging from 2 to 6 TB.

Understand Why The HYPERPC Gaming Computers Are The Topmost Best

So, to help manage various Gaming PC Problems, the best gamer PCs are powerful enough to run even the most demanding video games well and do so in the most significant and elegant design possible. While these machines are, in some ways, the epitome of what a PC can be, they often come with very steep price tags. What of the lofty costs you pay for a top-of-the-line gaming PC?

The costs are nothing to shrug at, but the benefits you reap are often worth the entry price. On top of experiencing games at blazing-fast frame rates and ultra-high resolution, these high-priced computers are often well-suited to demanding work in fields like game development, graphic design, and animation. If you’re interested in what generative AI can do, the HYPERPC team can help.

Why Buy The HYPERPC High Performance Gaming Computers

One thing is sure: Their GPUs are the best gaming PCs and well-suited to tasks like generating art via tools like Stable Diffusion. Searching for the best HYPERPC gaming computers, we run every model we review through a standardized gauntlet of real-world and benchmark tests. Precisely to measure how each desktop stacks up as both a gaming machine and an everyday computer.

HYPERPC Company Limited is an online store offering a wide selection of quality computers and supplying them worldwide. With reliable suppliers and strict quality control, they guarantee their customers the high quality and reliability of the products they purchase. Trust the work of professionals and do not miss the unique opportunity to buy on a special offer! Why buy from them?

1. Perfect Computer Components Balance

Any, even the most daring of your fantasies, can be realized on a PC case. The HYPERPC craftsmen guarantee the execution of the most complex and ambitious projects with precision and unsurpassed quality. For example, FURY series PCs use NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti graphics cards. Its engineers pair them with the Intel Core i5-12400(F) or Core i5-13400(F) processors.

If engineers used weaker CPUs in these systems, like outdated Intel Core i3-10100(F), the graphics cards wouldn’t be able to perform at their full potential in games. Still, the power of components in HYPERPC computers is balanced to avoid bottlenecks—the effect when gaming performance is limited not by the graphics card but by the central processor, RAM, or video memory.

2. Optimal RAM Size And Module Capacity

As a rule of thumb, computing speed is an essential element for any user — something the HYPERPC company takes seriously. To enumerate, the drive is its high clock speeds, efficient and high-performing cores PC parts. Plus, with more significant cache memory and Artificial Intelligence (AI) acceleration, you can play, stream, edit, video chat, browse, or do business faster and better.

Markedly, they are constantly looking to improve their products and services. Their customers know that HYPERPC is always responsible for any issue. Today, 16 GB of RAM is insufficient for gaming. Projects like Hogwarts Legacy, The Last of Us Part I, and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor require 32 GB of RAM for high and stable frame rates at ultra-graphics settings.

That’s why HYPERPC engineers install 32 GB and more RAM in almost all their computers. All components are selected to perfectly complement each other visually. Typically, the HYPERPC Upgrade Center is ready to revise the established rules of cable management. The lighting in HYPERPC computers is synchronized, eliminating situations where components light up differently. 

3. Reliable SSDs From Leading Global Brands

In this case, there are no limits for improvements. Markedly, even if you own a productive computer, you always have opportunities for further improvements. The HYPERPC team helps create a unique author’s style and design to optimize existing components—you will find this and more in the HYPERPC Upgrade Center. They will find the best offer even for the most demanding client.

Many PC manufacturers cut costs by using SSDs from obscure Chinese brands in their computers. These drives are unreliable and quickly fail. They also have very low write speeds after filling the SLC cache. Data is written to these disks very slowly and often with errors, causing PCs to freeze and operate with critical issues. The HYPERPC computers have high-quality SSDs from reputable brands.

You’ll have the speed to stay ahead with up to 6.0 GHz clock speeds and Intel Wi-Fi 7. As a result, it offers enhanced Wi-Fi performance and reduced latency. As well as fast memory and I/O with DDR4/DDR5 and PCI 4.0/5.0 support. To be precise, whatever your next computer idea is, for custom design, gaming, favorite drawing, or photograph, their experts can bring it to life.

4. Unique Customizable RGB Design Elements

Precisely, given many years of experience and the exceptional professionalism of their craftsmen, they create genuinely unique water cooling systems. Each of the WCSs is created by hand and individually for each client. The balance of aesthetics and efficiency is closer than ever.  HYPERPC gaming computers are created not only by engineers but also by professional designers.

Using technologies from various fields can help improve quality—an essential aspect of the HYPERPC upgrade center. Automotive painting technology has become one of the crucial features of the work that is carried out on the PC case. This is a creative way to make your computer more original and brighter. Choose the OS color modes (RGB Elements)—install HYPERPC-branded RGB cables.

It’s also important to realize that, as mentioned, computer components from brands like Samsung, Corsair, ADATA, and Western Digital are used. These drives are reliable, durable, and very fast, thanks to NVMe data transfer protocols. They offer up to 1-year warranty for the work—with over 25 specialists and over 50K successful maintenance processes.

5. Efficient Cooling Systems And Powerful Updates

To prevent throttling – a decrease in performance due to overheating, HYPERPC computers use robust cooling systems. Thanks to multiple case fans, hot air is expelled from the PC while cool air is drawn in. Depending on the model, powerful tower coolers or liquid cooling systems are used to manage heat from the processors.

All other hot components, such as SSDs and VRM components on the motherboards, are cooled with large metal radiators. They can also offer an alternative for the maximum convenience of using a computer. And, of course, not forgetting about the visual component. Wrap the wires in a protective braid, and, most importantly, install multi-colored options for connecting cables.

Unlike a few other competitor gaming computer marketplace storefronts, the HYPERPC company highly recommends regular maintenance on your computing devices. On that note, the HYPERPC company has a professional computer maintenance team that guarantees quick and safe troubleshooting. With regular maintenance, you get a ‘healthy,’ productive system device.

Why perform some vital updates:
  • They help keep your computer tidy
  • Prevents damage to internal components
  • Improves computer performance (up to 15%)
  • Gets rid of malware and unused/unwanted programs
  • It saves you sufficient time, money, and hassle
  • Increases the lifetime service of your computer

These frequent updates will help you achieve a new look for your computing device that is aesthetically pleasing—it will last you for many years. As long as you are connected to the internet, you’ll receive all their critical computer updates on your screen. At the same time, they’ll even recommend the most essential updates for your computer. Plus, you can always ask for help and support.

In Conclusion;

It’s also worth mentioning that all HYPERPC computers have an official warranty, but the likelihood of technical problems is minimal. All systems are tested for at least 8 hours using special stress test programs. These applications artificially stress the components and allow for any technical issues. As mentioned, the HYPERPC team consists of professionals with extensive experience.

In particular, they’ve gained quality experience over 13 years working with various computers and laptops. Notwithstanding, they have assembled more than 30K computers that have given users a new level of quality and performance. They know everything about their customers—there are no unsolvable problems for them. Their delivery is by a partner transport company or courier.

As mentioned, their all-in-one computers (desktop/laptop workstations) are great whether you need a high-powered system for professional use or a primary desktop for your kid’s classes and homework—they take up less room than traditional towers and offer more screen space than even the largest laptops. These unique systems pack their components, ports, and monitors into one unit.

By all means, the HYPERPC computer company provides its customers with product/service packages that are optimal in terms of price and set of options. In that case, you can always visit their official website to choose the product/service package that best suits you—contact them for help, support, or more guidelines. You can also share your additional thoughts in our comments section.

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