Huddah Monroe | How Did She Build A Multimillion Empire?

Word is that not only is Huddah Monroe a stunning socialite, professional model, and businesswoman, but she is equally a role model. Especially, to thousands of young women in Kenya and beyond. With millions of social media users following her on her personal accounts too.

Whereby, for instance, she has over 1.8 million followers on Instagram (@huddahthebosschick) and around 28k likes on Facebook (@huddahmonroeofficial) page. Making her one of the topmost followed socialites and public figures in Kenya.

Notably, the now Multimillionaire Cosmetics Star ( does not comment on why she changed her name. In that case, from her family given name Alhuda Sonie Njoroge to that of her caliber household and notoriously famed nickname Huddah Monroe.

Huddah Monroe Cosmetics
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For your information, Huddah Monroe’s parents are a sad page from this biography extract. Since we can’t truly provide credible information in regards to their relationship background.

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Where was Huddah Monroe born?

Huddah Monroe was born Alhuda Sonie Njoroge in Eastleigh Nairobi Kenya on the 10th of October 1991. Huddah is just her pseudonym, and for one thing, her socialite’s parents gave her totally another name. And that is Alhuda Njoroge as mentioned above.

As fate maybe it, good luck or just another omen, Huddah is now an eloquent brand and household name. From every corner of social media profiles, gossip niches to even officially approved and accredited business entities. All in all, bearing her brand name in terms of socialism – if that word even rings a bell on you, to products under the name.

Though important to realize, her father was of Somali origin and her mother came from the Kikuyu People of Kenya. Another important key, her real father died when she was only a child. Whereby, giving her mother no other choice, but to marry another man.

Unfortunately, the new family did not accept Huddah per se. And the girl had to endure constant reproaches and scandals.

Huddah Kenya
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How did Huddah Monroe become a Celebrity?

Her four step-brothers and step-father sometimes turned her life into a real hell. This was the reason why she escaped from her new house. Above all, being a small kid as she was then making Huddah Monroe origin a sad memory. With unwavering and unbearing as well as an unwanted interview question of all times.

First of all, Huddah Monroe’s wealth was mostly gained thanks to her modeling career and business investments. She started working when she was only 16 years old, as a simple secretary in an architecture company.

However, Huddah had a lack of experience and quite soon she was fired. Thanks to her natural beauty, she was able to connect with Calif Records – Waabeh and starred in several music videos. Secondly, she managed to participate in a couple of TV Ads and Campaign Promos. Whereas her wealth and social influence doubled.

On the contrary, she decided to invest her finances and monetary income in the oil business. Making her budget become even more. In one of her interviews, as shared by TUKO, Huddah shared a fact that she used to be a bisexual.

“I used to do all these things when I was naive and a girl who didn’t know what she needs in her life. But now I’m focused and I want to focus on me so all these things I have put them aside.”

What Huddah believes & thinks about Relationships

Lots of her fans were so interested in Huddah Monroe CMB Prezzo relationships. Huddah herself claimed that Prezzo was her dearest friend and a mentor. For sure, as soon as they both met in Nairobi, they did not want to leave each other anymore.

Huddah used to live in Prezzo’s house after she had lost her rented apartment. Even though the star claims they did not have intimate relationships. However, to her fans, it was obvious that they are a couple.

Finally, Huddah Monroe and CMB Prezzo‘s relationships collapsed after, Prezzo started lying about his girlfriend in social media. The couple has stopped seeing each other and does not communicate until today.

Huddah Monroe Cosmetics Store
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Equally, there are also a lot of questions about Huddah Monroe’s religion. Despite the fact that the star is constantly sharing intimate facts from her personal life, Huddah does not comment on her religious views.

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How Huddah Ventured into the Cosmetics Business

In reality, Huddah tries to keep up with the western stars and built Huddah Cosmetics &  Makeup Company. Just like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner. Internet and her personal Instagram account are full of photos of Huddah Monroe wearing her own makeup products. Thanks to her popularity in social networks, more and more women are buying her products.

Huddah Cosmetics is a beauty and makeup collection designed by entrepreneur Alhudah Sonie Njoroge aka Huddah Monroe. Particularly for the beautiful, independent, free-spirited African woman. Its collection of products ranges from eyes, face, lippies, etc. With core values being 100% – Commitment, Quality, Reliability, and Support.

The makeup collection was launched in September 2016. With the intention to provide quality affordable and easily accessible beauty products to the middle to upper-class women. Since then the collection had continued to supply a variety of products to women across the globe and across all races.

Apart from East Africa, Huddah Cosmetics supplies its products to a vast number of customers across the globe in the US, Europe and other parts of Africa. Huddah is persistently and consistently working to produce new and quality to address all our makeup needs.

How much is Huddah Monroe worth?

The self baptized Boos Lady is not just famous and worldly renowned, but she is also well loaded and rich. We can even comfortably say she falls in the category of Young Wealthy Africans of our time. Aside from modeling, Huddah is also a big-time farmer.

She owns 10 acres of land in Kenya where she cultivates a variety of foodstuffs that is a hot cake in the Kenyan market. As well as being exported commercially to the external market. Over the years, she has accumulated quite some wealth. With a net worth estimate of $3 Million.

Not forgetting, she equally owns a fleet of vehicles, houses, expensive jewelry and also a house for her mum in Kenya. She has equally amassed a large sum of endorsement deals, partnership as well as an ongoing campaign promotion with various companies such as the BrighterMi – The Brighter Michigan Pac.

Alhuda Sonie Njoroge
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Additional publicity Facts about Huddah Monroe

Surprisingly, Huddah is one of the most famed socialites of the 21st century. Not forgetting, she gained attention after participating in the Big Brother Africa 8 Show in South Africa.

Even though she did not emerge the winner, she managed to gain fame not only among Kenyans but also across the World.

Here are more quick facts you should know about here;

(a) She has a Symbolic Tattoo

Huddah has a tattoo that as inscribed in French, Fleur Rebelle which literally means ‘ rebellious flower‘ in English.

But, this is so opposite in regard to her humility.

(b) Huddah Loves Partying

Well, like any other Socialite, Huddah is not on the hold. For one thing, when it comes to partying, she is a number one.

As she suggestively puts it, it is very important to her lifestyle diary. No wonder the majority of her loyalties and tips come from there.

(c) She Once Abused Drugs 

Through her confession, she posed that she once indulged in drug abuse.

Eventually, claiming that her recent past weight loss was as a result of the rehab she was undergoing.

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Remarkably, images of Huddah Monroe in her teens differ a lot from pictures of Huddah Monroe we know today. Notably, the Instagram star does not hide the fact that she has implanted addons to her breasts. The operation was conducted in 2016.

Huddah also shared with her fans, that she could die because of one of her operations. In that case, Monroe refers to those stars that regularly experiment with their appearance. However, Huddah’s new look is no longer surprising to her fans/audience.

Since we’ll keep you posted with more details, stay tuned on her cosmetics website or even get in touch with her especially, using the following quick links;

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