How US Startups Can Find Trusty Vetted Eastern Europe Developers

In this guide, you’ll learn how US startups can find trusted and vetted developers from Eastern Europe regions. Keeping in mind, a remote software development firm can be quite challenging and pricy. Thus, you’ll need an IT Staff Augmentation that assesses, selects, and oversees remote, niche development teams for growth-oriented companies.

Also, not forgetting, that bringing augmented staff onto your team has the potential to be a great decision; however, it can be a great challenge. The first thing to consider is finding a partner that takes the time to understand their client’s specific staffing needs and that offers the exact talent needed. Unfortunately, this is not exactly as easy as it sounds, right?

The rise in the need for eloquent and limitless innovations — given the rate at which a variety of web technology trends are currently hitting the marketplace, especially, for US Startups — is nothing to ignore or even joke about. To stay afloat amidst all the competition, you need someone who has your back — in design and development terms — at all times.

The Simple Steps For US Startups To Find Great European Developers

Be that as it may, when considering a partner for your outsourcing strategy, you must make sure they understand the essence of your business first. As well as the meaning and importance of your design/development project at large.  For them to understand that, you, as the contractor, need to be clear and specific about the skills you need from a solid partner.

In addition to the personal profiles that you’re looking for in a competent developer and all the details that they may need to help you complete the puzzle of your project. Meaning, that this is a communal effort. The good news is that this article is crafted for all those Us Startups looking for great design/development consultants, particularly, from Easter Europe.

Step #1: Conduct some thorough research

As you can see, the very first step for you to include in your to-do list is conducting some research. And then, as soon as you know what your options are (what you really need), the next thing is to filter and quickly identify the possible outsourcing partner to your rescue — a consulting contractor person/firm that might suit you well based on your specific needs.

Consider looking for the basics like checking the possible partners’ expertise in the field, their credentials, and the experiences their customers have had. Equally, it’s also very important to use some of the tools available to investigate your partner. As such, review & rating websites like Glassdoor and Clutch can be very helpful platforms to gather some insights.

Simply, because you can read neutral and objective reviews and testimonials about your possible partner from previous clients that have worked with them before.

Step #2: List down your ultimate business needs

In the same fashion, it’s important to carefully evaluate the needs of your project. Ask yourself, “What do we need?” Make a list and evaluate it, and once you define everything you need, you must provide those details to your potential provider. Completing an internal diagnosis is of utmost importance here. You must monitor all aspects of your company regularly.

By doing this often, it will be easier to find where there are deficits, where things can be improved, and where work is done should be maintained. Likewise, check to see if your potential IT staffing partner has certifications from places like Great Place To Work as well. They may be more committed since they’re already content with the environment they work in.

Of course, reviews can be very helpful tools for you to make the right and most important informed decisions, yes. But, just remember that you can’t base your final opinionated answer solely on other user experiences in some cases. Perse, try to always keep an open mind, and if you have any doubts, you can first of all contact your potential vendor directly.

Step #3; Consider your partner’s language compatibility 

Obviously, in this case, we may refer to cultural compatibility, language compatibility, time zone compatibility, company culture, and the like. After all, these factors are usually important when considering IT outsourcing partners. Try to focus on finding a partner that offers almost exact compatibility, as this will make work, and communication much easier.

Markedly, it’s also a great way to streamline the relationship between your company, the talent, and the project in a much more fluid and pleasant way. Above all, before you commit to anything, make sure that your possible outsourced partner shares some of the uttermost business values with you. As well as some common ways of working your company holds.

For instance, you may consider things like schedule and the platform used for communication. Basically, these are some of the things that might seem little, but they’re essential in creating the ideal work dynamic. In particular, make sure you evaluate these items in order to move forward on the process with any company you’re considering hiring.

Step #4: Initiate an initial offer communication channel

Now that you have the right web design service provider, or rather, potential app development solution integration contractor in your topmost list, it’s now time to engage on a one-on-one connection. Not to mention, that’s a necessity for any human being. And, for any company or project, it is vital to have direct, honest, and immediate communication.

Furthermore, good teamwork wouldn’t exist without good communication skills and practice. So, note that IT staff augmentation involves the combination of two very different teams for one common goal. But, it’s almost impossible to avoid running into a few challenges in any kind of outsourcing project — thus, communication is the tool to solve them.

On that note, as a rule of thumb, being able to combine both your teams and the outsourced task force — on a technical and cultural level — is very crucial for the project to be a success. Therefore, keep in mind that, when conducting your search, you must provide as much information as possible to both teams that will participate in the project — to try and unify them.

Step #5: Organize your business and in-house team to be ready

Last but not least, the next thing on the list is to make sure that both your business and your team members are ready to engage with the incoming partner. The best thing is to make sure that you fully prepare your on-site team! Remember that the decision of outsourcing services can affect them directly since they will be working with new people and a new modality.

This means, that through thorough preparation and detailed documentation, you can make sure that everything will match your end goals for better performance and quality end results. Furthermore, all these elements are highly necessary for building a successful partnership with your IT staff augmentation service provider. It will also foresee future plans.

What’s more, if the outsourced partner has their own team, and if they request a walkthrough, make sure that everything about your business and internal team is easily and quickly accessible. Overall, this will save both of you time that would else be consumed trying to catch up with the eventuality of things around your company and getting to know each team.

Why UNITEDCODE Is A Great IT Staff Augmentation Provider 

After you are satisfied with your to-do list above, the next thing is to focus on a great helper in this business industry. Mostly for US Tech Founders to find and attract software developers from Latin America and Eastern Europe. That said, when talking about IT Staff Augmentation services, it’s good to note down that UNITEDCODE is a great firm to consider in your list.

Suffice it to say, this’s a Dallas-based company aimed to save you time by finding the right development partner. Their team of professionals made a new service that will help hire high-class software engineers. They’ve assembled top-notch vendors by their side after having checked their expertise. Now it’s high time to build a breakthrough product together.

Why UNITEDCODE Is A Great IT Staff Augmentation Provider 

It’s coupled with being a team player to fit into your next decision-making plan for your next partner for strategic design/dev solutions. Specifically, they work with trusted vendors to assess, select and oversee niche software development teams and provide a fully transparent pricing model. Growth-oriented companies trust UNITEDCODE for a reason.

Such as to help them assess, select and oversee remote, niche software development teams — in particular because it’s only they can offer objective sourcing and guaranteed accountability. In layman’s language, UNITEDCODE is ”Uniting Code With Your Ideas” to bring in better results at the end. But, there is more to what they can do than meets the eye!

Their main services: 

Essentially, they connect customers to trusted engineers from Central Europe and make sure your project is delivered on time and within budget. Whilst, bearing in mind, that all agreements with their clients are insured and protected by US law — without hidden cost for US delivery management. Technically, they provide delivery management services.

More so, in order to embrace your day-to-day operations, so you can only focus on interacting with developers. Furthermore, their engineers are experienced in your domain and ready to Pull Requests from day one. Plus they have an array of domains for you to consult — from healthcare, automotive, transformation, eCommerce, electronics, agriculture, etc.

Their key business support features:

  • A unified in-house team recruiting and task force onboarding
  • A continuous Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) review — for each developer
  • Escrow (they keep your money safe before their engineers even did the work)
  • International payments, accounting, legal support, and ethical law guidelines
  • Replacement of an engineer or a team plus assistance with vexed questions

What’s more, they also offer additional service solutions support in terms of other must-have onboarding consulting resources that other firms don’t offer. Including but not limited to development process setup, team building expertise, technology stack consulting, a personal project manager, offshore R&D offices development, and much more…

How UNITEDCODE Can Benefit US Startups

Forthwith, just take a closer look at the picture above. And, as you can see, they set up a bridge for the communication process instead of building a wall between you and the engineers. In that case, it means that they’ll seamlessly integrate their contractors into your existing workflow. Or even create a new one without interrupting your business processes.

Summary Thoughts:

We can clearly state that: Under their supervision, UNITEDCODE merch their client with brilliant engineers and niche teams to bring your custom software development process to a new level of impeccable performance and quality.

Always remember, that while reviews can be very helpful, just remember that you can’t base your opinion solely on others’ experiences. Try to keep an open mind, and if you have any doubts, you can always contact your potential vendor directly.

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