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How To Safely Sell Research Reports Through PDF DRM Solutions

In this guide, you are going to learn about how to safely sell research reports through PDF DRM solutions. If you belong to the field of market research or data intelligence, you know the worth and value of creating and selling research products. And this is significantly more crucial when you are responsible for the revenue related to market research reports.

That is why it is necessary to have controlled access to your content, which can be of critical importance to your bottom line. Hence, enforcing PDF DRM into your business is the first step you need to take to protect and control intellectual property.

The Main PDF DRM Role In Helping Sell Research Reports 

Documentation such as price sheets, data intelligence reports, market research analysis, and similar information is vital to a company’s profitability. Having the right document security solutions such as digital rights management [DRM] can make all the difference in your quest to safeguard and maintain their integrity when selling these reports.

DRM enables you to control and/or restrict the distribution, modification, and use of intellectual property, sensitive and valuable content. Intellectual property for any organization is worth its weight in gold. Therefore, it is the primary source of revenue for several industries, content distributors, creators, publishers, etc.

PDF DRM technologies protect and control copyright information and intellectual property that your business has put in the hard-earned effort to produce.

How PDF DRM Helps You To Safely Sell Research Reports 

Let’s look at how you can safely sell research reports and your other market research Materials through PDF DRM solutions. When distributing or sharing reports purchased by clients or customers, your aim is to ensure that the recipients or subscribers have easy access to them. In that regard, using a PDF DRM solution can:

Ensure controlled content distribution

Let’s say you are releasing a report on the latest trends in medical technologies for the coming year. Health experts, doctors, scientists, and professionals in the medical fraternity are seeking access to this data to understand the latest medical technologies in a specific field.

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Assuming a rival competitor or a rogue miscreant wants to get their hands on this lucrative documentation.

To either sell it under their name or distribute it in the black market. If your medical technology research report does not have a PDF DRM solution and protocol in place then any individual can quickly obtain a digital copy of your information to misuse it. In the world of social media and online sharing, a single medical report may cost you, let’s say, $15,000 to develop.

Perse, it can easily be spread around freely or sold at a much higher price without a single dollar coming back to you. Hence, to avoid losing out a considerable amount of income, you need to implement the right PDF DRM solution to safeguard the contents of your report.

Ensure seamless access for your customers

Some document security solutions require plug-ins to access content, enter a password, or need users to remove security functionality from their apps. But if your customers or clients have stringent corporate IT policies that prevent apps from being changed or plug-ins to be installed on the computer, they may be unable to view your report.

In addition, plug-ins and passwords can be an added nuisance, especially if you are in the business of regularly sending research reports to your subscribers. Hence, installing plug-ins not only aggravates clients and weakens security but can also result in troubleshooting problems and a rise in customer service complaints.

Passwords on the other hand can be easily shared or removed. Why spend time and resources addressing issues when you can get the right PDF DRM solution to control your reports?

With an excellent PDF DRM system, you no longer have to worry about the security of your research content or client issues, as it does not require additional add-ons.

Ensure expiration dates

Let’s assume you need to limit the amount of time a client or subscriber views a free trial of the document or a preview of the information you sent out to them. In that regard, your PDF DRM solution presents you with the ability to set expiration dates easily.

An excellent PDF DRM software will enforce automatic expiration dates.

And even prevent any individual from printing or copying as well as capturing content from your PDF DRM-protected document. In addition, it can also prevent your users from sharing the report. Hence having the right DRM solution can deter people from sharing your work and restrict access to those who actually paid to obtain it.


When ensuring safe sales of your market research reports or any other form of analysis you sell regularly, it is crucial to restrict access to your content and ensure that the process is easy for you and your clients.

A PDF DRM solution that offers you versatile and feature-rich tools will protect your documents and provide you with tracking analytics to know how your files are being viewed and what is being done with them. From adding dynamic watermarks, setting expiration dates, enforcing IP address limits, device limits, annotation control, and more…

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Essentially, your PDF DRM solution can ensure the surety and safety of your protected documents.

So whether you are looking to sell data intelligence or market reports, you can be assured that your PDF DRM solution will enable you to safely sell by the right buyer without worrying about potential leaks, piracy, and unauthorized dissemination.

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