How To Buy Positive Google Reviews | Get Free Rewards!

Did you know you can now Buy Positive Google Reviews, give your Feedback & get Google Rewards for your mobile app development  or website optimization services? Whether you are a new entrant to the online market or are just thinking of making the listing of your business with Google maps and business. Of course, yes! There’s the most crucial factor to know — helping out a person in the growth of their business.

Perse, this factor is the Google Reviews. Eventually, Google Reviews are a helping hand for people who are new to the market; that is why it is highly advisable to Buy Google Reviews in this case. It will help you in boosting your growth and maintain a reputation in the market. To buy google place reviews effectively, then you have come to the right place.

How To Buy Positive Google ReviewsFor your information, the greatest start is non-other than a genuine marketplace to Buy Google Reviews if you’ll follow my guide. Whereby, is a reputable seller who has served thousands of customers and has set a milestone in catering to a huge audience. Let’s learn more about it in detail below.

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Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either. In addition to answering questions about the various Google products or services you use, Google will also provide feedback on various topics (such as hotel reviews/brand reviews).

Buy Google Reviews collects this feedback and uses it to improve its own or partner’s services. Android users can win ‘Google Play Credit’ by answering a few small surveys and Apple users will get rewards through PayPal. With Google Play Credit, you can pay for any app, game, movie, e-book, a song from the Google Play Store.

The equivalent of Google Play Credit Money. Usually, the questions asked in this survey are very short, the answer to the question is completed in about one minute.

By answering these questions you will get different rewards at different times, sometimes 8 rupees, 10 rupees, 15 rupees and you can get a maximum equivalent of 1 dollar. Also keep in mind that Google does not give rewards for some questions, but this rarely happens. This reward is valid for one year from the date of receipt of the reward.

How To Buy Positive Google Reviews

For something that’s illegal, at times, purchasing fake online reviews is surprisingly easy to do. You simply type in “buy online reviews” in SERPs like Google or Bing and you’ll come across ad after ad. More so, for black-hat online reputation companies offering to help you “boost your rating” and “bury those negative reviews”.

And now, let us know how you will give feedback and get the reward. Go to Google Play Store / Apple App Store and search by typing ‘Google Opinion Rewards. Among the options that will come up is to select and install the app with the blue icon marked Reward Cup.

Usually, you get 1 question per week, but getting questions can be more or less. When a new survey arrives, you will be notified by notification. Buy Google Reviews USA is given a specific deadline to complete, but you must complete the survey at any time within that time frame of your choice.

If for some reason your play credit is not updated after you complete the survey, don’t worry, it will be updated later. To avoid any inconvenience, complete the survey by keeping the net and location on your phone. Go to the rewards history option of the Google Opinion Rewards app and you will get an account of your total rewards and how many rewards you got on which date.

What About A Gmail Account Not Used For 2 Years?

Well, for a Gmail account that has not been used for 2 years, this information will be deleted. Gmail: A few days ago, Google announced the closure of free photo cloud storage from June 2021. This means that from June next year, photo cloud storage will no longer be a free service. This time you have to spend money to buy storage.

This time around, the company came up with a new policy for Buy Gmail Accounts. Which will be applicable from 1st June next year. In this case, if you have not been active in Gmail, Drive or Google Photos, or a similar Google Account for two consecutive years, then the company will delete the relevant account and product content.

Google has stated that if someone does not use Gmail or Drive for two years, the company will automatically log in to that account and delete all information. The same rule applies to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, and Google Files. If a customer has been inactive in his account for a long time due to exceeding the storage limit, the same thing will happen.

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By all means, you will be notified several times before deleting any content from your account. That’s what Google says. If you still do not keep track of your account or respond to notifications from Google. Google will be forced to take action to delete this content. So how do you keep your account active?

On one side, the company suggests that the easiest way to keep your account active is to visit the Gmail or Drive account once in a while. If necessary, open the contents. A few days ago, Google announced in an email that free photo cloud storage would be discontinued from June 2021.

On the other side, the company’s message is to spend money to buy space after allotted storage. Until then, every user has got free service of Google Photos storage. Photo Cloud Storage had the benefit of unlimited backup. This time the photo cloud storage will have a maximum of 15 GB of space.

That means the storage capacity will be 15 GB. Once this 15 GB is exceeded, you will have to pay for additional storage. In this case, you can buy this additional storage plan from Google One. There is a starting plan from 100 GB space. Google Experts, Share Family, and some additional features.

How To Earn Real Google Reviews For Free!

You should not buy positive Google reviews if there is no much-intended benefit. So, what’s the alternative to business owners seeking to boost their number of reviews and grow their social media footprint? That’s an easy one: you could earn reviews the right way!

There are several ways you can go about attracting more Google reviews. Here are a few tips on how to get started. Starting with setting up your Google Business Account. So, the first thing you should do, if you haven’t already, is to set up your very own Google My Business account.

Get Started: Google My Business | Start Connecting With Customers

This free Google account will become your one-way portal to managing all things business-related on Google. Ranging from tracking and monitoring customer reviews to viewing engagement insights. Notably, this free feature can help with your online reputation management. 

And, by managing your business profile, you can also provide consumers with valuable information about your business opening times, contact information, etc. Customers are more likely to connect with you and leave Google reviews if you have an optimized Google business profile. The next thing is to Create Google Review Email Template for beginners.

Pro-tip: you can encourage reviews by leveraging Google review stickers made available through the GMB Marketing Kit. These attractive and visual marketing materials can attract the authentic reviews you want.

How To Create Google Review Email Template

Using email marketing campaigns to generate new reviews might seem old-school, but email remains a proven method for customer engagement. When asking for reviews, most businesses send a post-purchase email, and studies have also shown that as much as 70% of reviews originate from these emails.

Creating a Google review email template can help make this process easier for you by having a go-to, customizable template to leverage every time a sale or service is complete. Let’s not forget the actual purpose of a review. You won’t only be fooling your customers if you buy Google business reviews, you’ll also be fooling yourself.

Without real reviews and honest feedback on your products or good service, how can you expect to grow your business? A dissatisfied customer has every right to point out what went wrong in their customer experience. As a business, it’s your responsibility to take that feedback in stride and focus on improving your services.

You can even go a step further and create specific mailing lists with varying Google review templates dependent on the customer category. For example, you can personalize templates for customers based on a few conditions.

Whether they are: 
  • New customers
  • Returning customers
  • Long-time and loyal customers

If you incentivize this very customer to praise your business online with falsely positive reviews, you will never know the root cause of your operational or service opportunities. In return, that customer may never return despite posting a ‘happy’ review on the surface. So, in the long run, this strategy is not sustainable for managing your post-sale customer relationships.

Check Out Other Google Resources

There are a number of resources out there to consider during your efforts to boost your Google listing on local search results and attract more reviews. Listed below are links to other blogs posts and helpful resources you can reference during your digital marketing automation journey on Google’s business platform: 

  • Claim your Google business listing if you haven’t already
  • Invite customers through a direct Google review link
  • Invite customers to write reviews (even if they don’t have a Gmail account)!
  • Respond smartly to and turn around your bad reviews
  • Remove negative reviews from Google search results
  • Get rid of unwarranted fake Google reviews

That’s It! You now know how to Buy Positive Google Reviews as well as how to earn them even for free. Bearing in mind, building up online reviews is one of the best things you can do for your business. With 72% of customers only choosing to take action after reading customer reviews online, it’s evident that reviews are advantageous for small businesses.

In fact, 15% of your customers would have a hard time trusting you and may not take your business’s credibility at face value if it has zero online reviews. Whether you’re a local business or a prominent service provider, reviews carry weight with your target customers.


Technically, by proving your customer service through glowing testimonials, great star ratings, and positive reviews, you provide peace of mind to potential customers considering doing business with you. However, that said, getting those rockstar reviews isn’t an easy feat. For one thing, you want to boost your local SEO and rank high on Google.

And that aspiration may sometimes tempt you to buy Google reviews. Incentivizing your customers through underhanded means or paying businesses to flood your Google listing with fake reviews is not a healthy practice.

It’s a recipe for disaster and can backfire significantly, leading to an online reputation crisis if you aren’t careful.  Rather than coerce or manipulate the system to get the reviews you want, focus on more proactive approaches to earning the praise you deserve from real customers.

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By providing 5-star service and encouraging happy customers to write Google Reviews through more organic ways, you’ll generate positive reviews.

In addition, you’ll also keep your business’s image untarnished, strengthening your relationships with customers old and new! But, if you don’t need to Buy Positive Google Reviews, there’s is another tool to consider. Signpost’s review management service can help you get there.

By automating the process of managing and tracking reviews, you don’t have to waste time considering buying reviews. It’ll help you get the honest, most relevant, and positive reviews you deserve. With that in mind, you can Contact Us just in case you’ll need more support on how to Buy Positive Google Reviews or other online reviews-related help.



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