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How to Build a Brand on Social Media: A Quick Guide

Digital advertising is here to stay. Even social media has become the center of digital marketing. But for a marketing campaign to work, it must focus on brand building.

Have you ever wondered how to build a brand?

Every brand needs brand awareness and brand equity. Both are built through social media marketing campaigns. Read this blog post for tips about how to build a brand on social media.

Brand Awareness and Brand Equity

Brand awareness is about generating brand impressions. This is about the number of times consumers see or hear about your brand. The goal is to get a customer’s attention and create an emotional response that will lead them back to you.

Brand equity refers to how people assess the value of a company. This perception comes from reputation, quality, and authenticity.

There are two types of brand equity: perceptual and financial brand equity.

Perceptual Brand Equity

Perceptual brand equity refers to the value that arises from people’s perceptions. The elements feeding their perception include beliefs, opinions, attitudes, and feelings.

Financial Brand Equity

Financial brand equity is a measure of how the campaigns built your reputation.

Learning how to build a brand on social media is essential to making your business stand out from the rest.

Build a Brand on Social Media

The media with the greatest reach today is social media. This is true for brand building as well.

Social media users are more likely to engage with brands they follow and like.

Users share content that has meaning or significance in their lives. Your primary audience becomes those who follow and like your content, and who share it.

One way to increase brand awareness is to focus on your brand’s identity.

Define Your Brand Identity

We’re exposed to many brand stories each day. The ones that rise above the noise are the clear messages that we understand. Think about what you’d need to say to a stranger to convince them to engage with your brand.

A strong starting point comes from filling a few blanks.

What is Your Brand

The brand is called : _____________________________

It’s about : _______________________ (specified topic)

It’s unique differentiator : _________________________

You need to be able to share these answers within 20-seconds.

Brand Name

Simplify the brand name to its most simple form. For example, instead of “New York On-Demand Taxi Service,” you can call it “NY Taxi” or “NYC Taxis.” Instead of “Acme Company” you can use “Acme Co”.

You want the name simple enough that followers can type it on their mobile devices. Also, keep the brand name as memorable as possible.

It’s About

You’ll want to word what your business is about in a memorable way. Keep it simple. For instance, let’s say you are a “social media company that helps businesses build a brand on social media.”

The shorter the explanation, the more focused your business appears. This is important in building credibility.

Its Unique Differentiator

Remember, the brand is not only about what you do. It’s also about why your followers should care. This is the area that can generate the greatest distinction from your competitors.

Your Brand Solution

The brand is your greatest business asset. You can build your brand’s awareness and equity. The brand-building process will help you create a great name.

Followers will know what your business is about and will share its uniqueness. You’ll also be able to advertise your brand. In fact, you’ll want to learn why Instagram ads are important in brand building.

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