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What Does Heavy Engineering Ltd Do?

Notably, Heavy Engineering Ltd was formed in 1979 by their current Managing Director, Mr. Nayan Patel. Furthermore, in the early 1980s, they entered the hydropower sector in Kenya.

Initially, by supplying skilled manpower for the erection of plant equipment for the main contractors. Their first major hydropower project was the Kiambere Hydroelectric Power Project in 1985.

Where they were the subcontractors responsible for the installation of Turbines, Generators, and Hydromechanical Equipment.

Be that as it may, this project also marked the first experience by Heavy Engineering Ltd. Especially, in the manufacturing of Turbine parts for hydropower projects. Not to mention, they manufactured 2 sets each of Draft Tube Liner, Spiral Casing and Pit Liners.

Heavy Engineering Ltd.
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Where Is Heavy Engineering Ltd Located?

As can be seen, from the above illustrative definition, Heavy Engineering Ltd is an established engineering company.

Not forgetting, with vast experience in the energy sector in East and Central Africa since 1980. Currently, the company main operations are headquartered and located in the central business part of Nairobi Kenya.

To simply put it, the company’s experience in hydropower projects has given it a lot of confidence, especially, to diversify to other fields of power generation.

And also, it is their intention to actively participate in future hydro, geothermal, wind and diesel power generation projects.

What Are Their Main Service Solutions?

Eventually, in the 30 years that followed (in the manufacturing of Turbine parts for hydropower projects), they have worked on several major hydropower projects in East and Central Africa.

Then again, from which the experience gained has enabled them to constantly increase their knowledge, capability, and capacity. Inasmuch as, manufacturing and installation of hydropower projects in the picture.

Surprisingly, they’re now able to manufacture various large dimension turbine and generator components, hydromechanical equipment and penstocks.

In addition, they’re also able to carry out complete installation works of the plant equipment. Including;

  1. turbines,
  2. generators,
  3. hydro-mechanical equipment,
  4. pen-stocks,
  5. both mechanical and electrical balance of plant equipment,
  6. and much more.

Having said that, it is important to realize, there are various fields where you can find a fulltime job as long as you are based in Kenya.

Heavy Engineering Ltd Projects
Heavy Engineering Ltd Projects Production Processes – jmexclusives

How Do You Get Shortlisted For Their Jobs?

In the first place, the company offers a variety of service solutions and products. Meaning, you too can get a lifetime opportunity working for and with them.

As an example, towards finding a lucrative career with the company, below is an overview of their General Production Processes.

After all, where you can find your best which include production units such as:

1. Metal Cutting

They perform both straight and profile cutting of steel plates using their CNC and Photoelectric Optical Tracing Flame Cutting Machines:

  • A Maximum Cutting Length:      12,000 mm
  • The Maximum Cutting Width:       3,000 mm
  • Maximum Cutting Thickness:     200 mm

In addition, they have the following metal cutting facilities:

  • Circular Saw and Band Saw Metal Cutting Machines (work-pieces of maximum width 1000mm and maximum height 310mm)
  • Guillotine Shear (for plates with thicknesses up to 16mm)
  • Portable Flame Cutting Machines

2. Metal Forming

During this production process, they perform Metal Forming of Thick Metal Plates on their Plate Bending and Brake Press Machines as described below:

4-Roll Plate Bending Machine

  • Maximum Plate Width:                 3000 mm
  • Maximum Plate Thickness:           60 mm

3-Roll Plate Bending Machine

  • Maximum Plate Width:                 2500 mm
  • Maximum Plate Thickness:           30 mm

3-Roll Plate Bending Machine

  • Maximum Plate Width:                 3000 mm
  • Maximum Plate Thickness:           20 mm

400 Ton Brake Press

  • Maximum Plate Width:                 4000 mm
  • Maximum Plate Thickness:           25 mm

3. Metal Welding

According to Heavy Engineering Ltd engineers, they perform the following Welding Processes at the factory:

  1. Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
  2. Metal Inert/Active Gas Welding (MIG/MAG)
  3. Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)
  4. Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
  5. Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (TIG)

Equally important, they have Conventional Column, Boom Welding Manipulators and Pipe-Welding Rotators (maximum loading capacity 60 ton, maximum pipe diameter 6,000mm).

They also have Portable Automatic Welding Carriages. but, for welding of parts on sites in remote locations where electricity is not available, they perform welding using Mobile Diesel Welding Generators.

4. Heavy Engineering Ltd Machining

Generally speaking, with over 30 years of experience, they’ve invested in increasing capacity and equipped their factory with heavy-duty machinery. In particular, that which is unique within the geographic region they operate in.

In the end, enabling them to produce large dimension heavy-fabricated parts for their customers according to the required specifications.

They perform Machining of Large Dimension Parts at their factory, using the following conventional machines:

  • Plano Milling/Boring Machine: ( X = 6000mm, Y = 2500mm, Z = 2000mm) with a 3000mm x 3000mm Rotary Indexing Table, 40 ton loading capacity, and a travel length of 1500mm. Also, they’ve machined work-pieces up to 6500mm in diameter on this machine.
  • Double Column Vertical Turret Lathe: 2300mm diameter x 1600mm height x 20-ton loading capacity.
  • Horizontal/Vertical Milling Machine: X = 1600mm, Y = 500mm, Z = 600mm
  • Vertical Milling Machine: X = 1200mm, Y = 600mm, Z = 400mm
  • Horizontal Lathe: 655mm diameter x 6000mm length
  • Horizontal Lathe:  800mm diameter x 1000mm length

5. Heat Treatment Process

Remarkably, they perform Post-Weld Stress Relieving of large dimension workpieces in their Heat Treatment Furnace:

  • Main Furnace Width:           4,500mm
  • Basic Furnace Length:          8,000mm
  • General Furnace Height:      7,000mm

And also, with a Maximum Temperature of 1,200 degrees Centigrade.

Benefits of Nondestructive Testing
Benefits of Nondestructive Testing – (NDT Resource Center)

 Their Nondestructive Testing & Surface Preparation

Apart from the above-listed production processes by Heavy Engineering Ltd, they also conduct non-destructive testing (NDT) and also Surface Preparation.

Bearing in mind, these are some of the key ingredients towards offering a longlasting customer flow and leads efficiency.

But, what do they entail? Let’s consider the following questions and even answer them.

What Is Nondestructive Testing?

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a testing and analysis technique used by various industries to evaluate the elemental properties.

Especially, of a material, component, structure, system characteristic differences or even for welding defects. Learn more!

Well, they perform the following Non-Destructive Testing Processes, which are carried out by their qualified operators using their NDT Testing Equipment:

NDT for Welding Seams:
  • Radiographic Testing with an Iridium 192 source
  • Ultra-Sonic Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Die Penetrant Testing
NDT For Surface Preparation Coatings:
  • Dry Film Thickness Measurement
  • Adhesive Peel-off Test

Why Is Surface Preparation Important?

One of the most critical steps in the penetrant inspection process is preparing the part for inspection.

All coatings, such as paints, varnishes, plating, and heavy oxides must be removed to ensure that defects are open to the surface of the part.

If the parts have been machined, sanded, or blasted prior to the penetrant inspection, it is possible that a thin layer of metal may have smeared across the surface and closed off defects.

It is even possible for metal smearing to occur as a result of cleaning operations such as grit or vapor blasting.

Therefore, this layer of metal smearing must be removed before the inspection.

Types Of Surface Preparations They Offer 

As an example, prior to delivery, the Heavy Engineering Ltd Team carries out the following Surface Preparation Techniques.

Particularly, in the main parts, they do manufacture and produce. Through:

  • Blasting:  They perform Blasting using Sand or Steel Grit.
  • Painting:  Painting is performed according to international standards or even in accordance with their customer’s paint specifications. And where applicable, they use their airless spray-painting equipment.

Having said that, there is a lot of work to do and engage with as long as the company profile states so.

Above all, this means that; if you are interested in hiring them for their services, looking forward to some of their products, or even if you’re job seeking, feel free to contact them.

Is Heavy Engineering Ltd Hiring?

Of course, Yes! Among other jobs and career openings, they have a job vacancy in the financial manager category.

According to the brightermonday.com website, they’re looking for a reliable Financial Manager. In that case, who will be responsible for the company’s financial activities.

And subsequently, provide advice and guidance to upper management on future financial plans.

  • Minimum Qualification: Bachelor
  • Experience Level: Senior level
  • Experience Length: 5 years

Important to realize, the goal is to enable the company’s leaders to make sound business decisions and meet the company’s objectives.

Contact the company through their email [email protected] or even, apply for the job online.

How Do You Contact Heavy Engineering Ltd?

There are numerous ways you can get in touch with their online or even ground team.

Below are all the details you might require:

  1. Old Mombasa Road,
  2. P.O Box 41437 – 00100,
  3. Nairobi, Kenya,
  4. Tel: (+254) 20824006/716292048/733582514
  5. [email protected]

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