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Google Blog Search was a specialized service of Google used to search for blogs. However, it was discontinued in May 2011 but not for new college opportunity seekers. Summer is winding down, and students across the country are heading back to the classroom.

For many students in high school, it’s time to think about their next steps after graduation. While some students may have a certain school or cost considerations in mind, many others may not know where to start or what options are available to them. The Google Blog Search was “the first major search engine to offer full-blown blog and feed search capabilities”.

It was released in 2005. The bots appeared to be faster than the standard Googlebot because updates to blogs often become available within hours instead of weeks taken by Googlebot default. The Blog Search searches were done identically to Google Search by typing your search terms in the search field and seeing the most relevant results related to the topic.

The Blog Search looked at various services in the world of blogs like BloggerLive Journal, and Weblog. For some time it was possible to force Google to access and search the blog search database by manually formatting the URL in your browser’s address bar. But in March 2016, Google also took away this access. Read More!

How Is Google Blog Search Helpful?

The college search feature launched last year helps students get quick access to information about four-year U.S. universities. Including acceptance rates, costs and student outcomes like graduation rates. As this year’s college search season kicks off, they’re expanding their college search features to include two-year colleges.

As well as popular certificate and associate programs available at four-year institutions. A new list feature makes it easier to discover a wide range of schools and explore different fields of study. As an example, when you use your mobile device to search for any two-year college in the U.S, you’ll get information about the programs offered, cost of attendance and more.

Because many community college students often stay close to home while enrolled in these programs, they show the in-state tuition. As well as total cost with books and housing, to give a better view of what you’ll pay depending on your individual circumstances.

A new take on College lists 

If you’re still narrowing your options, the new exploration tool—available on both mobile and desktop—lets you explore a range of schools based features. On factors like fields of study or geography. Search for something like “hotel management schools in Georgia” and click “more” to jump into the list.

This feature makes it easy to compare costs, graduation rates, campus life, and other characteristics to find the college that best fits your needs. You can also filter by specific location or distance, region, size and acceptance rates.

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These features use public information from the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard and Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (comprehensive datasets available for U.S. colleges and universities). They’ve worked with education researchers, experts, nonprofit organizations, high school counselors, and admissions professionals to build these features to meet the needs of students.

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