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For beginner webmasters, Google Analytics Fastbase is an authoring tool now under WebLeads 8.0 that’s totally free. Thus, Fastbase is quite compatible with Google Analytics as long as you sign in with your Google Analytics account. Meaning, that if you have a Google Analytics account, you may have heard of Fastbase. A very great tool to beat the competition.

But, to those still new, what exactly is it? Well, well look into details about it through this guide. First of all, through the Google Analytics Fastbase (also known as WebLeads 8.0),  you’ll be able to enhance your experience with Google Analytics. Secondly, you can easily link your account and get all the data you need. More so, as you’ll learn in this guide.

With Fastbase WebLeads 8.0, you’ll even get the data that was recently removed from Google Analytics. As well as additional insights into things like your paid digital marketing. That’s said, let’s learn more about how it works.

What Is Google Analytics Fastbase?

Google Analytics Fastbase is a Google Analytics Addon that touts itself as helping you “identify your web traffic into real business contacts.” It gives specific information about the businesses that are sending visitors to your website. Especially, for B2-B companies that have a robust sales force. As well as those B2B companies with time to look up potential leads on the Internet.

Meaning, while “Google search lets you search for anything on the web, Fastbase identifies the companies behind the search and reveals these companies’ web traffic to you.” Therefore, making this tool just a great one! Built upon the Google Analytics Platform, the Fastbase SaaS solution generates your web business with very comprehensive leads reports.

Mostly, containing company profiles, visitor interactions, key employee contact data, LinkedIn profile information, and email addresses. Using proprietary technology, Fastbase has developed a powerful lead generation platform. A web platform that has transformed the way organizations attract, engage, and delight customers.

Fastbase has made remarkable progress since the market launch of its core product, WebLeads, in 2016. As of today, there’re more than 1.1 million website profiles that WebLeads monitors. Not to mention, more than 2,000 companies add their domains to Fastbase WebLeads every day. Sign in with Google Analytics and try WebLeads 8.0 for free.

Google Analytics Fastbase WebLeads Solutions

Notably, besides getting the WebLeads 8.0 for Google Analytics solutions, there are other solutions that come in handy. Such as Google Ads Click identifier, Google Business Ads, MailAds, Similar Leads, Trustfeed, etc. But, among them all, WebLeads 8.0 is the most popular add-on to Google Analytics.

Whilst, providing deeper insights into your web visitors. WebLeads 8.0 shows you the companies visiting your website, how they found you, and what they are interested in. There is a simple download feature to export all visitor data including contact persons and emails. The SimilarLeads feature is now in 8.0! Below are some of the main solution tools.

  1. WebLeads
  2. Google Ads Click Identifier
  3. Google Business Ads
  4. MailAds
  5. Similar Leads
  6. Trustfeed

Find more leads like the ones visiting your website with the SimilarLeads option! WebLeads 8.0 reveals detailed information about the businesses that have interacted with ads including company name, website, address, phone number, contact, and email data.

As well as the keywords searched and the advertisements they clicked on. WebLeads 8.0 helps you better understand, optimize, and streamline the better performing ads and shows the companies that are interacting with ads. Google Ads + WebLeads Integration is the most powerful way to boost your sales.

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The AdWords Click Identifier helps you understand, optimize, and streamline your best-performing ads and provides unrivaled data about the hottest leads that are interacting with your ads and website.

Start Your AdWords Campaign & Get Leads Sent Directly to Your Inbox Daily! Uniquely, start a new AdWords campaign today using the AdWords Click Identifier. And, in return, get one-on-one support to identify your target audience. Forthwith, select the best keywords, and pick the right ad locations. All while getting up to 66% more website leads.

How To Install WebLeads 8.0 | Plus Keyword Pricing Plans

Every day, more than 3.5 billion companies are searching for products/ services on Google. InMarket Leads powered by Fastbase provide a list of companies that are searching for your company name, products, or services and can be targeted by location and timeframe. Since your company is a Google Analytics user you have the opportunity to purchase up to 10,000 shares.

At the moment, going at US$ 1.95 per share including a discount on a first come first serve basis. Basically, companies searching for specific products/ services or industries will call InMarket Leads. Enter keyword(s) reflecting your business, products/ services, and a complete list of companies having used that search term will be provided.

Fastbase, one of the world’s fastest-growing SaaS web analytics and lead generation tools built on Google Analytics is listed on the OTC Stock Market in New York. (OTC: FBSE). Since the summer Fastbase shares have seen phenomenal growth and possibly this has influenced several investor sites to give a twelve-month forecast of over 200%.

The overall strategic objective is a potential listing on the NASDAQ in 2022. You can make the reservation of shares to [email protected] or use the investor form. The closing date for reserving shares is December 28, 2021.

To get started, all you’ll need is to Install WebLeads 8.0 for free to your Google Analytics. Keeping in mind, if you already are using Google Analytics, you can sign-up in a second and view all your web visitors up to 12 months back. To boost your lead generation. Even more, take advantage of the free trial of the new WebLeads 8.0 script. Free non-binding 60 days unlimited access.

The List Contains:

  1. The Target Company Name
  2. Main Industry/Category Industry
  3. Address, Postal Code, City, Country
  4. Website, Phone Number & Company Email
  5. Key Employees: Job Title, Email, Phone, LinkedIn Profile, etc.

What’s more, there’s no credit card that is required! All you’ll need to do is start your 30-days free trial today by signing up with Google Analytics. And then, install the WebLeads 8.0 in a few minutes (get started for free). In terms of Pricing, you can get direct access by phone or email, to InMarket Leads worldwide — all searching on Google for products or services that you offer.

Keywords Type Pricing (US$)
Standard Keywords 0.80 Per Lead
Top Keywords 1.20 Per Lead

As you can see, from the table above, the Keyword Prices are set by search volume and popularity of the keyword, similar to Google Ads pricing models. Furthermore, Keyword Pricing Plans are based on the popularity of the chosen keyword(s). Or rather, according to the number of InMarket Leads you’ll need to choose as you purchase.

Why Use Google Analytics Fastbase Tools

First of all, as you start using it, you’ll notice that Fastbase is monitoring searches executed on all major search engines. After all, the number of searches is still growing daily, even as we write this guide. Bearing in mind, Google alone processes on average over 63,000 searches every second. This translates to over 5.5 billion searches per day.

Secondly, another reason to use Fastbase is its big data capacity. Growing exponentially, it now consists of 136 million companies, 340 million business contacts, and 1.3 billion emails. Whilst, analyzing over 90-120 billion website visitors each year. Fastbase provides a listing of companies searching for specific products, services, or businesses uniquely for their WebLeads clients.

Thirdly, it’s good to remind you that Fastbase Inc. is a SaaS data and web analytics company. Therefore, it congregates company data and contact information throughout the web using its proprietary algorithm. And, by monitoring and compiling web traffic and search patterns, users can view in-depth information about their website traffic in almost real-time.

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Equally important, WebLeads 8.0 adds a very powerful lead and business generation search engine with real-time access to Fastbase’s massive company data sets. All servers will be updated in just a few days.

The new release opens up the Fastbase Big-Data-Store of company and contact data. Proprietary algorithms and filters do the heavy lifting to deliver a whole load of new leads and company information based on the businesses tracked on the website. The new WebLeads 8.0 tools are designed to help your target, reach, convert, and win more ideal clients.

  • Companies: Find a list of perfectly matched companies for your sales team and marketing teams.
  • Contacts: Reach more of your target audience with your demand gen efforts.
  • Powerful Filters: You can literally type in any location and select from over 10.000 industries, and get some quite detailed results on new business opportunities.

Next, there’s a very huge surge in its daily number of website sign-ups. Making Fastbase one of the fastest-growing data and web analytics software companies in the business-to-business industry. That said, below are more features:

InMarket Leads Generation

Start selecting the keywords reflecting your business, products, or even services — you can add as many keywords you like, and the list of InMarket Leads will appear. Then again, choose the segment(s) by keyword you would like to purchase. And even specify further how far you want to go back in time and which location of the InMarket Leads are relevant for your business.

The Search Period Features

By definition, the search period is the time frame when the searches have been conducted on Google. Searches 2 months ago maybe less relevant than searches made within the last 14 days. However, the longer the search period you select, the more InMarket Leads you will see. The selected InMarket Leads can be downloaded directly in Excel. Including details about company contact information as well as the search word used.

Web Visitor Tracking

Identify your website visitors and get interaction details. WebLeads 8.0 tracking tools allow you to explore which companies and organizations are showing interest in your business. As well as what they are specifically looking at and what they are searching for.

Qualified Leads

WebLeads filters your website traffic into business leads and unidentifiable visitors (typically through ISPs). So that you can take quicker action with your leads. You even be able to view your web traffic by options such as location and business category.

Fastbase WebLeads 8.0 Feature

Enhance your experience with Google Analytics. Link your account and get data recently removed from Google Analytics. As well as any other additional insights into things like your organic and even paid digital marketing campaign data.

Leads In Real-Time

As you know, speed is a crucial tool if you want to start reaching and optimizing new leads. Get your WebLeads in near real-time and contact prospects as quickly as possible. More so, from the time they visit your website to the time that they leave it, as well.

Verified Business Contacts

Additionally, WebLeads 8.0 provides detailed information about all your web visitors. Including company name, website, key employees, phone number, contact email, and visitor interaction — everything you need to boost your sales and marketing. In the end, you’ll even easily export your leads into an Excel format or even through your CRM platform.

Pocket-Friendly Subscription Levels

WebLeads is available as Lite, Premium, and Premium+. Upon registration, you will be able to try Premium/Premium+ for 30 days as a free trial and then continue on with a Premium subscription (see all the Pricing Plans in detail) or defer to Lite which is free but with limited features.

And now, as we enumerated, the launch of Google Analytics Fastbase was in 2016. As an add-on tool that provides information on web traffic, including key employee contact information. Users can try the software for free at and there are two subscription models for Premium and Professional customers.

The main WebLeads Subscription Levels include Lite, Premium, and Premium+. Whereby, WebLeads Lite Version is for low web traffic. While WebLeads Premium Version is to empower you to have a quality lead generation. While WebLeads Premium+ Version empowers you to have even more lead generation. For sure, there are numerous Integration ways.

  • Firebase
  • Google Ads
  • Intercom
  • Salesforce
  • Slack
  • Zoho
  • Trello
  • Google Analytics

Besides, as we mentioned, you can opt to change your WebLeads Subscription Levels at any time. All you’ll need to do is choose your WebLeads plan. And then, you can try it free for 30 days as shown in the illustration above. Of those who try WebLeads, a growing number of them are opting for Premium subscription – currently trending at 22% growth.

Final Words:

Important to realize, that you can easily Join their Affiliate & Partnership Program for Google Analytics Fastbase as a webmaster. They are actively looking for partners all around the world. Where they offer a referral partnership program for companies who wish to complement their service offering with the Fastbase generation tool to earn commissions.

They also offer a partnership program for CRM vendors. Meaning, that in addition to referral partnership, they’ll integrate Fastbase into your CRM product as well. So that your customers can easily send hot leads therefrom Fastbase WebLeads. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact their web team by email: [email protected].

All in all, as a private placement investor, you’ll be part of a growing company that is continuously developing and optimizing tools for the web analytics SaaS industry. Fastbase is pioneering the development of important web analytics. Particularly, at a time when the B2-B industry is overtaking the volume of the B2C online market.

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Overall, with the growth of ecommerce and online marketing, it’s evident that companies, institutions, and organizations need to clearly identify their website visitors. More so, in order to improve their lead generation and digital marketing efforts. And, as a result, ensure that there’s prosperity in their web-based business.

With that in mind, this is a great time for investors to become shareholders of a successful and growing business that has immense market potential. Take advantage of this opportunity to become part of a company experiencing exponential growth. Invest in one of the Fastest-Growing Data and Web Analytics SaaS Companies in the World (Get Started).

Of course, before you start using any of their solutions, please make sure that you’ve read all their Terms & Conditions as well as Privacy Policy in detail. But, if you’ll need more support, you can Consult Us and let us know how we can sort you. Also, share your additional opinions, suggestions, contributions, or questions in our comments section.

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