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Gilad Millo Life tells the story of a star who was born on 27th September 1971 in Jerusalem Israel is an ex-diplomat.

After all, the former Deputy head of Mission at the Israeli Embassy in Kenya is apparently the “Biggest Pop-Star In Kenya”.

Gilad Millo worked as a journalist, he became a diplomat in 2003. Millo served in Nairobi and Los Angeles before leaving Israel’s Foreign Ministry in 2008. And settling in Nairobi permanently.

In addition, Gilad Millo is one of the Kenyan based Artist who has taken the music industry by the storm of the years.

Gilad Millo
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Gilad Millo Life – Background Profile

In the first place, in his 20s, he was a member of a Jerusalem rock band, White Donkey.

Again, Gilad was planning to become a professional musician rather than follow in the footsteps of his late father, Yehuda Millo, who served as a diplomat for 37 years.

But when Millo’s son was born, his wife, Hadas Millo, said that “there’s no money in music and they need to find a real job.”

Chiefly, one afternoon when his wife and teenage kids were away, Millo called up a music producer, M.G., whom he had met through a friend.

Gilad Millo – Hit Song ‘Unajua’

Comparatively, Gilad showed up at the studio with a song he wrote just “to see how it goes.”

Not to mention, he became relevant in Kenya when he featured Ex-TPF Contestant Wendy Kimani in their hit track,” Unajua” back in May 2015.

Whereas his Swahili Fluency and vocals awed the masses. In addition, on October 21, 2015, Kenya’s new pop “it” guy, Gilad Milo, released an official video to his single, Sema Milele (Say Forever).

Like his chart-topping Unajua (Do You Know), Sema Milele is a love song that has struck the right chord with Kenyan music fans.

In reality, his first footprint in Kenya was as a backpacker in 1996. Nevertheless, he returned in 2002 as the Israeli government spokesman following the Kikambala terror attacks on Israeli tourists.

Not to mention, in 2003, he was back as deputy ambassador of Israel to Kenya. After a stint in Los Angeles, Millo left Israel’s Foreign Ministry in 2008 and settled with his family in Nairobi permanently.

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By day, he heads business development and public relations for Balton CP Group.

Wendy Kimani – Gilad’s Collabo Singer Profile

Notably, in more than one occasions, Gilad has collaborated his vocals with those of yet another Kenyan Songbird – Wendy Kimani.

By the same token, Wendy Kimani (born 18 May 1986) is a Kenyan singer, songwriter, actress, and entertainer.

Furthermore, Kimani was born in 1986 and raised in Nairobi, in Kenya. For one thing, she developed her singing talent by listening to other musicians.

Not forgetting, she came into prominence after being the first runners-up in the second season of Tusker Project Fame.

Whereas, as a singer she is known for her songs; “Haiwi Haiwi“, “Chali” among others.

In fact, she released her debut album dubbed as My Essence launched in August 2013. And, also, as an actress, she is known for starring in the television series, Rush.

Wendy Kimani – Rise to Fame

In March 2008, Wendy and other participants battled out at the TPF 2 auditions where she was chosen both at the audition and at the eviction gala.

On the contrary, after 71 days of working in the academy, she was only put on probation twice.

Similarly, the second time every single remaining contestant was put on probation for the semi-finals by the then judges.

On 22 June 2008, Kimani lost out the coveted price of Ksh. 5 million among others, to Esther Nasaaba, a Ugandan.

Among the finalists were the latter, David as the second runners-up and Victor took the fourth position.

Equally, on 13 August 2013, Kimani released her debut album, My Essence, stylized as ME.

Wendy Kimani
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Gilad Millo – Album Songs

Of course, with time, Gilad and her backup singer Wendy Kimani have compiled a list of music collections. In that case, some in Swahili, English or even other foreign languages.

Therefore, the list below gives a general breakdown of their most updated musical collections work. Including,

  • Unajua
  • Sema Milele
  • Karibu Nyumbani
  • Rangi ya Bahari
  • Unameit
  • Positano
  • Not Yet
  • Angel Eyes
  • Bwa
  • House at Pooh Corner
  • One Night in a Storm
  • Some Flowers Go Sra
  • Secret Love
  • J Ben Jazz
  • Hello Humbert
  • Nuevo Montumo
  • Chahx Chahx
  • Dalig
  • Party at 54th Street East
  • Guess What?
  • Me and My Guitar
  • Dalig Outro
  • Get it with the juice
  • Some Other Time
  • Recount
  • The More I See YOU
  • 6 on 3
  • Deep Blue
  • Salama
Gilad Millo Music
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Wendy Kimani & Gilad Millo on Social Media

Another important key, Gilad and Wendy are always social active. Remarkably, though their social media accounts and profiles.

As can be seen, especially, listed below, you can get in touch with them too.

After all, you’d like to know more about their musical journey. In addition to their daily activities, and even, career success. Right!

Gilad Millo Social Media Profiles

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram

Wendy Kimani Social Media Profiles

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram

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