Get Stronger And Silkier Hair | 9 Awesome Tips For Newbies

Do you feel unattractive due to dull hair instead of more vigorous and silkier hair? Unfortunately, you are not the only sufferer. Most people suffer from dull and lifeless hair. Hair can play a vital role in boosting the appearance of a person. However, you can turn heads with smooth and beautiful hair by following a good hair care routine.

Soft and shiny tresses like your favorite movie star or YouTube influencer can become a reality instead of a dream. You must understand the science behind silk hair before you try the remedies.  Your hair must retain moisture to look shiny and smooth. Natural oil secretion from the hair scalp may have a role to play in retaining hair moisture.

Several other factors can also influence hair health. Make small changes in your lifestyle and hair care routine to see a difference. Read ahead to learn more about the secret of smooth, shiny, and silky hair.  

1. Avoid Over-Rinsing Using Hot Water 

Soaking in hot water can help your body drain stress. However, it is not the ideal choice for your hair to retain its silkiness and smoothness. Over-rinsing with hot water after applying a good shampoo conditioner can lead to frizzy and unruly hair due to the stripping of natural oils. Natural oils from your scalp coat and hydrates your hair. Instead of using hot water, use cool water to rinse. It can smoothen your hair cuticles, avoid frizz, and retain moisture.

2. Use Microfiber Towel/Old T-shirt To Dry Your Hair 

Using a towel to dry your hair can harm your hair. Also, rubbing the scalp with a bath towel can cause friction leading to fluffing up the hair cuticles. As a result, you can see dry hair with knots. Rubbing with a towel also increases the risk of hair breakage. What is the solution? Instead of towel-drying, you can use microfiber or an old t-shirt to squeeze excess water from your hair. 

3. Use Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask  

Are you dreaming of healthy and smooth hair? Consider using a pre-shampoo hair mask. A pre-shampoo hair mask can minimize frizz to give a soft feel to your hair. Aloe vera can work well as a pre-shampoo hair mask due to the presence of proteolytic enzymes. 

Studies indicate that aloe vera may repair the damaged cells in your scalp. Aloe vera can also create magic by improving hair follicle health and promoting hair growth. The moisture content in proteolytic enzymes can retain hydration in your hair. Apply it to your hair for minimum frizz and smooth texture. 

4. Avoid Brushing Your Wet Hair

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Brushing your hair can make it look the best. However, brushing your wet hair can do more harm than good. Raking the paddle brush through the damp hair can increase the risk of hair ripping from the scalp.

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This action can cause damage to the outer layer of your hair instead of smoothing the hair cuticle. Hence, you can detangle the hair gently by using a comb. A brush with a specific design for wet hair use or a comb can work through the tangles and knots. You can use a paddle brush once your hair dries.  

5. Include Healthy Fats  

What you eat can reflect on your hair’s appearance. The foods you include in your diet must retain moisture in your hair. It is possible when you consume foods containing high lipid levels. Good fats like omega-3 fatty acids can make a difference in your hair’s appearance. Remember two points for healthy and shiny hair. 

  • Drink water to keep the body and hair cells hydrated. 
  • Eat a balanced diet with good fats. 

6. Invest In Silk Pillowcases

Sleeping on silk sheets or silk pillowcases may seem like a luxury. What if it can make your hair smooth? Studies suggest that cotton can absorb moisture. Using a cotton pillow can increase the risk of moisture absorption from hair strands. It results in frizzled and tangled hair. Try to sleep on silk pillows at night. Silk or satin may help retain oils needed to preserve moisturization and nourishment. 

7. Add Baking Soda To A Clarifying Shampoo

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Sometimes the choice of shampoo and conditioner may not harm your hair’s health. However, hard water containing heavy metals or minerals can damage your hair and scalp health. 

 You can overcome the impact of hard water on your hair with a simple trick. Add little baking soda to the shampoo before applying it to your hair. Baking soda can boost the concentration of surfactant levels. It can open the hair cuticles to remove more build-up in the scalp. 

8. Use Cold Air To Blow Dry

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Cold hair from a blow dryer can lock the volume and close the hair cuticle. Blasting cold air can also impact hair movement and style.  

9. Trim Your Hair and Try Hair Oil Treatment

Ask your hairstylist to cut split ends. Trims can prevent hair from weighing down and looking dull. Applying warm hair oil and massaging the scalp may stimulate hair follicles. It can strengthen your hair and promote hair growth. Use coconut oil to condition your hair and scalp. The triglycerides in coconut oil can make your hair smooth. You can also use olive oil containing antioxidants before shampooing.  

In Conclusion;

You can try the options suggested here to transform your hair health. Instead of feeling envious of people with long, silky tresses, you can resolve hair problems with the simple methods indicated here. Try a good hair routine to capture the attention of others with your beautiful hair. 

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