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Free Blog Themes For WordPress Websites | #10 Top Best Picks

At times, choosing the best from the free blog themes list for a website can get quite tricky for newbies. Also, creating an attractive, engaging, and professional site for your audience forms part of traffic-building abilities. If you did not know, Google and the related search engines start determining the ranking based on the design’s company, design, and responsiveness.

Technically, as a web owner, you may know the role of speed in the overall performance of the website. So, having a WordPress theme that provides a good loading speed is really vital to have a positive impression on your website. And, there are tons of other free WordPress themes that offer beautiful designs and advanced features to build a beautiful website blog.

When selecting from the list of best and free blog themes, everything is about delivering an extensive user experience. Therefore, if the site starts to load slowly, it becomes confusing and irrelevant to the audience and may hurt the rankings. To meet the tune, we will start exploring a few WordPress Themes that are ideal for you to start using right away on your blog.

The Topmost Free Blog Themes For Your WordPress Website

If you were to search from the internet web, or even the WordPress directory itself, you’ll come across a voluminous listing of free blog themes. A majority of these free blog themes are some of which you can consider for your blogging website or your next business blogging strategy if you want to achieve that creative design project touch.

In our post today, we will start reviewing the topmost best, and free blog themes for your WordPress website. Whilst, highlighting the salient features and offering a few suggestions on why you might start using each one for the other blog site.

1. Neve Theme

Initially, Neve is the most lightweight starter theme to help build almost every site. It is extremely fast, and customizing them to meet specific needs is extremely easier. As a matter of fact, even the website that you are currently visiting and browsing (the Web Tech Experts Website perse) is powered by this very auspicious WordPress theme. What a good example!

The following its main features:
  • It appears great on mobile phones and lightweight
  • The structure and the code of the theme are optimized for the search engines
  • You might notice the changes in real-time while editing

Furthermore, it works with the practicalities across the prominent page builders, meaning that your coding knowledge is never the barrier to creating the ideal site. Considerably, its one-click demo layout makes it easier to get up and run in just a snap.

2. OceanWP Theme

For your information, this free blog theme is so eloquent that even our very own newly created sister website (Digital Online Webmasters) is currently running on it. It is yet another great theme that one should consider for the other blogging site, which is OceanWP. It is cleaner and easier to use; however, it includes a developer-friendly codebase for all webmasters.

As well as a codec lab dashboard that is ripe for even better website blog customizations. But, there are many notable features that you’ll come to familiarize yourself with as soon as you get down to business with this theme.

Check out its other key features below:
  • It is a packed extension library, so you may start improving the theme’s functionality without any code.
  • It allows you to edit the settings for mobile devices and tablets
  • Working along with the most prominent page builders

OceanWP is the perfect WordPress theme involved in blogging, considering the ease of use out of the box and the scope for better customizations. It does not involve any premium version; therefore, the entire feature set is at your disposal. But, a few of these extensions have their cost attached; however, there is no obligation to use them whenever the budget is smaller.

3. Astra Theme

The next on our list is Astra which is the best to build an easier and more customizable site. It aims to offer some beautiful simplicity to showcase the content and sell the products online.

The main features are as follows:
  • The premium add-ons make it extensible
  • The theme is compatible with AMP, which refers to it being mobile-friendly right out of the box
  • Astra even includes WooCommerce for online stores.

Astra includes a massive library for the pre-built sites making these discoveries appear and feel the best for your blog site compared to the other WordPress themes. Therefore, Astra is the best theme for blogs that aims to enter into eCommerce.

4. Cenote Theme

Cenote is considered a marvelous theme is coming with three variations of the template for the blogs. Cenote loads faster and is optimized for search engines apart from the customization and clean design options.

The following are its key features:
  • You may start selling services and products through the blog since it is WooCommerce-compatible.
  • Works in the association of prominent page builders.
  • For demos, it offers one-click imports.

Cenote arrives with a library of nine ready-made demos for the bloggers. These demos cover several aims, including technology, fashion, charity, and interiors. You might wish to try out this theme if you search for flexibility and design variations.

5. Poseidon Theme

The near-to-perfect theme of Poseidon showcases your content mainly when you are using captivating and crisp visuals. It offers a carousel of full-screen images, offset through plenty of negative spaces. It makes Poseidon best for blogs, with mixed content being the inherent designs allowing your pictures and posts to shine.

These are the features involved:
  • It offers a carousel for full screen.
  • The design is simple and crisp.
  • Using the negative space makes your content readable

Surely, Poseidon is a WordPress blog theme that is free.

6. Hemingway Theme

Hemingway features two-column designs well-suited for blogging sites. It is clearer with easier layouts drawing better attention to the content over the rest.

The following are the main features involved:
  • The design consists of clean two-columns
  • The entire width of the header images comes with the parallax scrolling effects
  • Several customizations for almost every complex need.

The theme is ideal for several different kinds of blogging sites since it is clearer enough for easy blogs; however, these are even extensible for highly complex sites.

7. Olsen Light Theme

Olsen Light is the best choice if you are in search of creating lifestyle blogs. It also comes with a myriad of customization options while integrating with several numbers of bundled custom widgets to aid you in almost everything you might require for creating the site.

The following are a few features involved:
  • The theme is easy to use and extremely customizable.
  • It is compatible with most of the prominent page builders
  • The default design offers your blog a high-end sheen

It is the best way to create a sophisticated and well-designed website.

8. Jupiter Theme

Next on the list is the Jupiter theme — a very newly introduced and unique theme first introduced through the cPanel dashboard as the current default. This means, that when your server updates to cPanel & WHM version 108, your account will automatically upgrade to the Jupiter theme. For more information, read the Updated Paper Lantern Removal Schedule post.

Keep in mind, that the cPanel dashboard interface is the hub of your cPanel user account. And, as such, it provides you with access to important information and updates. Not forgetting, the Tools page is the default home page. Jupiter is one of the most popular premium themes in WordPress, built by Artbees and featuring over 104,228 in sales on ThemeForest.

Recently, Artbees launched their new version of the theme, built from scratch using Elementor. This is exciting news and signifies a new era in theme development. This Theme joins the Elementor family and releases its new Jupiter X theme, rebuilt from the ground up using Elementor (more about The WordPress Jupiter Theme Rebuilt Using Elementor in detail).

Its notable features include:
  • 450+ readymade One-click websites
  • Unrivaled shop customization features
  • The only theme with checkout optimization tools
  • The only theme with true Full Site Editing (FSE) options
  • Re-designed for experience and re-engineered for performance
  • Say hello to a Jupiter X that is extreme in every way!

With the greatest performance improvement and massive new features, the new Jupiter X pushes the limits of what is possible with a WordPress website builder. From business owners, artists, and even bloggers to marketers and web designers, Jupiter’s WordPress theme helps thousands of users create amazing websites. You can go ahead and give it a try today.

9. Total Theme

This is yet another one that you can consider including in your free blog themes list for your website. It is a complete WordPress theme that allows you to build a fully functional website in no time.

It comes with a clean and elegant design suitable for creating any type of website you like. Its free version consists of 10+ reorder section blocks that let you place various web sections. While, at the same time, the premium version consists of 17+ advanced section blocks to build a website without having to touch any codes.

Some of its unique features:
  • High-performance output
  • A variety of starter websites
  • Unlimited customization options
  • Compatible with almost all types of page builders

Total is just the theme you require to design a website for your new online project or upgrade your existing web designs. The theme is packed with tons of customization to allow the site owner to give your website a personal touch.  As well as make your website stand out and be unique among others.

10. GeneratePress Theme

Last but not least, it’s also good to mention GeneratePress in our topmost best list. A lightweight theme that comes with a very quick loading speed. It comes with minimalistic designed pages that can be configured and customized in many ways. Also, the theme is fully responsive and looks great on all types of screen sizes for mobile, desktop, and tablets.

Besides, the theme is built using best SEO practices in order to rank the web content higher in the search engine. The free WordPress theme also focuses on speed and usability. In addition to the free theme, they also provide a premium plugin that extends the theme capacity even further. Whilst, adding more options to help you build your websites.

Its memorable features include:
  • An inclusive block-based theme builder
  • Live customizer plus custom layout options
  • Integrated with a drag-and-drop website builder

Similar to another theme (Hello Theme), the pro version is fully-packed with tons of advanced settings. It consists of 50+ pro widgets with advanced options to add different elements to your WordPress website. Also, the theme is integrated with the designed oriented popup builders and visual form builder to enable you to generate the email address of your leads.


Whenever we speak about creating your website, there are various other free WordPress themes for your blogs. A few of them are simple, customizable, and mobile-friendly. Irrespective of using the proper theme, your blog will start happening in no time. A great theme allows you to personalize everything that you want to create a website beyond your imagination.

That’s it! A list of the best free blog themes that you can try for your next website design project. Make sure that you give some of them a try and then share your experience with us in our comments section. But, if you’ll need more support, you can always Contact Us to let our design webmasters know how they can come in handy. Anyways, all the best of luck!