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Understanding What Fotor Online Photo Editing Software App Entails

Technically, Fotor is a photo editor that lets you edit photos in just a few clicks. Basically, it covers various free online photo editing tools, so you can crop images, resize images, add text to photos, make photo collages, and create graphic designs easily. The fact is that the unique online photo editor comes packed with tons of great tools to help you perfect your photos.

Fotor Is An Online Photo Editor For Everyone

Key Features:
  • Add Text: Input plain text or choose a stylish text template, and personalize your photos using your own comments
  • Crop & Resize: To crop and resize any image has never been easier — not without this free online photo editor at hand
  • Data Feature: Get improved EXIF data for the processed photo with added size adjustments and quality-saving options
  • Background Remover: Its picture editor offers image-cutting services, helping you intelligently remove backgrounds
  • Photo Enhancer: Save time and energy beautifying your images in one click (adjust exposure, colors, contrast & sharpness)
  • Raw Converter: An option with tone mapping that supports over 100 camera RAW formats to even import the RAW files
  • Collage Maker: Make aesthetic photos using various layouts with the help of its collage maker to showcase your images
  • Remove Objects: Easy to remove unwanted objects from photos with Fotor’s AI object remover. Get one polished image
  • Photo Effects: Give your photos different visual looks with effects, such as retro photo filters, vintage effects, and the like.

This means everyone can become a professional photographer and graphic designer, no skills are required. Moreover, Fotor has even been called “Light Photoshop” by BBC as they state and we quote: ”This is the 2nd generation of digital image enhancers and designers after Photoshop”— end of quote. The photo editor fine-tunes your images right in your browser.

In the same fashion, given that it also won the 2017 WebAward for outstanding achievement, it’s also the only free one-click photo enhancement tool. You can also have a look at what its GoArt – Turn Photo Into Painting as well as its NFT Creator has to offer you in its storefront. That said, if a beginner, you can have a look at this tutorial video to help you get started.

With that in mind, you should try editing photos with Fotor as the best online photo editor and get even more out of your photos. Of course, yes, with Fotor as a free online photo editor, you can do just that simply and easily.

Consider these simple steps:
  1. Firstly, open its free online photo editor website to access its collections of tools
  2. Secondly, upload or drag and drop an image to the canvas to get started editing with the Fotor application
  3. Thirdly, choose one editing feature you need (basic adjustments, portrait beauty, or photo effects) from the left dashboard.
  4. Lastly, apply the feature, download it, and then share your final piece

Pro Tip: At all costs, if you are a newcomer designer, just click this link if you would want to get started right away. Be that as it may, for beginners and newcomer designers, the online photo editing software tool dashboard will look something like this:

Fotor Free Online Photo Editor Basic Features

Today, the Fotor application has over 50 million users around the world. Not to mention, it’s even been awarded “Top Developer” by Google Play, and it placed First in the Free Photo Applications category within the Apple Mac photographic community worldwide. In other news, Fotor just launched PxBee — in the International Stock Photography Marketplace.

The Fotor PxBee Release News To The Stock Photography Marketplace 

Before we move on, it’s good to note that Fotor just released an ”International Stock Photography Marketplace” known as PxBee for its ambient customers. To enumerate, PxBee is unique in that it sources exclusive licensing photos from the Fotor ‘Events’ module. Bear in mind, that Fotor authorizes the sale of 3 million photos through its ‘Events’ module.

Launched in 2015, Fotor ‘Events’ carries out international photography contests weekly. This means, that professional and amateur photographers have a place. As well as an opportunity to showcase their talent and share their best photos for a chance to win cash prizes and international exposure weekly. Have a look at the Stock Photography Marketplace and its offers.

Fotor Releases PxBee To The Marketplace

To date, more than 500 variously themed contests have been hosted by Fotor officials and its commercial partners. PxBee’s next goal is that of an AI-powered platform that can automatically rate photos based on their technical and aesthetic appeal. Since the start of Events, it has consistently screened millions of contest photos and its team is continually developing it.

Like an algorithm to score the photos. Thanks to the due diligence involved in their Big Data planning, deploying, and governance, PxBee is confident it can showcase the diversity and complexity of its imagery. Qualitative analysis, and the integration of APIs, help users upload their best photos and make it easy for creatives to find the photos they’re looking for.

Why You Should Choose Fotor As A Tool For Creative Content Design

1. Cutting-Edge Photo Editor

Remarkably, its AI-driven editing tools like photo enhancer, background remover, AI enlarger, object remover, one-tab skin retouch, AI art effects, etc. Over 100,000+ ready-to-use templates and creative content for graphic design and photo collages. Its advanced text-to-image processor is supported by advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other Algorithms for success.

Its newly added Text Feature Improvement allows you to set a bigger size for the default Text user input and limited the maximum amount of words to prevent crashes or other bugs. From our experience, Fotor’s photo editor is powerful, offering multiple platforms. Except for the online photo editor, it has the photo editor application versions for all computing devices.

2. Powerful Collage Photos Editor

This useful and powerful photo editing software with collage tools helps you do so much — crop, resize, add effects/filters, tilt-shift, color splash, enhance, and add text. See, so many options for you to choose from that will meet all your editing needs! You do not need to pour over Photoshop for hours (or spend money) because the amazing AI Photo Editor is the key.

It serves as a browser-based option that you don’t need to download. The process might be simple, but the results are unbelievable. More photo editing tools of Fotor’s free online photo editor are waiting for you! Fine-tune, blur toolsstraighten, exposure, reshape photosred-eye removalteeth whitening, wrinkle remover, batch photo editor, clone, and curve.

3. Free Graphic Effects Editor 

Want to make your images into artistic pieces that will attract your potential audience on Facebook and Instagram, but don’t have the budget to buy photo editing software? Fotor is a free photo editor for you that allows you to freely play around with its basic image editing tools and some special tools like AI photo effects, HDR, and RGB which are unique from the rest.

It stands out when compared with other competitors in the online marketplace with related services. And, let’s face it, the image has become very important. With Fotor, you are free to increase the value of your photos in minutes. In simple terms, Fotor is just the right and easy tool to make your picture amazing online. In fact, Photoshop online has never been easier!

4. Special Design Elements Editor

On one side, after taking a photo, editing a photo is the best and most important way to level up your image. All photo editing tools at Fotor are simple to operate. No Photoshop skill is necessary. On the other side, with Fotor’s smart online photo editor, you can apply color splash or add text to your photo in a few clicks and turn your images into ones you love.

Remarkably, Fotor has the best photo editor application including iOS photo editor and Android photo editor — as well as programs for Windows and Mac. After all, the photo editor software is all free to download. It also supports data and membership synchronization, which makes it easy for you to edit images anywhere and anytime — using one Fotor account.

5. All-In-One Graphics Design Editor

As an example, you can use Fotor to create YouTube thumbnails! Realistically, Fotor can help make a YouTube thumbnail easily. To grab the attention of your target YouTube audience, a great YouTube thumbnail works essentially for that. Fotor provides you with 500+ templates that are well designed as the standard size of a YouTube thumbnail (1208×720 pixels).

Get Started With Its Newly Added Color Splash Studio For Photographers

Basically, the Fotor — Color Splash Studio — is a brand new photo editing application. For your information, it’s a product from Everimaging that allows users to bring their photos to life by selectively adding color to a black-and-white photo. This effect can be seen in advertisements and professionally edited photographs and gives photos a sophisticated, classy feel.

Get Started With Fotor — Color Splash Studio

And now, with Color Splash Studio, anybody can achieve this effect without spending hours working through the confusing, difficult interfaces of other editing software. Users simply open Color Splash Studio, choose a photo, brush over the parts they want to stand out using the user-friendly brush tool and touch up with the eraser if necessary.

Equally important, in Color Splash Studio, not only can you selectively restore a photo’s original color, but you can choose to add a filter effect to the brushed areas. Once again, Color Splash Studio gives you powerful tools in a simple, user-friendly interface! After just a few minutes in it, anyone can give their photo a look and feel which can take hours to design.

Or rather, have an experience that can take days of trial and error in other editing software. Professionals and laymen alike can appreciate Color Splash Studio’s simplicity and quality, making it a perfect tool for anyone regardless of skill level.

The main features are as follows:
  • Integrates perfectly with the Windows 8 user experience, especially for users with touch-screens
  • Adjust brush size, softness, and intensity with a simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Enter Full-Screen mode to hide the toolbars and focus entirely on editing your image
  • Easily recover the toolbars with a swipe of your finger or click of the mouse
  • Adjust the brightness, sharpness, and saturation of the colored parts of your photo!
  • When you add color to your black-and-white photo, you can now restore the original color with an added filter!
  • Combine simplicity with functionality, achieving big results with only a little effort

Still, it also has an integrated album feature in a folder form. Specifically, for saving Color Splash photos and providing easy accessibility to these photos right from the home screen. Meaning, you want to take some time to get used to the Color Splash workflow before diving in with your own photos. Thus, you can now try your hand at the included sample photos!

Takeaway Notes:

It’s, important to realize, that Fotor launched in 2012 and was quickly recognized within the industry as a powerful image editing platform. Harnessing the role of technology in visual culture and most especially photography, Fotor delivers it. An all-in-one, photo editing suite that was promptly dubbed “Photoshop Lite” by the BBC. What about its new PxBee release?

Well, “PxBee isn’t pitching itself as a potential ‘Terminator.’ Bringing death to traditional stock-photo services like Getty Images or Shutterstock” — laughs Tony Duan of Fotor. PxBee prefers a more authentic and naturalistic look over staged photos. Their images are entirely unique and the traditional stock photo market has no access to the images that they distribute.

Whereby, they offer a service that is entirely complementary to that of their competitors. Notably, with the increase in photo licensing for web-based content use, print, and social media platforms, PxBee identified a need for high-quality photos. With budgets that allow even small businesses to find the perfect stock photo at affordable and attractive consumer prices.

PxBee connects the creative community — Fotor terrific photographers worldwide. Their goal is to make a user-friendly marketplace — with a huge collection of high-quality photos for stock photo purchasers to choose from. Ultimately, increasing the value of their images. Now that you know about Fotor and its new PxBee release, it’s time for you to see it in full action.

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