Florence Andenyi – Music & Ministry Journey

Florence Andenyi is one of the most celebrated Gospel Musician and Gospel Minister from Kenya.

Notably, Florence Andenyi submitted to serving the Lord while still in her youthful age. On the other hand, the release of her songs “Kimbilio” and “Kibali” saw her break the internet.

Not only did the two songs went viral but up to date, they are amongst the trending songs of all time on Kenya’s main streams.

Including the Television playlists, Radio programs, Dj mixes and even on Digital Content Downloads.

Florence Andenyi Humble Beginnings

In the first place, just like the life of her sister Gloria Muliro, hers too was that of solitude and societal alienation.

Especially being born and raised in Kenya’s biggest Kibera Slums.

However, God is Great for she was chosen from the misfortunes of being a Slum Child.

Particularly, becoming one of the most prolific Gospel Music Writer, Singer, Performer, and Mentor.

Florence Andenyi Biography
Not only in Kenya, but also East and Outside Africa Countries.

Florence Andenyi Music Journey

Important to realize that Florence Andenyi is a great follower of her Sister in Christ Gloria Muliro.

In fact, the majority of both the fan base and followers say that the two sings similar and have unique vocal talents.

Although during one of the interviews between Florence Andenyi and the Eve Digital Media (a product of Standard Media) had her clear the airwaves.

Especially after there were claims raised against her suggesting that she was Copying Gloria Muliro Music Style.

Clearing the airwave, Florence Andenyi said that she loves Gloria’s music and respects her too.

She added that Gloria Muliro is like her sister and they have come from the same hometown.

Arguably, “I am told that the video concept to my song Kibali is similar to her song, Kitanzi.

Florence Andenyi Biography
I didn’t do it with the intention to copy her. I come from a humble background and wanted that portrayed in the video.”

Kimbilio Langu Song by Florence Andenyi

As an example, one of the biggest project, and that which was well-received worldwide is the “Kimbilio Langu” Song.

According to Florence Andenyi, she did the song as a way to praise and thank God Almighty for the showers of blessings she sprinkled in her life.

As a matter of fact, for those who are clear at heart, you’ll agree that the song was well brought out.

Especially reflecting the truth of a submissive and humble heart the singer throws in “Kimbilio Langu” lyrics.

Not to mention, you can watch the “Kimbilio Langu” Song below;

Online Questions that Florence Andenyi Answered

The first thing to remember is that the majority of Celebrities from around the world try to avoid the public eye.

Especially with the rise and increase in demand for their real-time photos and video memes.

For instance, various publishing companies and blogs often offer their Paparazzi lucrative deals to present raw photos and videos surrounding them.

Paparazzi tend to make a living by selling their photographs to media outlets focusing on tabloid journalism and sensationalism (such as gossip magazines).

Q. Where do you go when in search of Inspiration?

I look at people around me and from the way they live. Angela Chibalonza continues to inspire me too.

I used to listen to her songs way before I became a musician and got uplifted through her songs.

Q. With your song, Kimbilio, was it the same case too?

The song is about God’s healing. I once got sick for eight months and doctors would tell me that they found nothing wrong with me.

Yet I experienced chest pains. Then I fasted and prayed for five days and God healed me. That was when I wanted to sing praises to Him.

Q. Why Singing?

Music is a calling. God chose me to sing and I want to glorify Him.

I am not singing to get money but to pass His message. I would feel bad if I do not sing.

Q. If not Singing, what would you be doing?

I have always wanted to be a journalist but that never happened. God has His plans and He wanted me to stick to music.

Q. Other than Music….

I am a hairdresser, my other passion. Especially, I love the styling and plaiting as well as applying make-up.

Q. What is the ideal life of a gospel artiste?

Gospel artistes should lead a life that sets an example to others.

The work we do is to give hope and win souls for the glory of God.

Q.  The gospel industry, how do you see it from within?

It is not what it used to be a long time ago; the industry has grown.

We also have gospel singers who are in it for the money.

While there are those who want to reach out to people and spread God’s word.

Q. About Pastors, these days, 

There are such pastors in our midst and I cannot condemn them.

Only God is allowed to do that. It is, however, sad that these days, the gospel has been abused.

And people see it as a way of making easy money. All in all, not all pastors are thieves.

Q. What should a congregation do?

They should pray to God to show them the right way and reveal the kind of a person the pastor is.

When they see that a pastor is a good person, support him or her. If not, they should not allow themselves to continue being lied to.

Q. Are gospel musicians likely to marry pastors?

Pastors are close to the church. When a singer gets married to one, they grow deep into the ministry.

I think it also has to do with the love they have for each other.

For some when they meet, they do not know the man is a pastor and they fall in love.

With this in mind, please don’t forget to watch the new songs by Florence Andenyi.

Use the Youtube Playlist below to watch all her most recent songs including the “NISHIKE” Song.


In conclusion, Florence Andenyi remains to be one of the most celebrated Gospel Musician in Kenya.

Equally, Florence has also remained humble and has kept her low profile from the industry controversies and stories that surround it.

Notably, through social media accounts, Florence Andenyi and husband have adaptively gone by the name Sosh wa M-Town.

Whereas, you will follow up on all updates regarding her ministerial and production of both music and affiliated audiovisual content.

Additionally, you will find useful links to connect with the Gospel Minister below this post.

Important to realize, you’ll get all the latest and new music by Florence Andenyi through her Official YouTube Channel.

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