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Most Fashionable Cities | Everything you Should know

Remarkably, ranked as the Most Fashionable Cities in the World as of 2020, here’s a tale of fashion creativity made by the various renowned and celebrated fashionistas. After all, Fashion is a charming world of creativity made by designers who love their work and are very talented.

Especially, in designing costumes to enrich our world with designs that express us in different moods and cases. Not forgetting, a Fashion Designer is an artist who impresses people and provides them with outfits that suit their needs.

Top Fashionable Cities in 2019

If you love both fashion and traveling, we are sure you are used to living out of a suitcase.

Basically, if you love both fashion and traveling, I am sure you are used to living out of a suitcase. On the other hand, some of us just look for souvenirs upon our travels to exotic places. While others, on the contrary, are specific about picking up things that are symbolic of local fashion.

And, if you are wondering what to pick up next when you are globetrotting, take a look at the most fashionable cities in the world as of 2020 as I’ve listed herein. And in the end, learn what to shop for to impress the fashion police. But, first; see also, Most Stylish Cities to Travel Around the World in 2020 Ranked.

How are the Most Fashionable Cities ranked?

In the past, editors and global fashionistas alike have narrowed their focus to the big four: New YorkLondonMilan, and Paris. However, with advances in technology and global connectivity, people are looking beyond the big four for fashion inspiration.

And also opening themselves up to experience international inspiration from all over the world. Surprisingly, some fashion meccas rise to the very top of just about every ‘Top 10’ list year after year. New York, Paris, and London are a few and they often take turns holding that coveted number one position.

While fashion is a more global, cosmopolitan industry than ever, some areas still hold colossal sway over the broader landscape. They say that style is a global language, but that doesn’t mean all places are equal when it comes to fashion importance. Even though, the internet has knocked down so many of the world’s cultural barriers.

Maybe in 2050, we’ll see fashion scenes thriving everywhere from Utah to Outer Mongolia. But for the time being some cities still rule the roost when it comes to influencing our beloved industry.

With that in mind, that’s why jmexclusives has culled reports from local experts, as well as international trends, to assemble more detailed information on most fashionable cities in 2020. And therefore;

Which are the Most Fashionable Cities in 2020?

To celebrate the diversity and unique cultures that make fashion design so exciting, we’re breaking down the most stylish cities in the Highsnobiety universe.

But, before the comments blow up, I’ll make this clear. That these spots are included based on their relevance to us and our readers. As well as the rank report by the

Fashion capitals around the world are rising, and the fashion industry is penetrating the whole world. There are a lot of new talented designers that have appeared on the Fashion platform.

Since the entire world is now thinking and breathing fashion, and that is great, let us look at the most stylish cities that top on our list this year.

Barcelona, Spain

1. Spain

Spain is surely among the top-ranked fashionable cities. It has a lot of talented designers and good brands, and it is reflected in people’s style.

Most of the people who came to visit the country think that the Spanish people also wear beautiful and elegant outfits, similar to their neighbors, France and Italy.

But, they do not know that it is their own taste. No doubt that Europe is the first capital of fashion.

2. Paris

Paris is at the top of the most fashionable cities in this world, and the beginning of the fashion industry was there.

French designers concentrate on choosing high-quality fabrics and inspiring designs. Paris is the city of beauty and light as well as fashion. The most famous haute courtier has initiated in Paris. Paris has carved its name on the top countries in the history of fashion.

Paris is one of four members of the Big 4 fashion weeks. The fashion week was launched for the first time in Paris in 1945. And it has attracted royalty more than any other fashion event in the world.

3. Stockholm

Stockholm is a beautiful city over an expanse of fourteen islands.

It attracts tourists to see the beautiful nature, but it also has its mark in the world of fashion and street style. The fashion industry is quite flourished in Sweden. They depend on local brands like Acne Studios to popularize fashion movement.

They are not like European contenders as Paris and Italy, but they have been working on achieving a bigger impact in the world fashion industry.

4. Istanbul

On one hand, Istanbul is a very inspiring city due to its breathtaking architecture and beautiful landscape.

On the other hand, Istanbul is one of the oldest fashion markets in the world. The people there prefer clothes that make them feel comfortable and light; the outfits which you can move everywhere such as blouses, light shirts, skirts, shorts, and trousers.

They love colorful clothes and light materials. Istanbul has been successfully attracting the eye of the world towards its fashion lines.

5. Melbourne

Melbourne has been a state of different cultures. The most important inspiring aspect that influences the designers there is the beautiful landscapes of Australia, which has been contributing to forming their signature in the fashion industry.

The city is also home to one of the biggest fashion festivals in Australia “the fashion week”; it is the most popular event in Melbourne that made it the fashion capital of Australia. The residents of Melbourne have their fashion style.

6. Dubai

Recently Dubai has become one of the most well-known and important Arabian cities since it turned a global economic center in the Arabian region.

Today, Dubai attracts investors from all around the world. Dubai is also a fashion capital for its lovers in the Middle East; its fashion suits the special nature of the region.

Fashionable Cities 2019

Winning lotteries at the malls in Dubai is what pushes many shoppers to come for a vacation here.

7. Hong Kong

Recently Hong Kong has become one of the countries in the Chinese empire that depends on the fashion industry, and it has turned the capital of fashion in Asia.

Especially, with the huge economic development that has taken place in China, which has become one of the largest industrial countries all over the world.

New York City, USA

8. New York

We all know that New York is known as a reflection of economic development around the world.

And also, to the suitability of the rise of the United States as a superpower in the world. Well, now it is also known as the capital of fashion.

New York is the home of quite talented designers and also a welcoming place to international fashion weeks.

London, United Kingdom

9. London

London is the city of fog, but now it is one of the most fashionable cities in the world.

Besides, Paris and Milan, London fashion week attracts a lot of the world’s grand fashion houses. London is a mixture of modern and old in cultures, and you see that clear when looking at the style of inhabitants.

The fashion changed from brash styles and bold to be more traditional and refined dressing. The designers are mixing between the old and the new in their inspiring designs.

10. Milan

Milan is a unique fashion city and the most famous Italian city as a fashion capital.

The Italians are known for their excellent taste and choice of clothes and shoes with top-quality materials. Not only celebrities but even the ordinary citizens, whether men or women are unique in their outfit choices which represent the distinct Italian style.

Italy is the home of quite talented fashion designers, and fashion is an important part of Italian culture.

Among the top fashion houses in Milan are Roberto CavalliGuccio GucciGiorgio ArmaniGianni Versace, Parade, Dolce and Gabbana, Valentino Garavani, and Fendi.


Since today the whole world thinks and breathes fashion design, as can be seen, designers seek to produce distinct designs for decorating and vibrating cities with attraction charms. Therefore, the fashion capitals, often in central cities, have emerged from the world fashion links (fashion weeks).

For instance, in these capitals and most stylish cities, you can find the largest fashion houses in the world. And they are often cultural commercial and economic centers for the people of the country as well as foreigners.

These specifications are often the most significant aspects of transforming the city from a normal one into the capital of fashion. Not to mention, Fashion is an international language, but not all countries are equal when it comes to their importance to the fashion industry.

We used to know that Paris is the leading fashion capital, but recently other cities have emerged to rival Paris in its position.


I hope the above-revised guide on fashionable cities in the world as of 2020 was of great help. Also, learn more about how a fashion designer can make a living using the best methods of fashion design sketching.

After all, you can Contact Us if you’ll have more contributions, suggestions, recommendations or even questions in regards to the above guide or other research-related blog posts.

In addition, leave your insights and inputs in the comments box below this article or even use the following links to find more related and useful topics.

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