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Fally Ipupa N’simba is popularly known by his stage name as Fally Ipupa. N’simba is a DR Congolese singer-songwriter, philanthropist, dancer, guitarist, and producer.

Fally N’simba was born on 14 December 1977 in Kinshasa. Located in the Democratic Republic of Congo in a huge family of his ancestors.

Additionally, he is the child of Monique Bolotuli Mbo and Faustin Ebombo Ipupa.

Ipupa started his musical career in several small groups located in Kinshasa. In the era of 1990’s his voice fascinated attention.

In addition, he ultimately combined local groups, comprising New Covenant” or “New City” “.

Also in the late 1990s, Ipupa collaborated with the nationally accepted “Latent Talent.” With whom he launched his first album in his singing career.

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Fally Ipupa Background Profile Information

Important to realize, Fally has a sister by the name Niclette Ipupa (in his group as a dancer).

Equally important, he also has a brother by the name Bony Ipupa aka Bony Liston (is his staff member), and his other sister Tyna Ipupa is a businesswoman.

Not forgetting, Fally is also the nephew of Sylvie Mampata, who is the Werrason’s wife.

He is the father of 4 children Marcosins Ipupa and Keyna Ipupa both born the same year from different mothers.

As he was ending one relationship and officially starting another one, Vincenzo Jovelino Ipupa, and the last one being Jayden Ipupa.

Below is the most recent collaboration video by Fally and Diamond Platnumz –

Fally Ipupa Family Upbringing History

Having been raised in a Catholic family, he began singing in the church choir. In adolescence, he began his musical career in various small groups in Kinshasa.

And in the mid-1990s his voice attracted attention and he eventually joined local groups, including “New City” or “New Covenant”.

In the late 1990s, he joined the nationally recognized “Latent Talent,” with whom he recorded his first album.

His first solo album was entitled Droit Chemin which was launched in the year 2006. The particular album went on to sell more than 100,000 copies. The second album of career entitled Arsenal de Belles Melodies was launched in the year 2009.

Also in the year 2010, Fally Ipupa has been bestowed with the MTV Africa Music Awards.  Being Best Video and Best Francophone Artist.

He also received the urban awards for best African artist after that year

Fally got connected with audiences stateside through a song entitled “Chaise Electrique.” In which a bilingual love song presenting former singer named G-Unit singer Olivia.

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Fally Ipupa Wealth & Net Worth

In general, the appraised total net worth of Fally Ipupa is around $18 million in the year 2018.

Accumulated in music businesses such as dancing, music production, social work, brand endorsements, business deals, etc.

Often named the Di Caprio of RDC, N’simba claims about every luxury car acknowledged to man. You will find them parked in the luxurious home compound in Kinshasa.

He is in possession of many luxurious cars. Such as a Lamborghini, a Bentley, a Rolls Royce, a Mercedes, a Range Rover and much more.

Additionally, from period 1999 until 2006, Ipupa remained as a member of Quartier Latin International.

A music band created in the year 1986 by Koffi Olomidé. Having contracted an agreement for three albums (World Version).

This was back in the year 2013 with Universal (Label AZ). The major record company in the world.

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His Family – Wife Nana Ketchup & Children

Fally Ipupa is currently married to his lovely wife by the name Nana Ketchup. Whom together they are blessed with three children.

Including, Marcosins Ipupa, Vincenzo Ipupa, and Jayden Ipupa.

As Ipupa puts it, “I knew the mother of my children when I was nothing at all, just a young ordinary little musician, amateur Kibinda. 

Of course, by then I was all skinny with my voice and my little nose. Whereas her family nicknamed me “PUKU” (Little Rat), saying that I was not good for Nana.

Notably, she kept laughing, answering them: ‘batika star na-nga.’ Which means ‘leave my star alone’.

According to Fally, Nana Ketchup strongly encouraged him while singing in the neighborhoods.

Adding that she stared straight into his eyes with a radiant smile. Whereas at times would stare at him without saying a word.

Fally & Nana Ketchup were Bound in Love

This is when I saw a game of a woman in love with me. I also began to support her eyes by singing and dancing, and she also did not stop dancing and singing to my songs.

For one thing, of course, which is not easy to forget, she always saw the good side of me.

At that time, she was the manager at Gombe, where she worked with Belgians and dressed so expensive, I mean Gianni Versace and so on.

She traveled all the time by going back and forth to Paris, Brussels, Kinshasa.

Sometimes, when she saw me with a Gondo na lipapa (panties and babouche), she did not deny me.

Nana Ketchup
Love Story: What Fally Ipupa Said About His Wife “Nana Ketchup”

His General Public Contributions

Comparatively, he has also contributed to MTV Africa All-Stars. Together with nationwide and globally well-known artists.

Such as 2 Face IdibiaSnoop DoggFlavour, among others.

This was back in the crowd of more than 15,000. Particularly spectators in the year 2013 at Moses Mabhida stadium.

Ipupa even participated in the project “Doc Agric”, to the growth of decent agricultural practices. Held in Africa to rankings of some African artists Tiken Jah Fakoly and D’banj.

Apart from this, Ipupa also collaborated with Krys, Maddy Munan, Ben J of Neg ‘Marrons, and Mokobé.

Of 113 comprising songs like Orgasy, Liputa, and Sopeka developing in DR Congo and different regions of Africa.

Ipupa’s success is apparent when he received a gold record for having sold over 100,000 copies. Making him a business model.

Popular African footballer named Samuel Eto’o, who lives in Kinshasa attended a basketball camp.

The State Meeting Barack Obama

In 2014 he was part of a group of African leaders to be invited to The White House to meet with President Barack Obama for a summit.

In the light of, strengthening ties between the US and the various nations of the African Continent.

Recently, Fally has made it certain to team up with Nigerian music stars. Including, 2 Face Idibia as well as with rapper named Naeto C.

On the new recording to his commercial hit single entitled ‘Sweet Life’.

Recognized as a music star. Which is still curious about his musical style and desired creativity. As well as the change in his development of career.

Ipupa has been bestowed with tons of awards and nominations, till date, adding to his fame. Also, he is regarded as” The Prince of Rhumba.

Fally Ipupa & Other Recognitions

Notably, Fally is an award-winning Congolese Pop Singer who got his start as a member of the group Quartier Latin International.

For instance, in Africa, even without meaning to, he created the trend, fashion, and music.

With over fifty million views on Youtube, signing with Universal Music France home record suggests a new twist to Fally Ipupa.

So to say, who will now dare to tint his music with a touch of pop and many other surprises.

With his silky smooth voice, he has conquered the international music scene and reached the hearts of many with his music blend of various styles, such as soukous, ndombolo, pop, and R&B.

In 2009, his album Arsenal de Belles Mélodies was very much noticed, with hits like Chaise électrique, a duet performed with ex G-Unit R&B singer Olivia.

See the additional list of his Music Career Awards.

Summing Up,

Remarkably, his presence in the international music industry has indeed been acknowledged, in 2007.

Particularly, when he won Best Male Artist at the Cesaire Awards and Best Artist or Group from Central Africa at the Kora Awards.

In 2009, he performed at the Africa MTV Awards, performing Bicarbonate. With a smooth soulful voice, an impeccable sense for style and dance moves.

Of course, that will have the opposite sex swarming, it must be said that Fally Ipupa is a very talented, music genius who is here to stay.

Similar to many young singers of this generation, music was not measured more than a hobby. Particularly, through the schooling education system.

Equally, studies were enforced to take importance over this singer’s craving. Having completed schooling from Kinshasa, Fally later diverted to music, singing career.

Resourceful References;

Generally speaking, Fally’s Latest Videos which include; Mannequin where he has featured Keblack & Naza.

Not forgetting, it has been trending on various Mainstream Platforms across the Internet.

Please, – Click here to watch the full video.

And also, His most recent Video Ecole has been the talk of the internet, especially through his YouTube Channels.

Whereas through the Dance Moves and Choreography in place, fans had to go viral sampling it.

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