Facebook Ban knocks the Prominent

A twist of fate as Facebook Ban hits Public Figures

Nothing pains your Online Voice more than a Facebook Ban. Especially on the fast-growing, ambient and ever-lurking world of Social Media Networking Sites. Owing to that in the recent past, Facebook Ban on individual figures might have been catalyzed by myriads of cumulative lawsuits.

Important to realize, social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube, just but to mention a few have all come a long way. Notwithstanding, for the majority, they all started from a confine of machinery labs with founding figures testing their computing skills.

However, with time, they mushroomed, sprout and even took their gigantic shape to some of the leading social networks. Surprisingly, eating away and consuming innocent souls along their way with their lucrative access and use.

Restriction of user abuse on hate speech through Facebook Ban

In the first place, Facebook Ban took a new twist of fate on Minister Louis Farrakhan (the leader of the Nation of Islam) and Alex Jones (a right-wing conspiracy theorist). Arguably, the duos have run out of space to air their views online after receiving the Facebook Ban as of Thursday 2nd, 2019.

Not to mention, unlike you and I, Louis Farrakhan and Alex Jones are high profile personalities enjoying maximum privileges. Not only from the social eco giants but also the stakes they represent and run. However, inasmuch as they are of a status class, Facebook Ban cuts across and from all sides. Declaring and terming them persona non grata.

The main reason behind Facebook Ban

Always remember that; social media networking has come under pressure for allowing hate to spread online like bush fire. Catapulting and accelerating the rate of ongoing cyber crimes, cyberbullying, identity theft, hacking, etc.

Moreover, Facebook Ban move comes barely after the shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand. In which, the killer live streamed a video that was viewed more than 5,000 times on Facebook alone before it was taken down. This hugely puts pressure on the social media networking giants to look far and wide in the mirrors.

Affiliated policy measures within online platforms

1. General Websites & Blog Policies

If you happen to have a website, you’ll agree with me that; URLs Protocols are no longer the by-gone. To enumerate, ICANN provides and regulates user-based policies in regards to website usage and data share online alongside existing websites and blogs. Important key point is that the body has the entire mandate to Blacklist any website found violating its terms. Here is more information about the ICANN Body.

Equally important, the EU (European Union) has put in place strict rules that govern the user data shared and provided to and through e-commerce sites. As an example, every website that has no protection is redundant and unanimously alive. Meaning that; the particular sites and or blogs may be pulled out of line, not to mention, without prior notice. And that is why for the websites and blogs to remain relevant, they must fully underline the following scopes alongside their WebPages. Such as;

  • Site protection with a verified lock badge
  • Providing a clear and well guided Privacy Policy, Terms and User-Based Guides
  • Verifying the site and blog pages through reputable search engines

Learn more about the European Union Rules on Websites and Blogs.

2. Copyright Strike and Claims Take Down

Have you ever wondered why you re-uploaded a video you loved on your YouTube Channel but then again got a YouTube Strike Notice? To enumerate, the main reason for the automation is to control violation of original content material shared through YouTube Platforms.

Whereas, unless you have all the rights and all privileges to change alter or even use the material, you are thereinafter a copyright infringer. Simply put, YouTube campaigns for fair use of content uploaded on their platform. Otherwise, anything else just like the Facebook Ban is affiliated to various risks. Read more about YouTube Content Policy and YouTube Strike Notice.

Facebook Ban rod on the right-wing Affiliates

In addition, those kicked out of the right-wing included;

  1. Jones’ Company (of InfoWars),
  2. Laura Loomer, Joseph Watson (both working for the InfoWars),
  3. An extremist Milo Yiannopoulos,
  4. And Paul Nehlen (a white supremacist who failed running for Congress in 2016 & 2018).

According to The Verge, Facebook said in a statement; “We’ve always banned individuals or organizations that promote or engage in violence and hate, regardless of ideology. The process for evaluating potential violators is extensive and it is what led us to our decision to remove these accounts today.”

According to the jmexclusives online research team, Facebook Ban may also be as a result of campaign resulting in the policy and rules breaks. And that is why, for May Facebook Page advertiser promoting Politicians, for example, must tag along with their name along with the promo ads.

World Outcry on Facebook Ban precautionary measures

  1. White Nationalism

For one thing, when Facebook announced in March that it was upping its efforts to ban white nationalism from its platform, ACLU staff attorney Vera Eidelman cautioned that “every time Facebook makes the choice to remove content, a single company is exercising an unchecked power. In other words, to silence individuals and remove them from what has become an indispensable platform.”

  1. Free Speech Advocates

Equally, some free speech advocates have cautioned that Facebook Ban attempts to police hate speech could lead to unintended consequences. Additionally, Eidelman told NPR nothing is stopping Facebook or other platforms from using that same power to censor content on other topics. Such as abortion rights and climate change.

In a nutshell, we should be wary of encouraging its exercise by corporations that are answerable to their private shareholders rather than the broader public interest and rights to free will.

  1. Facebook Ban Victims

As can be seen, through posts affiliated to other social media platforms, the banned individuals expressed their displeasure at the decision. As an example, Watson wrote through his Twitter handle that; “Reports are true! In an authoritarian society controlled by a handful of Silicon Valley Giants, all dissent must be purged.”

  1. Facebook Ban on Trump’s Employee

As of April, Facebook Ban was temporarily posted on comments by President Donald Trump’s social media director Dan Scavino. In general, after his postings were flagged by an algorithm. Whereas, a Facebook spokesperson apologized, explaining that Dan was banned because he had tagged so many people in his comments. Thereafter, automated bots thought he was a spammer. Donald was seen tweeting back that; “I will be looking into this! Further, adding to his tweet the hashtag notation of “#StopTheBias.”

For your Takeaway

As a matter of fact, Facebook Ban affects “dangerous individuals and organizations.” In particular, those that engage in; violence or have an ideology that attacks individuals. For instance, those curatively based on race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

Generally speaking, before providing a Facebook Ban, the company undertakes a lengthy review process before a ban, looking at factors such as;

  • Whether someone has called for violence,
  • And whether they use hateful slurs to describe themselves in their “About” section

Therefore, this is a wakeup call to all Facebook users with an intent mind of abusing and or violating their set standards and policies. Equally important, it is of good will to read and understand all the policies and terms illustrated below or in every social networking platform. More so, in order to avoid being a victim of Facebook Ban in addition to the affiliated social networking sites.

However, Facebook Ban does not affect the victims from accessing other affiliated products such as Instagram. As long as the content they share does not violate other Instagram and Facebook Terms of Service.

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