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What Do We Know About Equity Bank Equitel and Finserve Africa Limited? First, Finserve Africa Limited (trading as Equitel) is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in Kenya.

Secondly, by the same token, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Equity Group Holdings Limited.  Using the Airtel Kenya network as its services solutions carrier. Think of it as a Mobile Banking Service Industry. Especially, leading in stocks and competitively edging out across Kenya, Africa, and the outer world.

Here is What you Should Know about VBN: Virtual Bank Network

Basically, with its lucrative services and solutions support, there is more to Fineserve Africa Limited that you need to know? Well, follow this blog to the end and learn more. Or simply, see more details about Equity Bank Kenya Limited.

What does Equity Bank Equitel offer?

Equity Bank, through its subsidiary Finserve Africa Limited, received its MVNO Licence on 11 April 2014. Along with Tangaza Money and Zioncell Kenya. All which would run on Airtel Kenya’s network.

A move that was opposed by the Consumer Federation of Kenya, Safaricom, and Telkom Kenya. For over three decades, Equity Bank has earned a solid reputation as the “people’s bank”.

And it continues in this tradition by finding new ways to make your life easier. See more on Finserve – Board of Directors.

Equity Bank Equitel

In other words, Equitel is a new revolutionary platform that helps you manage your money and communicate.

With more Freedom, Choice, and Control. Additionally, Equitel provides tools and features that enable you to perform all your financial transactions as well as make calls, send SMS and browse the internet.

How is Equity Bank Equitel useful?

Equity Bank Equitel is a new revolutionary platform that helps you manage your money and communicate with more Freedom, Choice, and Control.

As an example, through Equity Bank Equitel Line, you can use My Money to do all your financial transactions. Including, transferring money, applying for Eazzy Loans, making payments and putting funds aside. Helping you save for future plans and goals.

Here is more about How to Get Eazzy Banking App on Google Play!

You can also access your bank accounts from anywhere, anytime thanks to Equitel. For more information on all the different things, you can do with My Money  Click here.

Equally important, Equitel provides tools and features that enable you to perform all your financial transactions as well as make calls, send SMS and browse the internet.

Equity Bank Equitel Diaspora

Equitel offers a wide range of services to suit your banking needs while you are living and working abroad. And of course, with Eazzy Banking, you can access all banking services.

From sending money and paying for goods and services to paying bills and managing your loan and bank accounts. Get Started!

With this in mind, Join Equitel by picking up your SIM at your nearest Equity Bank Branch. Not forgetting, their staff will be waiting for you to Register and Activate your Equitel Line.

And above all, to enjoy huge savings with the NEW Equitel Bundles, dial *544# and select the Equitel Bundle that best suits your needs.

How is Finserve Africa Limited and Equity Bank related?

In the first place, the Equitel brand was hailed by Equity Group as the ‘next big thing’ i.e. Equity 3.0.

The move was to give Equity Bank the opportunity to continue its mission of furthering financial inclusion. Not to mention, with innovative service offerings for all Kenyans.

Taisys Technologies to Finserve Africa Limited

By presenting their financial services offering on to a single platform, it makes banking services more accessible.

In addition, as a requirement of the general monetary market, flexibility, convenience, and more affordability.

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As can be seen, Airtel Kenya on its part stated that the partnership would increase its revenue by up to 10%. For the Bank, the move was aimed at lowering their transaction costs by up to 47%.

As well as an added revenue stream by providing money transfer service and other Telecommunication Services to their 8.7 million customers.

Taisys Technologies Co. Ltd – Has been enabling Slim SIM banking services with local banks not only in TAIPEI, Taiwan Homebase but also in Africa.

Especially, to the now fully capacitated Equitel Mobile Banking through Finserve Africa Limited. Learn more!

Here: Conveniently shop for your favorite smartphone loaded with Equitel Bundles

Due to the requirement to have a SIM card to access the service, users, therefore, need an additional mobile phone or Dual SIM phone. Equity Bank overcame this challenge by adopting the use of 0.1 millimeters thick ultra-slim SIM cards from Taisys Technologies Co. Ltd – Thin SIM.

Using technology originally developed in China. The ultra-slim SIM cards are placed at the back of normal SIM cards. Therefore, tackling this challenge effectively. This ultra-slim SIM cards would also come with Near Field Communication (NFC) capability.

Safaricom Equity Bank Equitel

Equally important, that enables them to be swiped on the point of sale devices or ATM. Thus converting a mobile phone into a credit or debit card.

As soon as you misplace or lose your card, you should be able to replace it almost immediately through your nearest Equity Bank Service Branch.

However, be ready to produce the following original documents for assistance;

  1. Original ID,
  2. A copy of your KRA PIN certificate,
  3. and Ksh.100 for the line.

And, should your line by any chance get blocked, you can DM the Equitel Online Service Team.

What you Need to Know About Taisys

TOKYO/TAIPEI November 21, 2019 –Taisys affiliate PT. ALL ACCESS AREA (AAA) who drives Digital Transformation (DX) from Indonesia and Malaysia, H.I.S. Impact Finance (H.I.F.), an H.I.S. Group Company, providing banking services under its service brand, “Fimple Bank,” and Japan Communications Inc.

Whereby, (JCI) has agreed to the vision to provide integrated digital services on a smartphone/cell phone and signed an agreement.

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Taisys publishes its Slim SIM Banking monthly transaction volume in China. TAIPEI, Taiwan, January 7, 2015/African Press Organization (APO)/ — Since 2008, Taisys (http://www.taisys.com) had been enabling Slim SIM banking services.

With local banks in China, especially in rural areas where inadequate financial resources are provided. Above all, with Taisys Slim SIM technologies, the banks have successfully built up the highly secured “virtual banking network” to their customers. Providing secure access to financial services, replacing the investment in traditional infrastructures.

Of course, that’s why Equity Bank chose to go for their services as well. Here: Equitel; Kenya’s First & Most Successful MVNO


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