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DW Question & Answer Pro – A Free WordPress Site Plugin

With over 2 years of development, the DW Question & Answer Pro (DW lite Plugin)has been serving 10,000+ websites all over the world. And in general, the Question & Answer is a WordPress Plugin by DW.  Helping you build a Question & Answer system on your WordPress sites.

With the plugin supporting multi-languages. As well as, shortcodes, reCAPTCHA, email notification systems, and so on. And as an example, it can be used through posts or queries. Especially by new users on a website in relation to common knowledge gaps.

The plugin is easy to download, install, and set up so that you can start building up your community right away.

What is the DW Question & Answer Pro?  

DW Question & Answer Pro is an all-time favorite question & answer plugin for WordPress. Your WordPress site will have a full-featured question & answer section like StackOverflow, Quora, or Yahoo Answers.

DW Question & Answer Pro - WordPress Plugin

With the DW Question & Answer Pro, they provide you with many new features. As well as special support priority for their customers. Below are some of the highlights to show why the plugin should be a strong contender. Compared with other existing plugins in this category.

The Key Features include;
  • Submit / Filter / Order / Edit / Delete Question
  • Answer / Comment
  • Vote and Pick Best Answer
  • Notification Email system
  • Instant search by keywords
  • 11+ languages supported
  • Captcha supported
  • Shortcodes available
  • Private/ Public for Question and Answer
  • Questions / Answers follow function
  • Sticky Question
  • More to come
Below is a more elaborate pictorial quick peep;

DW Question & Answer Pro

For the purpose of your further understanding, FAQs are a list of frequently asked questions and answers on a particular topic. And that’s why they’re also known as Questions and Answers [Q&A] or just (Frequently Answered Questions).

The format is often used in articles, websites, email lists, and online forums. For one thing, this is where common questions tend to recur.

How does the DW Question & Answer Pro work?    

As I mentioned earlier this is a plugin that builds a complete Questions & Answer system for your WordPress site, like Quora or Stackoverflow.

And inasmuch as it is called an FAQ, it’s regardless of whether the questions are actually frequently asked. Below is a step by step tutorial guide on how it works in realtime after installation.

Lest the purpose is generally to provide information on frequent questions or concerns. Even more, the format is a useful means of organizing information, and text consisting of questions and their answers.

This product is open-source software that’s free for commercial use. Therefore, you can download and install it on your website right away.

How is the FAQ plugin useful

The plugin is important in so many ways. Whereas, the purpose of the jmexclusives FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) is to provide answers to questions online. Such as giving you answers for the FAQs or rather online questions, queries, or concerns.

It’s also important to realize, the jmexclusives team is committed to providing you with free answers online. Especially to your general Brand, Business, and Products. And that’s where the plugin comes hand in hand.

Overall, you will find the most recent answers on the jmexclusives blog. And if you ask a question, our team makes sure you get all the necessary answers. In that case, if you have questions you’d like some answers to, you can Contact Us for some answers.

Other Plugin Add-ons Include:

Basically, this plugin is frequently updated with more features added based on all the feedback from the users like you.

This means you are welcome to give your feedback and suggestion on how you would want to have in the plugin.

  1. DWQA Markdown:
  2. DWQA Leaderboard:
  3. Embed question and Social Sharing:
  4. DWQA Captcha:

Additionally, you can find Documents and more detailed information about the plugin on

Whereby, they provide support both on their support forum and also on their DesignWall Support Page.

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