Dr. Margaret Ogola Google Doodle Honours

Who is Dr. Margaret Ogola?

Notably, Google Doodle bearing the image of Dr. Margaret Ogola appeared on Google’s homepage in Kenya. As a matter of fact, it coincided with what would have been the late author’s 60th birthday.

Local doodles provide a way for Google to connect with Kenyans about what matters to them and to help celebrate the important moments,” said Dorothy Ooko, head of communications and public affairs, SSA.

“We celebrated Wangari Maathai and today we’re celebrating a literary figure, Dr. Margaret Ogola.”

Dr. Margaret Ogola Google Doodle
Dr. Margaret Ogola Google Doodle – Image (Google)

What is a Google Doodle?

Chiefly, a Google Doodle is a product of Google that appears temporarily on special occasions in place of Google’s permanent logo on the homepage.

In the initial phase, Doodles were neither hyperlinked nor animated.

In that case, they are plain interactive images with hover-text describing the subject or expressing a holiday greeting.

Especially, as can be seen through yesterday’s Dr. Margrate Ogola commemoration on Google Kenya Homepage.

Important to realize, to make your own Google Doodle,

  1. Download or print the entry form.
  2. Doodle: Artists create their doodles using any materials they want.
  3. Write Doodle description – Write an artist statement to tell us a bit more about what you have drawn and how it represents something that inspires you. …
  4. Submit: Enter the contest.

Where was Dr. Margaret Ogola born?

In the first place, Dr. Margaret Ogola was Born in Asembo, Kenya in 1958.

Of course, Dr. Margaret A Ogola is best known for her novel, The River and the Source. Not forgetting, which was a set book in KCSE from 1999 to 2004.

And then again, not to mention, the novel won the 1995 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize best first book in the Africa Region, and the Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature the same year.

The River and the Source by Dr. Margaret Ogola
The River and The Source follow four generations of Kenyan women in a rapidly changing country and society.

As an example, I did “The River Between” by Ngugi wa Thiongo. Therefore, if you too did the same, then we can ride along together.

Although I found myself perplexed by the epic narration by Dr. Ogola. Equally important, her famous novel “The River and the Source” was part of the syllabus for high school students for many years.

As a matter of fact, The River and the Source portrays an epic story spanning cultures. In general, it tells the lives of three generations of women.

To enumerate, it traces the story of Akoko in her rich traditional Luo setting. Through to the children who live and die in the 20th century. See the full Synopsis of The River and The Source contemporary fiction Novel.

Google Tweets about the Work of Dr. Margaret Ogola

“Happy to celebrate Kenyan award-winning author, activist, and doctor, the late Dr. Margaret Ogola, author of The River and the Source. Which is your favorite quote from the book?” Google Africa said on Twitter.

Above all, Dr. Margaret would have been 60 years old today. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2011 after a long battle with cancer. Other books she wrote include;

  1. Place of Destiny,
  2. I Swear by Apollo,
  3. Cardinal Otunga
  4. A Gift of Grace and Educating in Human Love which she co-authored with her husband Dr. George Ogola.

On Wednesday, Google prompted Kenyans on Twitter to reply to the post with their favorite quotes.

Especially from the book by Dr. Margaret A Ogola “The River and the Source.

Here is a collection of KOT Tweets as captured by the Citizen News Team.

What is The River and the Source?

For your information, Dr. Margaret A Ogola released her first novel, The River and the Source, in 1995.

The internationally renowned book told the stories of four generations of Kenyan women as the country experienced rapid social, political and economic change.

Dr. Margaret Ogola
Which is your favorite quote by the late Dr. Margaret Ogola?

Outstandingly, the book won both the Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature and the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize. Particularly for the Best First Book in Africa in the year of its release.

Above all, it also became part of the Kenyan school curriculum.

Another key point is that; the award-winning novelist was also a practicing pediatrician. And who worked closely with orphans affected by HIV and AIDS as the medical director of the Cottolengo Hospice in Nairobi.

Later on, she received the Families Award for Humanitarian Service from the World Congress of Families for her services.

What is Dr. Margaret Ogola famous for?

Many would possibly claim not to have known her, and below are a few fun facts about Dr. Margaret Ogola every Kenyan should:

  1. Firstly, Dr. Ogola was born on 12th June 1958.
  2. Secondly, her book ‘The River and the Source’ was turned into a set book and examined in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examinations from 1999 to 2004.
  3. In reality, Dr. Margaret attended Thompson’s Falls High School in Nyahururu and was the best student overall in her O level class.
  4. She’s an alumnus of Alliance Girls High School and the University of Nairobi where she earned a Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery in 1984.
  5. Surprisingly, Dr. Margaret A Ogola was a staunch Human Rights defender.
  6. Not forgetting that Dr. Ogola was married to Dr. George Ogola, and together they had 4 biological children and 2 foster children.
  7. Finally, Dr. Margaret Ogola died on September 21, 2011, at the age of 53 years. She succumbed to cancer.


Google started honoring people, events, anniversaries and holidays with a doodle designed by one of its engineers in 1999.

The company has since then honored an array of African personalities. Such as Nobel Peace Prize winner and world-renowned environmentalist Wangari Maathai, South African singer and activist Miriam Makeba.

As well as, Stephen Keshi, the former team captain and coach of the Super Eagles, Nigeria’s national soccer team. 

Resourceful References;

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