Dr. Herbert Kleber Google Doodle Honours

Who was Dr. Herbert Kleber?

Surprisingly, Google Search Engine News as of 1st October 2019 had a special doodle in celebration of the life of Dr. Herbert Kleber.

Notably, the pioneer of modern addiction treatment in the US. And also, an award-winning psychiatrist, medical doctor, and human rights advocate.

Whereby, through Google Doodle, he received honors on treatment through its Tuesday Doodle feature.

Unfortunately, he died back in October 2018, and that’s why, today (October 1, 2019) marks the 23rd anniversary of his election to the National Academy of Medicine.

Therefore, with this in mind, October 1st would have been the 23rd anniversary of Kleber’s election to the National Academy of Medicine (NAM).

Dr. Herbert Kleber
How a 1960’s “narcotic farm” shaped modern addiction treatment – Click image for more!

What is a Google Doodle?

Chiefly, a Google Doodle is a product of Google that appears temporarily on special occasions in place of Google’s permanent logo on the homepage.

In the initial phase, Doodles were neither hyperlinked nor animated.

In that case, they are plain interactive images with hover-text describing the subject or expressing a holiday greeting.

For example, as can be seen, especially through Dr. Herbert Kleber today on Google’s Homepage. As well as Dr. Margaret Ogola’s Commemoration on Google Kenya Homepage (June 13, 2019).

How do you make your own Google Doodle?

  1. Download or print the entry form.
  2. Doodle: Artists create their doodles using any materials they want.
  3. Write Doodle description – Write an artist statement to tell us a bit more about what you have drawn and how it represents something that inspires you. …
  4. Submit: Enter the contest.

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But, Are they that important? See their full benefits here:

Celebrating Dr. Herbert Kleber
Celebrating Dr. Herbert Kleber: A pioneer in the field of addiction research and treatment

What Does Dr. Herbert Kleber Google Doodle show?

In reality, Dr. Herbert Kleber authored more than 250 papers and numerous books on addiction and its treatments during his lifetime.

And of course, that’s one of the main reasons as to why the Doodle honoring Kleber was illustrated by in its simple and classic manner by a Massachusetts-based artist. As well as, an author of the graphic memoir Hey, Kiddo, Jarrett J Krosoczka.

Through the Artistic Illustration Image, it shows the doctor listening to a patient, who develops during her treatment.

The OO at the center of the Google logo is made up of Kleber’s head and a picture on the wall of a brain.

Dr. Herbert Kleber Biography Profile

In the first place, Dr. Herbert Kleber was an American psychiatrist and substance abuse research expert.

Not forgetting, he was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on June 19, 1934, and became a doctor at the encouragement of his father.

His mother raised bonds, while his father ran a family luggage business called “Kleber Trunk and Bag.” The business specialized in manufacturing soldiers’ footlockers during World War II.

After all, Kleber’s father had trained to be a pharmacist earlier in his life, and he encouraged his son to take up medicine from an early age.

Secondly, according to the Center on Addiction, Kleber’s father pushed for him to attend Dartmouth College so he could study pre-med.

Much to his father’s chagrin, however, Kleber questioned his career path during his sophomore year and considered switching over to study literature and philosophy instead.

What Did Dr. Herbert Kleber Accomplish?

Luckily, after completing his psychiatry training, Kleber began work at the Public Health Service Prison Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky.

While there, he saw many of the inmates treated for addiction relapse shortly after their release.

But who was he and what did he accomplish? Below, allow me to provide you with a simplified profile of Dr. Herbert Kleber.

The Psychiatrist Dr. Herbert Kleber accomplished quite a lot in the field of modern medicine and health research.

During his time, he discovered new methods to treat individuals with heroin, cocaine, prescription, alcohol, or marijuana problems.

Below is the breakdown of his lifetime achievements:


Kleber came to view addiction not as a moral failing, but as a condition that had to be treated with research, medication, and therapy.

In 1968, he founded the Drug Dependence Unit at Yale University, where he was a professor of psychiatry, and headed the unit until 1989.

Dr. Margaret Ogola Google Doodle Honours

On the other hand, Google Doodle bearing the image of Dr. Margaret Ogola appeared on Google’s homepage in Kenya too on June 1st, 2019.

As a matter of fact, it coincided with what would have been the late author’s 60th birthday.

Important to realize that; Dr. Margaret A Ogola is best known for her novel, The River and the Source. Of course, which was a set book in KCSE from 1999 to 2004.

Not forgetting, the novel won the 1995 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize best first book in the Africa Region, and the Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature the same year.

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As far as am concerned, Google Doodles have been a reputable tool in bringing awareness to the general public on various notable celebrities.

Obviously, apart from Dr. Kleber and Dr. Ogola, there is a full list of previously listed public figures you need to know about. As we hope to see even more of them being doodled in the future too.

In fact, doodles are so important to Google that they even got a patent for them.

Not only did the Doodles start as a small thing, but they have grown into an integral part of how we think of Google.

For one thing, they make them a company we see as fun. And for sure, we think of them as interesting, intelligent people doing interesting, intelligent things.

In the end, by taking the time to talk about something other than us, we can actually reveal far more about ourselves.

And if people like what they hear, they’ll like us too.

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