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DLL Not Found Errors | How To Fix The Missing Files Error

In simple terms, a .DLL file, which is short for Dynamic Link Library, is a type of file that contains instructions that other programs can call upon in order to accomplish certain tasks. A single file can be shared by several programs at the same time, and this allows them to share the abilities that are programmed into that file, even simultaneously.

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Multiple different programs from different niches may call upon the same .dll file for a specific set of instructions for those programs to operate.

For example, system.workflow.runtime.dll is an executable file. This file contains machine code. The commands contained in the file system.workflow.runtime.dll of Windows Workflow Foundation will be executed on your computer if you start the software Windows Workflow Foundation on your computer.

How Does a DLL Not Found / Missing Windows Error Code Occur?

Windows isn’t a flawless operating system, and many different error codes and their variants may occur during your time with Windows 10, 11, and other previous generations.

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And DLL file-related issues/errors are one of the most common of them all.

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There are several reasons why a .dll file can fail, such as it being missing, deleted, or corrupted. The error will be displayed as soon as the user attempts to launch a program that requires the .dll file.

For education purposes, we have removed the exchndl.dll file from the open source photo editing software Gimp. As we launch the Gimp application on our PC with the .dll file, a windows error prompt with the message – ‘’ The code execution cannot proceed because exchndl.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.’’

How to Fix Windows DLL Missing Errors

Among all of the different types of Windows error codes and prompts, this is by far the easiest one to fix. Just follow these simple methods and steps mentioned down below and you will be fine.

Downloading the Missing File: 

Yes, it is that simple. You can just download the missing file and copy-paste it into the program installation directory. To do this, take note of the name of the missing file, and search for it on Google. Download the said file from a reputable .dll repository platform.

Unzip the downloaded file with 7Zip or WinRar and move the .dll file to the program’s installation location. Now try re-launching the program and it should work.

Note: This method is risky and may not work for everyone. Downloading .dll files from a third-party platform may help you run your program, but that might introduce unwanted modifications to the file. And do make sure to run a malware check on the downloaded file before installation.

Restarting the Computer

It is possible that your missing .dll program file failed to load properly, and this is a temporary issue. If so, a quick restart will do the trick.

Restore the Deleted File:

You may have deleted the .dll file by mistake, and that is what is causing the issue. Check your Recycle Bin. If you have a .dll, simply right-clicking and restoring the file will fix this issue.

Reinstalling the Program: 

The best course of action is to reinstall the program. The installation file will come with the original missing .dll file.

Updating the Drivers: 

If your missing .dll file error is being caused by a driver, try updating the driver or reinstalling it.

Updating the Windows OS:

If your .dll error is occurring because of the operating system, try updating your Windows to the latest available updates/patches. This might fix the issue.

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Reinstalling Windows:

If nothing works and you are unable to use your PC optimally, then it is time to reinstall your Windows OS.

To Wrap It Up,

Windows .dll errors are simple issues with easy fixes and workarounds, but in certain cases can get complicated. We hope that you’ve found this content helpful and informative and will consider sharing it with someone who is facing such issues.

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