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Diamond Platnumz | His Family Life, Music, Wealth & More

Born Nasibu Abdul Juma, Mr. Diamond Platnumz is a household name in Tanzania and the rest of the World. On one hand, he is a Bongo Flava artist, singer, dancer, and CEO of Wasafi. On the other hand, Diamond Platnumz is one of the most celebrity Bongo Music sensations across major platforms.

Not only in Tanzania his birth Country but also across every corner of the music industry. In 1995 he joined Chakula Bora Nursery School and in 1996 he joined Tandale Magharibi Primary School and completed primary school education in 2002. Whereas, in 2003 he started his secondary school education and graduated in 2006.

The Make Tetema hit-maker recently revealed to E! TV that his net worth – a whopping $4 million (KSh 405 million). Hence, placing him as one of the wealthiest artists in Africa. Below is one of the most recent music video by Diamond Platnumz – Baba Yao.

Where was Diamond Platnumz born?

CHIBU was born at Amana hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on the 2nd of October 1989. Nasibu grew up in the western part of Tandale where he was living with his mother at his grandmother’s house. His father was not on the picture as a result of unresolved conflict between his parents.

On the contrary, Diamond Platnumz was born on 2nd October 1989 (30 years as of 2019). Not to mention, he was however publicly dating Zari Hassan who was 10 years older than him. Exclusively, Diamond fans assume that he has an appetite for older women.

According to the sources, Chibu is a staunch and dedicated Muslim believer. He was born on the 2nd of October 1989 to Sanura Kasimu and Mzee Abdul Juma. Diamond Platnumz was born and raised in Tandale, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. His siblings include; Esma Platnumz, Queen Darleen and Romeo Abdul Jones.

What makes Diamond Platnumz so famous?

Diamond Platnumz’s versatile line of music has seen him reach the threshold of collaborating with various fellow and legendary music creators.

Equally important, CHIBU’s huge reputation and worldwide awareness have let him win majorly and huge lucrative Brands & Products endorsement deals (especially, being their Brand Ambassador). Chibu is the current brand representative of Pepsi

As an example, even some Kenyan Gospel Musicians; the likes of Willy Paul Msafi and Kelvin Bahati admires and looks up to his Legacy. Which led to Bahati establishing his music label the EMB Records and Willy Paul Msafi creating the Saldido International Record Label.

Notably, the two themed Kenyan Gospel male-dominant artists went their ways to have to relate their music style match that of Diamond. According to the various outcry from the public, some insinuating the two have been copying the Simba Style of Music. Below is one of the Diamond’s first Song Video Kamwambie.

Diamond Platnumz

When did Diamond Platnumz begin Music?

Life in Tandale was hard as his mother had no reliable source of income. Nasibu, his mother and grandmother were forced to share a single room and rent out the remaining two rooms which were initially for Nasibu and his mother in order for them to be able to pay the bills.

In addition, Diamond’s style of Bongo Music is relentlessly proactive. Especially having met one on one with the of East Africa’s Finest Audio Producer Lizer. Whereas the two are able to bend both the music mastery piece reality and music mix mastering.

Another key point is that; despite Diamond Platnumz being raised on the line of abject poverty, his fame and wealth have made him remain friendly. Especially to his Wasafi Media Team, His Management and even his fellow musicians signed by his Music Label. Including Mr. Lavalava, Mr. Mbosso Khan, Mr. Rayvanny not forgetting Mr. Harmonize.

He has had several hit songs including “Number One” which he featured Nigerian artiste Davido. Additionally, Diamond won numerous awards at Channel O and the HiPipo Music Awards. He performed at the Big Brother Africa 7 eviction show in May 2012. Uniquely, Diamond is considered influential among his fans, and is said to be the most loved and decorated East and Central African artist at the moment.

Diamond Platnumz Career Breakthrough in Music

In 2009 Diamond met Msafiri Peter aka Papaa Misifa who agreed to provide financial support in nurturing Diamond’s talent. They recorded his first single titled “Nenda Kamwambie” which was a dedication to his girlfriend who left him when he had nothing. That was the song that opened doors for Diamond in the music industry.

Diamond released his first album, Kamwambie, in 2010. The top-selling Lala Salama followed two years later. Additionally, he performed on a 2012 episode of the Big Brother Africa reality series.

Diamond Platnumz Biography

Notably, his musical collaboration with Nigerian-American vocalist Davido earned him a 2014 MTV Africa Music Award nomination.

In 2010, he endorsed Tanzania’s dominant ruling party, the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) and its presidential candidate, Jakaya Kikwete. He also recorded a remix of his single Mbagala, titled CCM Tusonge Mbele (CCM Let’s Move Forward). Diamond is jointly managed by Babu Tale and Saidi Fellaaka Mkubwa Fella TMK from the Tanzanian music industry.

Diamond Platnumz released his debut album on 14 March 2018 in Kenya. Most of Diamond Platnumz songs have been said by many to be the most popular ever from any Tanzanian music artist. A Boy From Tandale – officially released on March 14, 2018.

The list of 11 Diamond Platnumz Love Benders

1. Rehema Fabian

Rehema Fabian and who currently resides in Hong Kong claims she is the first woman Diamond Platnumz dated. The Miss Kiswahili 2009 claims that Diamond promised to marry her while they were secretly dating.

Moreover, she claims her relationship ended when she traveled to Arusha and Diamond announced in public that he was dating Wema Sepetu.

2. Upendo Mushi

Diamond dated Bongo actress Upendo Mushi before he hit the celebrity life jackpot. The two, however, broke up after only five months with claims that he was poor in bed.

3. Anti Ezekiel

Notably, Diamond fooled around with Bongo actress Anti Ezekiel before he dumped her and moved on with another woman. Aunt Ezekiel is currently in a relationship with Diamond’s dancer Moze Iyobo.

4. Wema Sepetu

Notably, Wema Sepetu was Miss Tanzania 2006. She founded the Endless Fame and is one of the most celebrated and Award Winning Actress from Tanzania. You can watch her new Movie D.A.D on MPTV.

In addition, Wema is also the CEO of Little Sweethearts baby slayers and Wema App. Respectively, Diamond has been in an on and off relationship with Wema Sepetu for a long time. And he cheated on her with several women leading to their breakup in 2014.

5. Penny Munilwa

Penniel Mungilwa popularly known as Penny dated Diamond way back in 2013. She was among Wema Sepetu’s friends who Diamond cheated with. Penny and Diamond broke up in 2013 after it emerged that the two were cousins.

6. Jokate Mwegelo

Jokate Mwegelo is the current U.R.T President’s Office and the District Commissioner Kisarawe Tanzania. Additionally, Mwegelo is a University of Dar es Salaam Alumni as well as a proud citizen of the United Republic of Tanzania. Even though Jokate themes herself as the Servant of the People in Tanzania, she is one of Wema’s friends too.

But CHIBU too cheated on her during their love triangle surroundings. However, their relationship came to an end when Wema found out that Jokate had stabbed her in the back. The two ladies still have a beef to date.

7. Jacqueline Wolper

Jacqueline Wolper or rather Wolper Stylish is a renowned Tanzanian Movie Star. In addition, she is also a businesswoman and the C.E.O House of Stylish based in Tanzania. Remarkably, Diamond Platnumz dated Bongo actress Jacqueline Wolper for several months before they parted ways.

Wolper went on to get in a relationship with Diamond’s protégé Harmonize before they broke up too sometimes in 2017.

8. Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa Mobetto is one of the longest time known girlfriend to the Tetema hitmaker. In addition, apart from being the mainstream video vixen, she is also an entrepreneur, a model, an actress, a fashion designer, a musician and the founder of mombetto styles.

He was sleeping with Hamisa at his Madale home in Dar es Salaam as Zari stayed with kids in South Africa. He has a third child, Abdul Nasibu, with the model Hamisa Mobetto.

9. Zari the Boss Lady

Zari Hassan or rather Zari the Boss Lady is one of the most influential Diamond’s baby mama. Just like her co-wife Hamisa Mobetto, she too is a renowned Ugandan Musician, Mummylicious, Reality TV Star, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and of the shareholders to the Brooklyn City College. When Diamond broke up with Wema Sepetu in 2014, he hooked up with Zari the Boss Lady.

On the other hand, Zari herself had just lost her wealthy husband from a sudden demise. He sired two kids with Zari while they cohabited. Zari argued that Diamond cheated on her multiple times. Where she finally decided to dump him on February 14th, 2018.

Thereafter, Diamond started rekindling his love with Wema Sepetu. With his former spouse, South African based Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan, he has two children, Latifah Dangote, and Nillan Dangote. 

10. Tunda Sebastian

Little is known of the whereabouts of Tunda Sebastian apart from that she is a top Celebrated Video Vixen, Model, Beautician, and Fashionista from Tanzania. However, it is believed that Diamond was fooling around with this Bongo socialite in late 2017.

Immediately after Diamond Platnumz announced the separation between her baby mama Zari Hassan. He never acknowledged that Tunda was his side chick despite all the tabled  ‘evidence’.

11. Tanasha Donna

Although this may be true, Tanasha Donna accredits herself to the surroundings of being a woman of God. You’ll see more through Tanasha Donna official Instagram Account. The two met for the first time during a recent Wasafi Tour extravaganza. Then the rest happened so quickly and the rest became history.

Tanasha Donna Background

On one hand, apart from Tanasha being the public wife to Diamond Platnumz as of 2019, she is also a former radio presenter at NRG Radio. Especially before Diamond offered her a position at his Wasafi Company.

On the other hand, Diamond’s current bae mama is the current CEO and Founder of Donna Enterprise. In addition to being a commercial model and digital influencer.

According to Tanasha, she spends most of her weekends at Diamond’s residence in Tanzania because the singer’s security protocol can’t allow him to visit her two-bedroom apartment alone. Further, the NRG presenter revealed that her efforts to convince Diamond to come over, have not been successful citing convenience reasons.

She noted that Diamond being a celebrity, he would not want the world to know he’s around as that will create unnecessary drama.

Tanasha Donna

Before dating CHIBU, Tanasha had just moved from a breakup relationship with another Kenyan based Actor Nick Mutuma.

WCB Wasafi – Wasafi Classic Baby

Important to realize, WCB Wasafi or rather Wasafi Classic Baby (widely referred by its short form as ‘WCB‘)  is a Tanzanian-based Music Record Label.

Not mention that it was founded by musician Diamond Platnumz while still under the roof of the Clouds Mainstream Media.  After being successful in the music industry Diamond Platnumz created a Music Label that has grown over the years.

WCB Wasafi records have taken over the music industry in East and Central Africa. We have watched it grow from a single artist to the current seven artists. All of the artists at wasafi records seem to be performing well. This can be attributed to the best manager they have and teamwork. WCB Wasafi has signed a number of artists from Tanzania.

Whereas the WCB Wasafi label Artists have successfully got their music across Africa. And also some of them even being nominated on BET Awards, MTV Africa Music Awards and AFRIMMA. Because of Wasafi Record’s popularity, so many have wished to know who the man behind it is.

Diamond Platnumz is the founder of the WCB Wasafi Records. That is why he is a star who can completely ascribe his success in the music industry and make it count because he got it right from the start.

WCB Wasafi Records Producer Lizer

For your information, the “Wa-safiiiii Audio” songs signature is a combination of both CHIBUS voice and Lizer’s edition version. Lizer Classic is a name you have always heard of if you are a Diamond Platnumz fan. This is because his name is always appearing on all Diamond’s songs.

Diamond Platnumz Laizer Classic Producer Lizer, the Wasafi Records producer, has been instrumental in the production of Diamond Platnumz songs among other artists. He met with Diamond when working in Burundi and Diamond has never been disappointed.

Also known as WCB (Wasafi Classic Baby), the other factors which have contributed to its success include; shows, proper management of the production studio, and ambassador roles. Learn more about the Laizer Classic Producer Profile.

Diamond Platnumz Lifestyle

To make it as an artist was not easy” as Diamond puts it. Not to mention that he was trying to raise money for a simple studio session back in 2007 forcing him into doing casual work. Including, selling second-hand clothes on the streets, filling station attendants, freelancing as a photographer, and any other hand to mouth kind of work.

Diamond Platnumz Perfume

Apart from Diamond Platnumz doing music as a professional career, he has also a variety of brands affiliated to his household name. Including, the Chibu Perfume and Diamond Karanga.

At times, he indulged in illegal gambling; all that for the money to record his first studio single. As a matter of fact, it was not easy for him to save enough money for one studio session and fend for his family with the money he made.

Forcing him to sell his mother’s gold ring secretly to settle for the studio sessions. That is why, Diamond has, is and will still keep pushing for the betterment of other Musicians from Tanzania but as well as East Africa and Africa at large.

Diamond Platnumz Prestigious Awards & Nominations

Exemplary, Diamond Platnumz has won a variety of both local and international awards (21 plus) and still counting. On 3 May 2014, Diamond Platnumz set a new record at the Tanzania Music Awards by winning 7 awards, including Best Male WriterBest Male ArtistBest Song Writer and Best Male Entertainer of the Year.

The previous record was set by 20%, a recording artist who walked away with 5 awards at the 2011 Tanzania Music Awards where diamond left empty-handed.

Prior to accomplishments, Diamond held the record for winning 4 awards at the 2010 Tanzania Music Awards. He has also the following awards entitled to his name: Kilimanjaro’s best upcoming artiste in 2010MTV Base Mama AwardsNigeria for best Upcoming Artiste as well.

In Kenya, he has won Nzumari Music Awards for Best Male artiste from Tanzania. And the list is endless. However, artists who wish to do a collabo with him would have to part with Sh277,000 per audio recording and Sh553,000 per video recording sessions. Even though the price tag keeps rising each and every month.

To watch all the most recent videos by Diamond, please follow the YouTube Player below.

Summing Up,

In conclusion, you’ll agree that the life of CHIBU has been an exemplary one and that of solitude too. However, his mum Sandra Kassim has relentlessly been supportive of her son success in music and extramarital affairs.

Notably, her mother contributed too by buying albums of different artists for him to learn and acquire a wealth of information and leading details towards the musical journey.

Remarkably, sometimes she would take him out to different talent shows and most importantly, assisted him in writing the music lyrics in a way he could easily sing. Even though her family members criticized her moves as a waste of time, her mother would never give up. No wonder she is one of the Mondis loyal and closest person in his life.

Diamond Platnumz has acquired quite much during his music career. On the contrary, he has also introduced several products and services under his Brand name and also partnered with several other brands and companies as well.

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