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If you are interested in joining the celebrity photographers league, then the name David Molnar should be on your radar. From a tragic accident to success story, David Molnar has spent the last decade perfecting his craft. We all know the story too well of life changes and career goals.

And as an example, from the time we are young people ask us what we want to be when we grow up, and the answer may change as we grow. And in fact, for some of us, our path is clear and defined. Whereby, we have goals that we set out to reach with a clear focus.

For Molnar, that focus was originally collegiate wrestling. But, the reality of events changed everything. Below is the exclusive story of this celebrated photographer.

David Molnar Bantu Photos

David Molnar Photography is dedicated to helping amateur and professional photographers become proficient across all aspects of modern photography.

It is important to realize, his career goal was to be a pilot, but wrestling was always instilled in him. And as a natural athlete living off the coast of California, he was determined to win the state wrestling championship in his senior year. Unfortunately, that plan took a painful turn as I will elaborate later on.

Who is David Molnar?

David Molnar is a celebrity and advertising photographer, believer, and family man. His work has been seen on millions of Pepsi cans, in People Magazine, on American Idol, and in The New York Times.

His clients include Google, Pepsi, & Sony among many others. Feeling so blessed to be realizing his dreams, David is now focusing on being “Your Photography Mentor.” He is helping tens of thousands of photographers pursue THEIR dreams by creating world-class photo education, inspiration & resources.

Before I tell you his full story, you can meet your photography mentor team as discovered and founded by Molnar.

David Molnar Photography Mentorship

On Christmas Eve of his senior year, he suffered from a head-on collision. The vehicle accident caused Molnar to have knee surgeries on both of his knees. Thus, his wrestling career ended.

Although he was projected to attend college on a full athletic scholarship, all offers were off the table the moment he was injured. Especially, because knee surgery has a long recovery time, most colleges aren’t going to be so willing to offer scholarships to an injured athlete.

Therefore, without scholarships, Molnar decided to seek alternate routes after graduation.

How did David Molnar begin his Career?

Generally speaking, coming from a small island off the coast, he thought it was important to move away and make something of himself.

And like many other small-town narratives, there is a strong belief in getting out and moving away to become successful and venturing back when necessary.

After the wreck, David Molnar thought he had lost all hope. Leaving high school, he decided to leave and go to Texas to go and work for a nonprofit organization.

During his time there, he worked in the creative department for a year-long internship. Although he had taken some photography courses in high school, he wasn’t sure that it was something worthwhile.

Equally, during his time working for the creative department, he found himself with a camera in his hands and began taking pictures. After stumbling into photography, he started to think that it might just be the perfect fit for him. As more and more doors began to open, he was finding his passion all over again.

From pilot to photographer, he was even fortunate enough to meet his wife during that time.

Does photography feel like a guessing game?

Of course, “I remember that feeling well!” – He says. Whereby, “most camera owners are confused, frustrated & overwhelmed when trying to learn their camera settings and editing software.”

That’s why we create easy, step-by-step photography courses that teach you, in plain English, how to confidently shoot & edit pro-quality photos every time.

Be that as it may, hoping to photograph his favorite band, David Molnar had a friend who helped him get backstage at a concert. After photographing the band, they actually reached out to him and used his photo for their tour shirt that year.

Surprisingly, at the young age of 19, he had already achieved one of his biggest career goals. Now, Molnar may be considered one of the most famous and innovative photographers in the world.

David Molnar Photography

Although his professional training is done primarily through experience, it’s because of those experiences that he was able to become the well-known artist that he is today.

He was fortunate enough to photograph for advertising campaigns and travel the world doing photoshoots and even album covers. Although he seems to be the expert, he wanted to share his knowledge with others and future generations.

After realizing how awesome some iPhone pictures can be, he became crafting some of his best works utilizing the pocket-sized device.

Join his Program and become the photographer everyone is jealous of

For instance, 3rd party applications that can help you take professional quality photos, but many people don’t know how to do it.

He started utilizing techniques he had learned in his career to get some of his photos in places like People Magazine and the New York Times. After all, most people taking photos on an iPhone are doing so just to it, and although sometimes the photos do turn out well, they aren’t utilizing the techniques.

In that case, all deemed necessary enough to get the professional-looking photos. Later on, David Molnar decided that he really wanted to help people.

Particularly, make each photo wonderful every time they took one. There is an art to taking a photo that looks expensive with a device that is meant for communicating.

How do I join a photography masterclass?

First, join over 200,000 students who are becoming great photographers through his official website.

And as his photography career continues, Molnar has created a new video series called Aperture where he discusses that tiny hole in your camera and how to get the best use of it. Helping you learn how to manipulate the small details of a craft. Or trade can be the difference between a novice and an expert.

Being selfless with his information, he continues to educate the photography community daily. Particularly about each of his discoveries and skills. With videos, books, and tutorials, he has been able to create a library of information and knowledge.

In reality, that can be shared with people who are considered experts or even people just starting their photography career. Above all, he has a unique ability to explain and teach his craft. One of the most important reasons he has been so successful in his photography career.

Masterclass 072: How To Succeed As A Celebrity Photographer (by David Molnar)

In reality, no longer does one require the latest, most expensive camera gear on the market to take an award-winning photograph. Thanks to the advent of the smartphone and basic editing apps, we have seen the undeniable rise of amateur photography.

Not forgetting, with billions of people in the world now with a camera on their person 24/7. Above all, using social media platforms such as Instagram to publish photographs instantaneously.

While globally respected photographers might argue platforms like Instagram destroy the integrity of quality photography, as we know it.

Others would argue such apps merely give a platform to better photography, and allow the popularization of new ideas and approaches to the art.

We now live in a world more connected by images than the pioneers of photography could have ever imagined.

And those who mightn’t have had an interest in photography prior to the iPhone now find themselves snapping photos at every available moment. Not to mention, seeking to preserve special moments in time.

Celebrity Photographers | How To Easily Become One

As a matter of fact, David says it was a series of small steps that made him one of the best celebrity photographers. And as can be seen, he had no real connections in Nashville, so he had to hustle.

Of course, he contacted several photographers. And finally, one contacted him and asked if he could haul equipment, and could he come right now. He said yes!

The key, David says, is being persistent and being available when the opportunities arise. He started assisting some of the top photographers in the industry. Basically, who happened to be right there in Nashville where he lived.

And also, many of these folks did album covers or advertising, and he said it opened up a whole new realm of photography for him.

What’s More?

Before sharing some of his credible sources in the celebrity photographers training course, there is more to David Molnar that you need to know first.

David Molnar spent two years assisting other photographers while building a portfolio of wedding gigs on the side. After all, his goal was to soak up as much knowledge as possible during this time.

Eventually, he started getting gigs in the music industry. After one particularly great gig, he decided to make a go at it full-time. And he’s been working as a photographer ever since!

Below are the links that have promised to share on his online training;

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Almost all of us have seen a Pepsi can or watched an episode of American Idol. Or even read The New York Times, which means most of us have seen David Molnar’s work!

Since David is our referral celebrity photographer and he is a music and advertising photographer, there is a lot you can gather from him.

For one thing, his work has been visible on Pepsi cans. As well as, American IdolPeople magazine, and The New York Times among many other places.

Growing up on the coast of North Carolina, David enjoyed surfing. He also read a lot of surfer magazines and thought someday he’d photograph surfers for a living.

When he realized it would be tough to make a living this way, he changed plans and decided to become a pilot.


It is our hope that the above-revised profile was impressive and satisfying as you read it. And in that case, it will be helpful enough for your photography journey.

While immensely admired by the general public, celebrity photographers must have exceptional talent, enormous dedication as well as a resilient disposition.

Employment opportunities can depend as much on networking as it does on talent. Whether working for the tabloid industry or a highly-regarded record label. So, aspirants to the field need to develop a keen sense.

Eventually, of how to open the right doors and then, once inside, keep everyone happy. With this in mind, you can read and learn more about A Beginner’s Guide to Black and White Photography.

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