Webmaster Tools

Toolkits are a collection of authoritative and adaptable resources for front-line staff that enables them to learn about an issue and identify approaches for addressing them. Toolkits can help translate theory into practice, and typically target one issue or one audience.

What Is Google Page Experience?

Google Page Experience | Mobile-Friendliness Signals Tool

The Google Page Experience report provides a summary of the user experience of visitors to your site. Google evaluates page experience metrics for individual URLs on your site and will use them as a ranking signal for a URL in Google Search results on mobile devices. However, websites should not expect to see drastic changes as a result of this update.

What Is FotoJet?

FotoJet | The No #1 Free All-In-One Graphics Design Tool

Thanks to FotoJet, everyone can become a professional designer delivering impressive results with this powerful graphic design tool! And whenever you feel inspired, you can always create awesome designs using their extensive number of templates. As well as, crafting jaw-dropping posters, flyers, cards, invitations, social media graphics, banners, and much more.

What Is Web 3.0?

What Is Web 3.0? The Key Properties Of Web3 To Know

Web 3.0 aka Web3 refers to the evolution of web utilization and interaction which includes altering the Web into a database. It enables the up-gradation of the back-end of the web, after a long time of focus on the front-end (Web 2.0 has mainly been about AJAX, tagging, and another front-end user-experience innovation).

What Is Highlight This?

Highlight This | No #1 Extension To Find And Mark Words

Highlight This is a browser extension for the Chrome and Firefox browser which highlights words you select, on web pages that you visit. You can set up different lists of words, assign them a color, and even specify on which pages you want the words to be highlighted. Not to mention, you can easily find it on both the Chrome Store and on the Mozilla (Firefox) add-ons page too.

What Is BuiltWith?

BuiltWith | Find Out What Websites Are Built With For Free!

Founded in 2007, BuiltWith® is a website profiler, lead generation, competitive analysis, and business intelligence tool providing technology adoption, ecommerce data, and usage analytics for the internet. Its technology tracking includes widgets, analytics, frameworks, content management systems, advertisers, content delivery networks, web standards, web servers, etc.

Brand Campaign Slogan

Brand Campaign Slogan | How Is It Best Utilized Online?

Sometimes, simply conveying how and why your product works are enough for consumers. Showing becomes more effective than telling. Just because your product does some pretty amazing things doesn’t mean its a go. And that you need to hit your audience over the head with it. Instead, explain your product’s benefits in a relatable way. This makes consumers able to see themselves using it.