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Basically, Promotional Campaigns are some of the key areas of the marketing plan and strategy mix. It is the process of engaging and communicating with the target audience. After all, sending timely, relevant and contemporary messages through appropriate media is very critical for this communication.

Therefore, effective communication is what establishes common thoughts between the sender and the target audience. For instance, in a single campaign different tools like direct marketing, sales promotions and sponsorship can be used.

But, the messages across these different tools need to be carefully customized. And also, equally designed to meet the objectives of the promotional campaign.

Above the line, Below the line, through the line promotions are different promotional techniques categorized based on the target audience. These Promotional Campaigns are used to increase sales, raise awareness about social issues, increase brand equity or change public opinion.

What is a Promotional Campaign?

Typically, Promotional Campaign uses different media resources including the internet, newspapers, television, radio, and print advertising. And therefore, a Promotional Campaign is a series of advertisements.

Especially, using various marketing tools that share the same messages and ideas. With high-end intentions of promoting businesses or events to a target audience. The word ‘promotion’ might invoke visuals of advertisements through which organizations try to convince consumers to buy their goods and services.

However, promotion is not only about advertising. The promotional mix has various communication tools and different tools should be based on the target audience.

A Promotional Campaign Requires You;

  1. Set the objective for the campaign (SMART goals),
  2. Identify the target market (current users, influencers, decision-makers),
  3. Develop clear and unambiguous messages
  4. Identify the communication channel (Direct mail, newspaper ad, tvc, etc),
  5. Determine the Promotion mix and Allocate the Budget,
  6. Actualize the ROI while evaluating the campaign effectiveness, etc.

In the end, a promotional campaign help brands engage with customers at multiple touchpoints. For example, the customer will see the tvcs, listen to radio advertisements and even see youtube ads. Hence, this concludes the definition of the Promotional Campaign along with its overview.

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