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Africa Industrialization » This is a Must!

Africa Industrialization » This is a Must! Africa Industrialization Day

African Industrialization is most commonly associated with the European Industrial Revolution of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Different strategies and methods of industrialization have been followed at different times and places with varying degrees of success.

Chris Kirubi —a self-made Billionaire

Chris Kirubi —a self-made Billionaire Chris Kirubi Two Rivers Mall

Of course, you are overwhelmed as I am doing this research on Chris Kirubi. But who is this noble and self-made billions worth man? With his name attached to almost the majority of top capital businesses in and outside of the Kenyan soil? Well, take a seat and let’s together […]

New Kenyan Currency Public Opinion

New Kenyan Currency Public Opinion New Kenyan Currency

New Kenyan Currency and the Outcry from Public Opinion New Kenyan Currency left many tongues waging especially after being launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta. Moreover, the launch of the New Kenya Currency utterly comes in line with the preservation of the country’s pride and heritage. Notably, the video below shows […]

Terrorism Close Calls Security

Terrorism Close Calls Security Terrorism & Cloud Computing Technology Security

Terrorism & Cloud Computing Technology Alliance According to Jason Burke, “Technology is Terrorism most effective of all as it delivers a global audience.” From the time immemorial, we’ve seen the rise and fall of worlds notorious big terrorists. Such as Mohammed Atef, Osama bin Laden, Ahmed Mohammed Hamed Ali, Abdul […]

Aeroflot Plane Crash Aftermath Revised Updates

Aeroflot Plane Crash Aftermath Revised Updates Aeroflot Plane Crash

Reports of the strike came as survivors told how they escaped the Aeroflot Plane. At the same time, which burst into flames on landing at Sheremetyevo airport on Sunday. Notably, Aeroflot Plane is a Modern aircraft built to withstand lightning strikes. Whereas, the Russian National Carrier said that the plane returned to the airport for “technical […]

Facebook Ban knocks the Prominent

Facebook Ban knocks the Prominent Facebook Ban

A twist of fate as Facebook Ban hits Public Figures Nothing pains your Online Voice more than a Facebook Ban. Especially on the fast-growing, ambient and ever-lurking world of Social Media Networking Sites. Owing to that in the recent past, Facebook Ban on individual figures might have been catalyzed by […]

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