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In this category, you’ll learn How to do anything with jmexclusives, the world’s most popular How-to website. Not to mention, driven by easy, well-researched, and trustworthy instructions for everything you want to do. From credentialed experts, a team of trained researchers, and a devoted community to create the most reliable, comprehensive, and delightful how-to content on the Internet.

Backlinks Strategy

Backlinks | What They Are & How To Implement Them

There are two major types of backlinks according to their capacity to pass on the link juice. They are the do-follow backlinks and the no-follow backlinks. Novice online marketers and new webmasters are still quite confused on the differences between the two. To clear the confusion, it is best to define each of these types of backlinks.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What Is SEO? A Beginner Tools & Webmaster Plugins List

Search Engine Optimization (in short SEO) is a marketing discipline focused on growing organic site visibility in the search engine results page (in short SERPs). Unlike PPC marketing, this form of marketing does not incur any payments unless when consulting with an SEO expert. When it comes to the best SEO tactics, this is any activity that helps you improve your ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing, and others.