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Healthy Lifestyle

In terms of a Healthy Lifestyle, good health is not just the absence of disease or illness, it is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. This means eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, avoiding tobacco and drugs, and getting plenty of rest. If you eat more than you burn off, you’ll get more fat stored.


Carbohydrates Health Benefits and Risks to Your Body

Carbohydrates provide fuel for the central nervous system and energy for working muscles. They also prevent protein from being used as an energy source and enable fat metabolism. Also, carbohydrates are important for brain function. Fo one thing, they are an influence on “mood, memory, etc., as well as a quick energy source.”

Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet Health Benefits You Should Consider

This diet involves eating very few carbohydrates and large amounts of fat, leading to greatly increased concentrations of ketones in the blood. For some reason, the diet dramatically reduces the rate of seizures in epileptic children. Yes! Of course, even those who haven’t had success with multiple different types of drugs.

Orange Juice Benefits

Orange Juice Surprising Benefits To Health & Wellness

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that means orange juice is the MVP of drinks. Beyond the whole pulp or no pulp debate, people don’t care much about the kind of OJ they buy. But everyone should. In general, Orange Juice is naturally high in vital nutrients, such as vitamin C and potassium. Plus, commercial varieties are often enriched with calcium and vitamin D.

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Top Secrets To Keep Up With Your Busy Life

When you’re constantly on the go it can be hard to find time to make consciously healthy decisions about your daily eating habits. But, no matter how rushed you feel between home, family and work life, it’s vital to make nutritionally smart decisions to keep your body healthy and your mind active.

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse | Health Risks You Should Know About

Alcohol Abuse is a major cause of preventable liver disease worldwide, and alcoholic liver disease is the main alcohol-related chronic medical illness. Whereby, millions of men and women of all ages, from adolescents to the elderly, engage in unhealthy drinking. Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) reportedly most often affects young men (aged 18–24 years) of lower socioeconomic status.

Aflatoxin in Food

Aflatoxin Poisoning: How Harmful is it to Our Health?

Aflatoxin Poisoning causes DNA damage and with prolonged exposure to aflatoxin, cells accumulate DNA mutations. And thus are at increased risk of developing into cancer cells. Therefore, Aflatoxin, a byproduct of molds, is a potent cancer-causing agent. Whereby, long-term exposure to aflatoxin poisoning has been linked to an increased incidence of liver cancer too.

Periodontitis Disease

Periodontitis Disease | Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Periodontitis (per-e-o-don-TIE-tis) is a serious gum infection that damages the soft tissue and destroys the bone that supports your teeth. In addition, Periodontitis can cause teeth to loosen or lead to tooth loss. Although it is important to realize, periodontitis is common but largely preventable.